Create H.O.P.E.

Its been one of those crazy weeks around here. Most of the week has been spent either prepping for or vending at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. Man I love that show! 

But tonite I am just popping in for a minute to let you know about a great cause  run by some lovely ladies, that happens to have a great giveaway with some Strawberry Fields yummies…..


You really ought to go and check them out! Love those gals.



Other than that, I will be back in a few with some fun new sneak peeks that you might or might not be waiting for.

But first I have to help unpack the truck and the props and the quilts. And maybe even put up a few leftover kits on the website. If I'm lucky.

Talk to you really soon.

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  1. Sandy N. | 17th Oct 11

    Absolutely LOVED your booth @ PIQF. Just can’t get enough of your fabric lines. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!=)

  2. Judith | 17th Oct 11

    Strawberry fields is my absolute favorite! We raise organic strawberries in MI, and I have so many strawberry items in my house, so the fabric goes great with my decor. I am making a strawberry fields quilt for my daughter as we speak…I have her hooked on strawberries too. Thanks so much.

  3. Ginger Ashworth | 17th Oct 11

    I also loved your booth at PIQF! I went at the last minute, on Sunday afternoon, not only to look at the wondrous quilts displayed, but to go to your booth. I was lucky to get Strawberry Fields fabric, even though when I opened the kit, I realized that I had a whole lot of WHITE fabric as well! I really really wanted some charm squares from that line, but I searched everywhere on the internet as well as at your booth, and drat it, none to be found. But, I also got a couple of scrap bags, with snippets of this and that, and last year I only got one scrap bag, and I used little bits from that bag in almost every project I made . . . I LOVE your attitude, your artwork, your designs. Thank you so much

  4. Jane | 17th Oct 11

    I love Strawberry Fields fabric. So beautiful!! For that matter all your fabric is lovely. Can’t wait to get some and make a quilt. THANKS!!

  5. Tammy R. | 17th Oct 11

    I appliqued flowers onto quilt blocks using Strawberry Fields. Love it! They turned out beautiful. I’m sure your next line will be just as great. Thanks so much!

  6. Shasta Parry | 17th Oct 11

    Joanna…you’re quite possibly the nicest girl in know….and for sure the most talented :0). Thank you so much for featuring Create H.O.P.E…it meant the world to us!

  7. Joanna | 18th Oct 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Shasta Parry submitted a comment on Create H.O.P.E.


    You guys are amazing I think everyone should know about it!! xoxox

  8. Simone | 19th Oct 11

    If you check on and search “Strawberry Fields” you wil find a few shops with charm packs left.

  9. Jeanie | 19th Oct 11

    DIdn’t get to go to PIQF this year-boo! I missed seeing you. Hope all is well:)

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