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Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

Warning: Picture Heavy!

You know how there are certain patterns that you remember sewing long after you are done with them? Those ones that become favorites no matter how many other quilts you have made in the meantime? In my case, that often means those are the patterns that are mysteriously “unavailable” to travel or go to shows because they are… well, they are being used on our couch! The original SUNWASHED pattern is one of those patterns. We have made it up in various different color combinations and are still in love with most of them, several of them are “regulars” in our quilt basket and get used on a daily basis.   THE ORIGINAL SUNWASHED PATTERN [MADE UP FROM OUR WHIMSY COLLECTION] ….on the cover of the pattern it is also made up out of our Mill House Inn collection     Something about the simplicity and yet complicated look…