I have so much more I want to share from my trip but as I was looking through the hundreds of shots that I took… again…. I found a whole group of wonderful architectural pics of the one of my new favorite strolling neighborhoods of London-  Chelsea. A wonderful area filled with charming buildings and wonderful shops. Could have spent an entire weekend just there!


Today, architecture. 
Tomorrow, a few of the places I visited while strolling around.<

Talk to you soon.

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  1. barbara | 29th Nov 09

    Your photos, as always, are amazing. I feel like I can travel along with you. Can’t even wait to see how this all comes out in your palette!



  2. alez | 29th Nov 09

    Love those shots! Something about the colors is mesmerizing.

    thanks for taking us along on your travels!


  3. sherri | 29th Nov 09

    The photos are wonderful…the architecture is truly amazing…plus, I have a daughter named Chelsi…so I always love to see pictures of that area of England!

  4. kelly | 30th Nov 09

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. You always inspire.


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