A peek…

I am still deep, deep in designing the next collection so I don't have much to share. Other than the fact that I should probably take a shower and I could use some daylight. That's probably too much information, huh?

On a more appropriate note, here is a little sneak peek of what is to come Fall 2013…



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  1. Cherry Sprinkle | 8th Mar 13

    This is a gorgeous line! I’ve got some fall patterns I have been saving and this is just perfect!! <3

  2. Johanna | 8th Mar 13

    Beautiful! I love the orange!

  3. Nicola | 8th Mar 13

    Gorgeous, Joanna! And look at that scrummy stack of neutrals on the top 🙂 x

  4. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1760779941 | 8th Mar 13

    AWESOME!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Kd Brown | 8th Mar 13

    Honey Sweet is Heaven Sent! So gorgeous!!!

  6. Elizabeth Di Battista | 8th Mar 13

    absolutely love the orange and turquoise combination. I can’t wait for it to go on sale! eliz.i@sympatico.ca

  7. Norma Wlos | 8th Mar 13

    Just beautiful, of course, I love all your lines and try to stock up! Especially love the Orange and greens.

  8. Jacque | 8th Mar 13

    Lucious, can’t wait.

  9. Dorothy | 8th Mar 13

    Gorgeous, I like those reds and oranges!

  10. my Haven | 8th Mar 13

    Oh what a beautiful color combination! A must have…

  11. Tami | 8th Mar 13

    It’s so pretty, it’s so pretty!! Cannot wait to get some. You are an amazing fabric designer, can I live inside your brain for a little while?

  12. Marge | 8th Mar 13

    LOVE. I’m saving starting right now to buy a bunch when it comes out!

  13. CathyK | 8th Mar 13

    I am drooling!! Beautiful colors!!!

  14. Sandy D | 8th Mar 13

    What great colors.Look at the “orange” love them.

  15. Melanie Diederich | 8th Mar 13

    Oh the orange and red!!!!

  16. Anita | 8th Mar 13

    Love it! Can’t wait 🙂

  17. Flo@butterfly quilting | 8th Mar 13

    Beautiful stack of colour!

  18. Nancy in Utah | 8th Mar 13

    Oh my gosh, this is a gorgeous collection. Can’t wait!!!

  19. Anna | 8th Mar 13

    Beautiful! Have to wait till fall? Love the colors!

  20. April Carter | 8th Mar 13

    That looks lovely! I’ve been wondering, I know you’re busy, but have you stopped doing Fresh Vintage permanently, or just taking a break?

  21. pam | 8th Mar 13


  22. Deb | 8th Mar 13

    I love those oranges, too! That stack is just lovely!

  23. Tina in Nevada | 8th Mar 13

    Oh Joanna, Joanna, Joanna! I just love your collections! Each one is better than the last one. I don’t know how you do it, but I am so glad you do!!! This one is spectacular!!!

  24. Joy Gross | 8th Mar 13

    That fabric is so beautiful!!! And you are too funny about the shower. 🙂 I have been there.

  25. chanina | 8th Mar 13

    Those colors look amazing! Can’t wait!

  26. Hildy | 9th Mar 13

    Love it!!!

  27. patsy | 9th Mar 13

    Gorgeous collection. The orange is wonderful, but then, I don’t see any color that isn’t.

  28. Tammy | 9th Mar 13

    Ohh love that sneak peak…very nice.

  29. Robin | 9th Mar 13

    First I was loving the red, aqua, and green, and now I am thinking of quilts for Fall with the orange…..a beautiful collection for all seasons!

  30. Jannette | 9th Mar 13

    Love every single colour in that bundle! Do we really have to wait until the fall?

  31. Kathleen Waldron | 9th Mar 13


  32. Sherie | 9th Mar 13

    On the must have list!

