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Hello everyone and greetings from Kansas City Quilt Market!

It is a beautiful night here and as I shop for props for the booth and settle in for a couple days of booth building, I wanted to share a few things with you all.

We have so many new things to show you this week, but thought we would first show you something we have been working on for a few months now…..  

 … some of the pages give you some great stories ABOUT US.

… some of the pages give you info about our new book and our very first one. That and everything in between…

… some of the pages show you a bit about all of the fabrics we have ever designed.

… some of the pages give you sneak peaks and show you our newest products.
Come HERE and see! 


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  1. Mary ann | 16th May 12

    Love the new website design and especially learning more about FIg Tree and Comapny. You fabrics and designs are the ones I go back to time and time again, as you said, timeless in design and palette. Thanks you for sharing the journey!

  2. Jennifer Gwyn | 16th May 12

    I had to stop and risk being late to work to browse your new website design! I really, really like it! Of course, I excitedly clicked on Tapestry, hoping to see the close up pics of the new collection … “coming soon”! Aaauugh! Can’t wait!
    Love, love, love the new book! Had no idea you were 5’9″ … lol!

  3. Maria | 16th May 12

    I had pre-ordered your book so I have it already and I love it. It is beautifully written and photographed and the way you organized it is great. Usually with craft/art books, I browse through and read the sections that interest me, with your book, I have read the whole thing. Thank you for a great read!

  4. Nicole C. | 16th May 12

    Oh, I l.o.v.e. the new website! It’s so…Fig! Great job! And I can’t wait for Tapestry to come out! No plans for it yet. I may just buy a bundle and set it on my shelf for a while so I can look at all the beautiful colors!

  5. Nicola | 16th May 12

    Wow: so lovely. The whole site just glows. And Amazon emailed me yesterday to tell me your new book is on it’s way…can’t wait!

  6. Karyn | 16th May 12

    Oh My! I Absolutetly LOVE Your New Site! Thank You So Much For All The Beauty You Share With Us! A Visit To Your Blog & Website Always Cheer Me Up! Now If I Only Had Enough Money To Buy Everything I Want!

  7. Labbiegirl | 17th May 12

    Received your new book yesterday, and it contains detailed instructions, full size patterns[yeah, yeah], gorgeous projects, and beautiful photos!!! Best of all, two different types of instructions, visual and written,…one for people like me who do sewing/needlework and one for people who quilt. As a beginner regarding quilting, this so helpful and less frustrating. All the gals named Betty also say thanks for the darling apron pattern. Enjoy KC Market, and hopefully you can visit the Plaza while you are there.

    Thanks again for creating a keepsake of a book!!

  8. Lana | 17th May 12

    I love your blog and designs! Everything is clean and fresh and colorful! Have fun at Quilt Market!

  9. Jen HB | 17th May 12

    I haven’t seen your new book yet, but I know that it is absolutely fabulous! Love the new website. And now I have figured out that you are at Market!!!! Call me when you can.

  10. Janan Doster | 17th May 12

    Thank you for the autographed copy of your new book. I love it! You did a fabulous job in writing, I love the colors and layout design! I am already shopping for fabrics to make the Summer Soiree Quilt! Love it!
    Your new website is fantastic also! I agree with an earlier post – IT IS SEW FIG!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have an addiction to your fabrics and I cannot wait to get my hands on some Tapestry!

  11. Lorraine | 20th May 12

    What a great site, so fresh and pretty, just what we all need to bring us into summer, I’m not sure which fabrics I like the best, always the newest I guess. Thanks for the inspriation, Lorraine

  12. Debbie Hays | 26th May 12

    Joanna… you know I love all that you do. I’m glad that the market was wonderful.. I know Daniela enjoyed it as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Tami | 26th May 12

    Hi Joanna….
    I just viewed a YouTube video of you at Spring Quilt market this year, showing all of the figgy goodness in your booth! I want to be you when I grow up…oh and by the way, I am much older than you already (I am 52) so this goal will be in another life time. You are SO creative and warm and brilliant, all things to aspire to in my next life. I LOVE your pineapple quilt, I have made one by I am intrigued by your new method.

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