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Daily Archives: September 19, 2007

Fig Tree Housekeeping

Okay, so today I feel like I’m doing housekeeping of various types… Real housekeeping to be sure. There is an ever growing pile of clean laundry that just never seems to get folded and put away. Any volunteers for help with that??? Like you don’t have your own piles! Fig Tree housekeeping [way more interesting than the real kind…]: We got dozens of concerned emails yesterday because at various points in the day our site and connections were down. I apologize for any emails that may have been bounced back to you but we were in the midst of some internet HOUSEKEEPING and just had a few little glitches along the way…. Our new book Fig Tree Quilts:Houses is here and on bookshelves everywhere! If you are local and would like to see my happy, shiny face LOL I will be doing…