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Daily Archives: October 29, 2012

Pattern Showcase #2

Whereas Lollipops might have been my favorite yesterday… and maybe for another 2 weeks or so… the moment that I start to decorate for winter, this will surely be my absolute FAVORITE, as fickle as I am :-)! Introducing…. MILKY WAY. This classic star pattern was our answer to a twinkling night sky or one exploding with fireworks. We loved the idea of creating different size stars of the exact same blocks, simply by using different sizes of strips with which to make them. The result is a sparkling quilt full of movement while it is actually a basic, straight forward block set in a giant nine-patch. We love how it turned out!!   This is the TAPESTRY version…   … by choosing the taupes and reds with a background of several different cream prints, the pattern feels even more classic and timeless. … those nice…