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Daily Archives: December 13, 2013

JOY: Fig Tree Style

We just did this post over on the MODA CUTTING TABLE blog but wanted to add it here too… When I heard about the JOY posts over there at the mothership [what we lovingly like to call MODA whenever we get the chance] I thought to myself… now why didn't I think of that. To take a break from all the crazy, stressful days, all the shopping, all the everything and write and read stories of JOY. It's perfect. For me joy is something that is most often found in the most unexpected places in the most unexpected times. Sometimes, though, I feel like joy is something that I have had to choose in order to find it.   FABRIC JOY I have to tell you that cutting fabric is one of those unexpected joys for me. What seems like in another lifetime, I…