  33. Nichol Magouirk | 9th Mar 13

    Hi Joanna! The new collection looks YUMMY as always! I can’t wait to add it to my fabric stash. 😉
    On another note, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful tip you shared on your day of the Moda Friendship Quilt Along regarding sewing on the diagonal and only cutting the one fabric leaving the original in place instead of trimming off the whole corner! This has made my piecing so much more accurate as I’ve started sewing my blocks (and for all new quilting projects to come!). 🙂 Thank you, thank you!!!

  34. Laura G | 9th Mar 13

    And just when you thought that their could never be another collection as good as Avalon, Butterscotch and Roses, Buttercup or (insert YOUR favorite collection name here ) she does it again. It is outstanding. Well done.

  35. Jennifer Carrasco Duarte | 9th Mar 13


  36. Mary Jo | 9th Mar 13

    Yum!, Looks good enough to eat!!!

  37. Chris Y | 9th Mar 13

    Love, love, LOVE this!! Can NOT wait until this comes out!

  38. janita | 9th Mar 13

    Delicious YUM YUM! Have a wonderful day deep in design:) Love what you do! Janita

  39. Cathy | 9th Mar 13

    Can’t wait fhose oranges and browns – perfect for fall!

  40. Beth T. | 9th Mar 13

    Oh, I love it. I’ll be wishing for this for months to come.

  41. Gerisw | 9th Mar 13

    Great oranges just for fall

  42. Helen LeBrett | 9th Mar 13

    I looks just gorgeous, and I’m so happy that you put that orange in it!

  43. elizabeth | 9th Mar 13

    these colors are so wrong for my color scheme in my home but I am so drawn to them as well as the previous lines. The softeness of the color line(s) acutally brightens my soul. (Maybe it is time to change room colors and ignore what my masculine husband thinks.)

  44. FL Quilter | 9th Mar 13

    Wow! What a beautiful mix of colors. Love it!

  45. Diana | 9th Mar 13

    Oh, so very pretty! Seems like things may have calmed down since your last post, thank goodness! Last weekend I did purchase the last charm packs & a jelly roll of Butterscotch & Roses from my mom’s local quilt dhop ( a block and a half from her house -wow) I just couldn’t resist! Happy designing days!!

  46. Bari Jo | 9th Mar 13

    Oh I really like this!!!!! Of course, I love all things Fig Tree! Very pretty!

  47. Janan | 10th Mar 13

    Oh thank you for more browns, orange and coral!
    This is a beautiful collection!

  48. Michelle | 10th Mar 13

    Absolutely gorgeous! The colors are perfect for fall. I cant wait to see more!

  49. Doreen | 10th Mar 13

    O.M.Gosh…. I LOVE this line! I’m excited to see those beautiful oranges mixed in. I’m eager to get my hands on these!

  50. Mary Kay | 10th Mar 13

    Love the collection – love the orange!

  51. SandyG | 10th Mar 13

    The brown and aqua were the first to catch my eye, then green and orange which usually are not my favorite colors, are really calling my name, and creamy whites with the green are making me dream of fall release….wait… We haven’t had Avalon, spring and summer yet….When we have to say goodbye to the days of summer, we will be so looking forward to Honey Sweet! Thank you again for this wonderful slice of life, it is Honey Sweet, with Fig Tree Fabrics.

  52. Miwako | 11th Mar 13

    Oh, it is just lovely!

  53. Jessica C | 12th Mar 13

    This looks beautiful! I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

  54. Helen LeBrett | 13th Mar 13

    Joanna, I’m going to order Avalon: what Bella white is the right match for it? Thanks so much, Helen in Healdsburg

  55. Joanna | 13th Mar 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Helen LeBrett submitted a comment on A peek…

    It is almost an identical match for SNOW.

  56. Jennifer | 18th Mar 13

    Looks like it will mix great with Tapestry. Can’t wait to see larger swatch images!

  57. jody mellenthin | 21st Mar 13

    Joanna – just beautiful. I have an original pattern that I’ve been working on and would love to do a mock up using your HONEY SWEET. Do you work with independent quilters?

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