A Promise is a promise

The luggage is packed… well, mostly.
The clothes are washed…. well, kind of.
The sewing is done…. well, besides a few bindings.
The designing is finished…. well, not so much.
The kids are asleep. Or at least they are pretending.
And I am working on some last minute booth decorations…. ofcourse!

I promised pictures from PIQF last week and ofcourse they never happened in the midst of the whirlwind that we have all come to know as Pre Market Frenzy. So here are the pictures of our booth from PIQF. Probably more pictures than you wanted to see, but I just don’t even have the wherewithall [how on earth does one spell that word anyway??] to pick through them and narrow them down. So here are all the ones that were good enough to save.
I’m off to Houston tomorrow. Talk to you after I get back or if pigs fly, during the show :-)!


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  1. Camille | 24th Oct 07

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Good luck at Market! (not like you need it!)

  2. mar | 24th Oct 07

    hey, I remember that booth well! I think I brought a good deal of it home with me 🙂
    Have a great market trip, hope you can find time to enjoy!

  3. mamaspark | 25th Oct 07

    These are great! I can’t wait to see the patterns in person!! Good luck at Market, you’ve been working hard and deserve some fun.

  4. Thimbleanna | 25th Oct 07

    Your quilts are so beautiful! Have a great time in Houston.

  5. Dawn | 26th Oct 07

    Oh SO PRETTY! If only I could see it in real life!

  6. sharon | 26th Oct 07

    What a wonderful booth as usual. I love all your things. I know I have said it before but I’ll say it again. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Nicole | 27th Oct 07

    You are so true to your own style—I really love that about you. Your colors are consistent and your designs are always my favorites. Wish I could see your booth at Market!

  8. josie | 30th Oct 07

    Joanna, Your pictures are terrific but absolutely do not do justice to your figgy presentation! It was the bomb! YOU are enormously talented and I love everything that you do. I hope you’ll share your market pictures when you get back and are all rested up! Good Luck at market!

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