Block of the Month Sign Ups are Here!

Hello My Fig Tree Loving Friends-

Its that time of the year where we present our new BLOCK OF THE MONTH programs for 2018. This year we are doing 2 new ones and a redo of this year's RED & CREAM due to popular request… because who doesn't love a good red & cream quilt to add to their collection!

For those of you die hard Fig Tree fans, you know the drill… sign up as soon as you can while they are still available. For those of you new around here, here is some info about our BOM[Block-of-the-Month] programs:

  • We run a few each year. Most of them are 12 month long, a few [like the Red & Cream] are 10 month. Each month you get a package of fabrics and directions for the blocks you need to make that month. If you keep up, by the end of the year, you will have an amazing sampler that you will be very, very happy with! 
  • Why do a BOM you might ask? Most people do it for one of 3 reasons.. 1- Its fun to follow along with your Quilty friends via social media and work on the program together. We do a lot of posting on Instagram and now have a special Facebook group for everyone in one of the BOM programs. 2- Its a great way to make a more complicated quilt, a little bit at a time and it keeps you on pace all year, basically a way to be motivated to finish one month before the next one arrives and 3- You don't have to purchase all of the fabrics up front and get to do it a little bit at at time.
  • Our programs are one of a kind and are usually not redone, unless we have a huge wait list for the original.

So here are some photos to wet your appetite… and all the info you might need is in the shop under each program.  



Autumn splendor




Wool cream main

Autumn splendor


Woolthreads on wool
Woolthreads on wool




Redcream updates


If you want to shop, HERE is the link to our shop page.

Happy BOM's everyone!


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  1. Jenni Roberts | 26th Sep 17

    Are the Block of the Months still available. I can’t find them on your website?

  2. Denise Henkel | 26th Sep 17

    I can’t find them either? I really want to sign up!

  3. Denise Henkel | 26th Sep 17

    I found it!

  4. Jackie Paz | 26th Sep 17

    Where is the red and cream Block of the month sign up link, I can’t find it.

  5. Nina | 26th Sep 17

    I am interested in the BOM sign up but cannot find the sign up form. Help, please.

  6. Becky | 26th Sep 17

    Don’t see sign up?!

  7. Joanna | 26th Sep 17

    They are all on the homepage of the website?

  8. Joanna | 26th Sep 17

    On the shop homepage on our website…

  9. Joanna | 26th Sep 17

    All the BOM sign ups are on the website, the homepage…

  10. Stacy L | 26th Sep 17

    Go to their homepage, near the top where it say Fig Tree & Co., there’s a button that says SHOP (#3). Click that button and it will take you to the BOM sign up.

  11. Jennifer Odom | 26th Sep 17

    Perhaps you could fix the link above – it doesn’t go to the page with the BOMs.

  12. Joanna | 26th Sep 17

    It should take you right to the shop, please try again. Thanks!

  13. Joanna | 26th Sep 17

    On the homepage in the shop… try the link again, it should work now!

  14. Pam M | 28th Sep 17

    Gorgeous fabrics and threads. Would love to do a wool embroidery for a new little person coming to our family.

  15. Linda Cox | 28th Sep 17

    I see how to sign up for all the block of the months except the Christmas Mystery BOM. The page implies the red and cream sampler and the Christmas mystery block of the month are different.

  16. Joanna | 28th Sep 17

     There is no Christmas block of the month available at this time. 

  17. Kristine T Pharo | 5th Oct 17

    Dear Fig Tree Quilts, I’d love to sign up for the red and cream BOM, but the international shipping cost is very high. Is it possible to ship every third or fourth month instead of every month? I live in Norway. Regards, Kristine

  18. Joanna | 5th Oct 17

    Yes! Email me please

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