Day #2: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #2 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Today we are sharing some of my favorite little scissors. I am sure that many of you know that I am a complete sucker for polka dots and for lovely colors. It is definitely one of my weaknesses! When we discovered these… well we were completely smitten. I couldn't decide which color I wanted for myself so I got all three and we decided to carry them as well!

Perfect for you and your sewing room, lovely for little gifts and also perfect as stocking stuffers



Click here for more information.

12 Days of Christmas Special Day #1: 

 Polka Dot Scissors are 20% off today [through Monday]!!



 The scissors we had in stock sold out unbelievably fast and we are looking to see if we can order more but they are currently backordered at the distributor level. We will have more information later in the week. They are $5.00, $4.00 on sale.

We will let you know later this week if we were able to order more and we will keep the sale price for all of the folks who were not able to order them today.

So sorry for the inconvenience!


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  1. Tammy Edwards | 27th Nov 11

    Another wonderful day of Christmas!
    Yes, those little scissors are going to make perfect little stocking suffers and one for me :0)

  2. Debbie B Sam | 27th Nov 11

    Those are adorable! I would stuff my stocking will all three of them 🙂

  3. Debbie B Sam | 27th Nov 11

    oops my comment had the wrong email address..!

  4. Joanne L. | 27th Nov 11

    love these little scissors…I tried to order them, but no price came up…are they sold out already?

  5. Liz Wolfe | 27th Nov 11

    I tried to order also – couldn’t find the price???????

  6. judyCnNC | 27th Nov 11

    Could not get pricing or ordering information when I clicked on them. Just thought you might want to know. Judy C

  7. Sue | 27th Nov 11

    Pretty little scissors – it would make it easier to find mine at retreats and not lose them.

  8. Joan | 27th Nov 11

    The scissors are so pretty. I’d love to get a pair in my Christmas stocking.

  9. laurel | 27th Nov 11

    oh gracious – those are adorable! i’m putting together a sewing kit for my sister-in-law and for a friend, both of whom want to learn how to sew, so three would be the perfect number!

  10. MAA | 27th Nov 11

    i also had trouble ordering! Thought they would be ideal presents for my quilting buddies!

  11. Bonnie Nyquist | 27th Nov 11

    Tried to order, no price, somethng not working! So adorable! I will check back in a bit…

  12. Kathy | 27th Nov 11

    They are so cute!!!

  13. Lorri | 27th Nov 11

    I love those and perfect for my stocking this year!

  14. | 27th Nov 11

    Same thing no price. They are adorable though and want them!!

  15. Phyllis | 27th Nov 11

    I, too, tried to order these cute little scissors… no price… hmmmm. Will come back to check again………..

  16. Rita E in AZ | 27th Nov 11

    Oh dear, are these cute scissors maybe sold out already? I am not able to put them in a cart.
    I guess that will teach me to sleep in if I have missed out on this great deal.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  17. Robyn Brown | 27th Nov 11

    Love these scissors. I so want a pink pair but when I clicked “here” it didn’t give me the optiont to buy 🙁

  18. Mary Jean | 27th Nov 11

    Cute scissors but I can’t find them on your website or when I click them on.

  19. Annette Crain | 27th Nov 11

    Love these scissors, but I also had a question about if they are still available to order and if so, how much are they???
    THank you,

  20. Laura G | 27th Nov 11

    Yes, I agree these are the perfect presents for my sewing friends. I know they will love them.

  21. Marcia K | 27th Nov 11

    Oh they are too too cute. I’d have to say the pink ones would be my thing. Just darling!!

  22. Joan B | 27th Nov 11

    I want several of the scissors too, but no price comes up. Please let me know how to order them. Thanks.

  23. kitty | 27th Nov 11

    The scissors are adorable – also no price showing

  24. | 27th Nov 11

    Ditto to what everyone else is saying – no price showing!

  25. SandyG | 27th Nov 11


    Those scissors are cute! I could use a pair, and they make a nice gift item as well. Just can’t see the price or put them in a cart!

  26. Kathy | 27th Nov 11

    I want some too but have the sme trouble as other shoppers. Does no price mean that they are out of stock perhaps?

  27. Sue | 27th Nov 11

    When I visit the site where the polka dot scissors are advertised, there is no PRICE for them. Its marked $0. The sale price should be put in so folks know how much they cost. Thanks.

  28. CaraQuilts | 27th Nov 11

    Those are adorable!! Love them!

  29. Dandelion Quilts | 27th Nov 11

    Apparently, we think alike…I have the green. SO cute, not to mention handy, right? So I made Fig tree’s Berry Sweet Bag….to cute, it is going to be a great present for a sweet little girl.

  30. Allyson | 27th Nov 11

    Same here…no price and unable to add to a cart. Hope they aren’t sold out.

  31. Deb F. | 27th Nov 11

    What darling gifts the scissors will make. I was hoping that they could now be purchased since I couldn’t add them to my cart this morning, but no luck…I’ll try again tomorrow.

  32. Brenda Sanders | 27th Nov 11

    I love the scissors, especially the blue. I’d love to get them for myself and the green ones for my sister-in-law, and pink ones for my favorite cousin. I couldn’t order either and there was no price. Hope they aren’t sold out!

  33. Joanna | 27th Nov 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Phyllis submitted a comment on Day #2: The 12 Days of Christmas

    Hello Ladies-

    The scissors we had in stock sold out unbelievably fast and we are looking to see if we can order more but they are currently backordered at the distributor level. We will have more information later in the week

    We will let you know later this week if we were able to order more and we will keep the sale price for all of the folks who were not able to order them today.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  34. Linda | 27th Nov 11


  35. Linda | 27th Nov 11


  36. Nancy Davis | 27th Nov 11

    Rats -I would like to have some of them!!

  37. Helen Lebrett | 27th Nov 11

    Love those scissors too!!! Let us know when they might be available: I could use a few pairs too!!!!

  38. Cecilia | 27th Nov 11

    I hope you are able to get more. These are so cute! I love polka dots too,

  39. Susan | 27th Nov 11

    All three colors are lovely! I’m so disappointed they are sold out! I’m sure a lot of people will be checking eagerly to see if more come into stock. The only problem would be to decide on which color to order; I’ll bet many people will buy two or all three. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will reappear!

  40. Kim G | 27th Nov 11

    Would love to order a pair or two. Will keep checking back!! I would take any available you could get!!

  41. Mary Kay | 27th Nov 11

    Love the polka-dots! Cute idea for stocking stuffers

  42. Nancy L | 27th Nov 11

    I also would like to order the scissors; I’d like 2: one blue and one green. Let me know if they are still available!

  43. Rita Goshorn | 28th Nov 11

    these little scissors are all the rage! i got some at my lqs for gifties to go in my friends ‘baggies’!

  44. Kathy MacKie | 28th Nov 11

    One can never have too many scissors, thanks.

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