Charcoal & Cream Block of the Month program

Hello my Friends!

I promised a deeper overview and insight into the upcoming CHARCOAL & CREAM MYSTERY BOM FOR 2019 so here we are.

Each month you will receive a black [charcoal] and a cream fabric. You will also receive some ivory solid for the background to mix in with the cream prints. You will work with those fabrics mostly just for that month and you will lay them aside for some additional sashing/posts and other finishing items. With the fabric each month will come instructions for a 2-4 blocks all the same size. The blocks will all be classic, traditional blocks with our simple piecing techniques. No templates, no appliqué!

Of the BOM programs we are offering for 2019, this will be the most straightforward and for lack of a better word, “simple” one. The setting will be straight set and all blocks will be the same size.


• For 12 months, each month we will send you a packet of fabric as well as instructions to make the blocks for that month. Each month we will be making a few classic blocks in various cream and charcoal prints. The quilt will be based around the blacks and charcoals in our Farmhouse II collection as well as the Urban Chicks collection with a small variety of other fabrics mixed in for good measure. The prints from Farmhouse will have tiny bits of other colors like red and green mixed in, but in general the quilt is going to be basically “black and white”. I think it is going to be a classic and striking quilt. Program will include all of the monthly instructions. We don’t have any more info at this time in terms of size of blocks or size of quilt but it will most likely be in the 60″ something by 70 something range when we are done.

• Backing and binding Finishing kits will be available closer to the end of the program next year.

We are getting close to being SOLD OUT so if you have been thinking about it, hope you decide to take the plunge and join us.

CLICK HERE for more info or to sign up.


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  1. Cathy McNaughton | 2nd Oct 18

    No link to sign up for Charcoal & Cream BOM! Help!

    • | 7th Oct 18

      Please check it again. It seems to be working fine now and we have a few spots left. Thanks!

  2. Genevieve Van Den Hout | 2nd Oct 18

    Can’t seem to link up as well to sign up. Is it full already?

    • | 7th Oct 18

      There are still spots left. Available on our featured page of our shop.

  3. Cathy Swinkowski | 2nd Oct 18

    Can’t sign up. The click here is definitely not working.

    • | 7th Oct 18

      Not sure why it was glitching, it is working now. Please try again! There are a few spots left!

  4. Mary Ellen Daugherty | 3rd Oct 18

    Trying to sign up for Charcoal & Cream and not able to.
    Is it all filled up?

    • | 7th Oct 18

      It still has a few spots. Please look in our shop in the featured section right when you open the page. Email us if you are unable to locate it!

  5. Karen Hirsch | 14th Oct 18

    I would like to sign up for the Charcoal & Cream but cannot find the link, Did I miss out?

  6. Darlene Johnson | 20th Oct 18

    I would like to sign up for the Charcoal & Cream but cannot find the link, Did I miss Out?

    • Karen Hirsch | 20th Oct 18

      I don’t understand your response to my email. There is no link to sign up for the charcoal & cream BOM.


      Karen Hirsch

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