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Daily Archives: November 22, 2019


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS FUN AND CRAZY SALE, THEN PLEASE READ ALL THE INFO CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY SO YOU KNOW ALL THE DETAILS BEFORE THE SALE BEGINS NEXT FRIDAY!   BASIC RULES TO PLAY: 1. BUY A BOX.    2. SHOP. Shop for goodies that you are interested in each day. EACH DAY IS BASICALLY A LIMITED QUANTITY FLASH SALE. SO IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING AND YOU SEE IT, GRAB IT , CHECK OUT AND DONT’ WAIT! We will keep adding your goodies to your box for 5 days. Then the elves will stop for 2 days to ship. If you are nowhere close to filling your box, we will hold it over to the next 5 days. If you are near full, we will ship. We will make the call here as to whether the box is “full enough” to ship. You will receive a SHIPPING…