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Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

Fresh Vintage #16 has hit the stores!

Our latest edition of Fresh Vintage went out last week! Halleluiah! Why halleluiah you might ask? Well, because its a quarterly pattern series that we do and this one was supposed to be the "MAY/JUNE" edition and it went out in the middle of July instead….  I can come up with some good excuses, I really can. One of them starts with Paris and ends with the Russian River, another one of them starts with Ben and ends with Ella, another one starts with my latest fabric collection designs and ends with a few new patterns in the works… Dresden Fancy Anyway, this issue is chalk full of goodies, starting with a Dresden Plate quilt, "DRESDEN FANCY". For those of you who are not seasoned or traditional quilters, a Dresden Plate block is one of those old traditional blocks that every quilter…