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12 Days of Christmas

Introducing Scrap Lab

Its so much fun to play with scraps or small pieces of fabric that you aren't quite sure what you want to do with, isn't it? I think we all find ourselves in that spot once in a while and sometimes get stuck as to how to best use those pieces. It's so much more fun to work on it with friends, or with the inspiration of others don't you think? And its even better when you get to follow along with what others are doing with the same exact scraps. Usually, seeing what others do, sparks your own creative juices, doesn't it? It really never ceases to amaze me when a couple of designers or quilters come together with the same exact materials and walk away with projects that are so vastly different from one another that you…

Show Special #1

Happy Halloween Everybody!   I forgot to tell you what the show special was yesterday so here I am with a quick stop by…   Today's special is the new All Hallow's Eve Wall Hanging Kit from our Fresh Vintage #17 pattern [pattern included in kit]. Its a fun 18" x 18" wall hanging or table topper that is perfect for the whole fall season. Start on it right away and finish the next day or get started on next year's project!   We have a few of them left and with the special code "candy" [type into the special code box during checkout. Do not add the parentheses/just the word]  for 20% off! You can't beat that. Click here. Talk to you tomorrow for more show sneak peeks&#8230…