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Daily Archives: January 8, 2015

The Vintage Sampler BOM…finished!

Edit:  The backing is the grey/cream sampler fabric #37061 in the grey color [its an older fabric that I am not sure tha is available anywhere which is why I didn't specify what it was] . The quilter is Diana Johnson of course… I can't believe I forgot to give you her name! If you are interested in having her quilt something for you, just email me and I will send your info to her!   I could say a lot of things and explain a lot of blocks and quilting, etc…. but I know you just want to see the pics of the quilting so here they are as requested. The quilt is not even completely bound yet, but close enough! We bound in red and backed in a cream sampler print from Julie & Eric Comstock, Baby Jane collection. The tiny…