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EDIT 1: THE FIRST RUN OF BOXES HAS SOLD OUT. EDIT 2: WE HAVE WORKED THROUGH THE ENTIRE WAIT LIST AND THE SECOND RUN HAS SOLD OUT. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING WAIT LIST SPOTS AS WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ADD MORE SPACES. Thanks so much for your support of our business! No matter how hard we try we cannot seem to keep up with you guys.   So…. we have had this in the works for a while but given the amount of moving parts in this little project, it took us a few extra months than expected to pull it all together. INTRODUCING… A few months ago, my cousin [who is not a quilter or even a sewer but who supports me and my business wholeheartedly] came to me and said "Joanna, we think you should do one of those subscription boxes like we get for…