A bit of cream, a bit of pink

Technical Note: It just came to our attention today that our blog header has not been showing up for a few weeks it seems. For those of you who have been wondering why were so barren all of a sudden… we apologize. It looks like the new header was only showing up on some computers but I think we have gotten it taken care of. Please let us know if you still can't see it after you have renewed your screen. Gotta love technology!


Just popping in for a few minutes today to let you know a few things….

Just like hearts, pink is not usually my thing. I guess I am about breaking all sorts of my own rules around here at the moment!

We have a few of our yummy little pink bundles left, perfect for this time of the year.


Or if you are more like me and like to mix cream in with absolutely everything under the sun… then here is a new cream bundle for you!

… very yummy if you ask me. Here for more info.

Also, for all those of you who have been patiently waiting, we have the new I-tops back in stock as well as our favorite Japanese pins in the sweet little tins.


That's it for now. Stay tuned for a fun little project tomorrow.

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  1. Donna | 31st Jan 12

    Header looks great. I never lost it.

  2. Jenny | 31st Jan 12

    yep…header still there…postage stamp quilt…still lovely.
    blast…those cream bundles are amazing!

  3. Jennifer | 31st Jan 12

    Ohhh……love those pink bundles!

  4. Linda | 31st Jan 12


  5. Joanne L. | 1st Feb 12

    sorry I missed the pink bundles! they were sweet!
    and the header is there

  6. Marianne | 1st Feb 12

    Darn it! I already missed the pink bundle. They look so yummy! Will you have more?

  7. Debbie Johnson | 1st Feb 12

    Oh, I am sad-missed the beautiful pink bundles!

    Your header is sew pretty!!

  8. Carole K | 1st Feb 12

    Joanna, the packets are LUSH! Can’t wait for your book, AND – I’ve seen the header all along, too. Have a glorious day!

  9. ~ Julie ~ | 1st Feb 12

    There were a few weeks that I couldn’t see your header, but I can see it now! It’s beautiful! I always *sigh* when I see it. So soft and pretty! Unlike you, I love the pink bundles – anytime of the year! But like you, I put cream with anything I possibly can! Kind of gives the quilt an old fashioned, huggable feeling! I’m very new to quilting, but I do have your Breakfast at Tiffany’s line – just waiting for the perfect quilt pattern to use it with!

  10. Joanna | 1st Feb 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Marianne submitted a comment on A bit of cream, a bit of pink

    Were all out of fabric for those. We put them up a few weeks ago but just finished them up now. Sorry you missed them! We will have some Spring flavored bundles coming up in March in various colors. Hopefully you might enjoy some of those!


  11. Susan | 1st Feb 12

    Still have no blog header.

  12. betsey_e@wk.net | 1st Feb 12

    No header for me!

  13. Teresa | 3rd Feb 12

    Would be interested in a pink bundle.

    Also, will you be getting more valentine table runners in stock? My quilt store doesn’t have this either.

    Other sources?

  14. Joanna | 3rd Feb 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Teresa submitted a comment on A bit of cream, a bit of pink

    Unfortunately both of those are sold out. We will have another bundle soon with a few pinks and creams together so be on the look out for that! The pattern for the tablerunner is in our latest Fresh Vintage issue #20 and you could get that any time!


  15. Sharon | 5th Feb 12

    I could not open the Free EQ7 pattern.

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