A Little Bit of Strawberries

A little bit of strawberries with your lunch [ or dinner or breakfast depending on where in the world you are!]…


… the cream, soft grey and strawberry red color ways. 

Just thought I would start giving  you a little something to start saving up for in May :-)….


Talk to you soon.

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  1. Amber | 26th Jan 11

    Beautiful! Love the greys!

  2. DianeY | 26th Jan 11

    Looks beautifully yummy! Love the soft grays & aqua

  3. Kat | 26th Jan 11

    You said yesterday that this collection is a little bit of a departure for you… those collections of yours are my favorites, so keep it up 🙂

  4. Cathi | 26th Jan 11

    Oh, how pretty!!! Love the wonderful look of these!

  5. Heather | 26th Jan 11

    It’s so beautiful! Congratulations on another great line!

  6. SarahB | 26th Jan 11

    Absolutely delicious! I just cannot resist greys. 🙂

  7. Sivje Parish | 26th Jan 11

    Yummy! I think I am going to want those!

  8. amber | 26th Jan 11

    Oh my gosh. I’m in love!!!

  9. Kelly | 26th Jan 11

    Oh My! I just love this!!!

  10. CaraQuilts | 26th Jan 11

    I can’t wait! Adore that red and blue!

  11. Celeste | 26th Jan 11

    I signed up for the BOM at Fat Quarter Shop using this line. I can’t wait!

  12. Shawn | 26th Jan 11

    Oh my Joanna,I love everything about your new collection. The dots, checks, florals and colors perfectly coordinated by you ~ great work!!

  13. Stephanie | 26th Jan 11


  14. Katie | 26th Jan 11

    I’ve just started making a new quilt & pillows for my bedroom, this will be perfect with it. I’m going to be stalking my local shop until it hits the shelves!

  15. Tracey Holdyk | 26th Jan 11

    Oh these pictures make me so happy… I have started saving already.
    love me 🙂

  16. Rita | 26th Jan 11

    Thanks for the heads up. For sure I am going to SAVE enough for this beautiful line. Love the soft grays, red and aqua together. You are just simply amazing and never disappoint.

  17. fifiquilter | 26th Jan 11

    Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing them in my sewing room.

  18. Amy | 26th Jan 11

    Luscious! I’m saving up for lots of yardage in this line – thanks for the “heads up”! I make really sweet casserole covers, and those prints will look awesome, inspiring jealousy anywhere they go — in a nice way, of course!

  19. Debbie Samuelson | 26th Jan 11

    Oh Red and blue! I’m so ready to do my kitchen in red/blue and that gray is beautiful! YUMMY, beautiful line 🙂

  20. Irene | 26th Jan 11

    Simply, simply gorgeous! You are so very talented and creative. I am in awe!

  21. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 26th Jan 11

    I am putting money away for this for sure – it’s amazing!

  22. beritbunny | 26th Jan 11

    Wonderful! There’s nothing I love more than a french grey, you know. 😉

  23. Joy :o) | 26th Jan 11

    Mmmmmm, they look delicious … with a capital YUMM!! ;o)
    Joy ;o)

  24. Joanna | 26th Jan 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Amy submitted a comment on A Little Bit of Strawberries

    Oh that sounds like a fun idea. Im not sure if Ive ever even had a casserole cover…. Hint hint 🙂


  25. Tatyana | 27th Jan 11

    Such a cute yummy fabrics 🙂
    My morning is much better now 😉

    Best wishes,

  26. kathryn | 27th Jan 11

    and my birthday is in May – now I know what I’m getting, a whole stack of this beautiful fabric!

  27. Joy | 27th Jan 11

    I have ordered some of these fabrics when my Moda rep came round last week. They are to die for

  28. amandajean | 27th Jan 11

    it looks wonderfully lovely!!!

  29. Karen | 27th Jan 11

    Drooling…planning…cleaning up drool

  30. Jenniffier | 27th Jan 11

    So lovely. I like that reds and grays. Now I have more to save up for.

  31. Sandra Davidson | 27th Jan 11

    I love the grays, my bedroom in our last place was painted gray and these fabrics would have been beautiful in it. I will be getting some when they come out.

  32. Dianne | 27th Jan 11

    I love it! A new vintage figgy fabric…with great new colors! Can’t wait until May!

  33. Lara | 27th Jan 11

    I’ve just ordered Buttercup! Oh I love this new colour palette its gorgeous. I think I know exactly what I’ll make too! This quilt here http://www.flickr.com/photos/thimbleblossoms/5382239353/in/contacts/

    It will be perfect!! Can’t wait!

  34. Mary Ann | 27th Jan 11

    Well buttercup is in the house…and these straberries are so beautiful I will have to have them too.

  35. Dawn | 28th Jan 11

    oh yes I am saving…. so yummy..
    Hugs Dawn x x

  36. Sue | 28th Jan 11

    I am definitely going to want some of this new collection. Its gorgeous!

  37. Jamye | 28th Jan 11

    Oh my goodness…how beautiful! I may have just died and gone to heaven!

  38. Joanna | 28th Jan 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Lara submitted a comment on A Little Bit of Strawberries

    Oh that sounds like a lot of fun. Camille and I always love it when folks combine one of our fabrics with one of our patterns. Love it! Cant wait to see it,


  39. Heather | 28th Jan 11

    It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on some . . . I really like the addition of the soft grey.

  40. corinne | 28th Jan 11

    Can not wait to buy this collection. I been wanted to make a certain pattern and this line will be perfect for it

  41. Joanna | 28th Jan 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Dianne submitted a comment on A Little Bit of Strawberries

    I am loving all the new Strawberry Fields love. Thank you ladies!


  42. Marja | 29th Jan 11

    Oh my! How wonderful… I’ve worked with Patisserie and Mill House Inn to make quilts for my mum/best friend’s baby/mum-in-law, but Strawberry Fields will be for me, me, me!! Can’t wait!

  43. Christine | 31st Jan 11

    Beautiful … I can’t wait for this range to become available. I LOVE it already.

  44. Kim Dow | 1st Feb 11

    Oh, I am saving and I can’t wait!

  45. Dandelion Quilts | 3rd Feb 11

    This may just be my new favorite collection! Love it.

  46. l.hermann@comcast.net | 6th Feb 11

    grey has become my new black – your colors look so soft and inviting – love them

  47. Kathy B | 6th Feb 11

    Not a fair question, hard to pick “A” favorite. Soft grey with the red or buttercup or the list keeps going.

  48. Karen in Breezy Point | 6th Feb 11

    I am now following your blog in my Google Reader. I love the blue shades that you use–I’m totally a blue person.
    Karen in Breezy Point

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