Day #3: The 12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to Day #3 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Fig Tree Style! Each day we will have a different kit, a different sale and even a few giveaways along the way. Join us each day so that you don't miss out on a single thing. We are so excited to share all of our goodies with you!


Day #3


Today we are sharing a couple of different things… 

I have to mention before we start that we only have a few of these kits available as they are overstock from our recent retail show. If the website says $0 when you try to click it, that means they are already sold out. We always have the patterns in stock, but the kits are very limited. We are not able to make any more of these due to lack of the fabrics. We do not have any kits for the other Postage Stamp Series patterns. Good luck everyone!

This series is inspired by my collection of vintage postage stamps and postcards as I am in love with the abundance of charming images that I keep finding when I take the time to look through them all! This series is smaller than our previous series, the Vintage Postcard Collection.

Here the "Postage Stamps" are all app 18" x 21" and perfect for that little corner nook of the wall that needs something handmade it in! Also wonderful to display on your door as a seasonal quilt.

So far there are 6 patterns in the series with more on the way in the spring and summer of next year….

 Bunnyduetcovermoda-lg        Singinginraincovermoda-lg        Bountiful-cover-moda-th


 Roman-holiday-cover-th        Vintageskate-cover-th        WinterRobin-cover-th

For more information on the patterns, click here and click on the "Larger Image".

Up first, we have the Vintage Skate Postage Stamp Kit. 


Click here for more kit info.


Up second, we have the Singing in the Rain Postage Stamp Kit.


 Click here for more kit info.

This kits contain all you will need to make this wall hanging sized quilt- the backgrounds and borders, the applique fabric and wool components, the pattern, the floss and the binding. A perfect size to make as a gift or for decorating your own home for the holidays.

12 Days of Christmas Special Day #3: 

Postage Stamp kits are 15% off [through Tuesday].

Postage Stamp PATTERNS are also 15% off and remember that all patterns have FREE SHIPPING during our entire Christmas sale!




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  1. Marcia K | 28th Nov 11

    OOH MY GOSH!! These are SO cute!!! I collected stamps.. for many years.. so these are a bit heart warming for me. I have an old steamer trunk full of old stamps in a closet somewhere.. Perhaps it is time to pull them out and look at them again.. well maybe DH needs to pull it out for me LOL. But gosh these are just SO fantastic!!

  2. D ya | 28th Nov 11

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, I’d never seen these before, how absolotely cute!

  3. Wilhelmina Jaffe | 28th Nov 11

    I am glad you explained that the $0 sign ment they were sold out. I tried yesterday and was miffed. Wilhelmina

  4. Phyllis | 28th Nov 11

    I love those, especially the Winter Robin.

  5. Brenda Sanders | 28th Nov 11

    I just ordered the “Singing in the Rain”. I love birds and these are adorable.

  6. Joan | 28th Nov 11

    Oh, these are just gorgeous! You are so creative. I love all of them.

  7. Rita Goshorn | 28th Nov 11

    such beauties! unique, as all your patterns are.

  8. Linda | 28th Nov 11


  9. Lynda H | 28th Nov 11

    love these, especially winter robin…..

  10. Kathy MacKie | 28th Nov 11

    Just too cute,hard to pick just one favorite, thanks.

  11. Marguerite Guinn | 28th Nov 11

    Love the postage stamps – so cute!

  12. Mary Kay | 28th Nov 11

    I saw these made up at Cabbage Rose in Ft. Worth, TX. Just beautiful!

  13. Cecilia | 28th Nov 11

    Very cute! I like the way they look.

  14. LeAnn Keenan | 28th Nov 11

    Those are darling! I love the cancellation mark detail.

  15. Tammy Edwards | 28th Nov 11

    Going to order these little treasures also :0) I have loved these patterns since the moment I first saw them in your shop. I am looking forward to seeing the ones yet to be added to the collection. Love your work Joanna and thank you for the savings.


  16. Pam | 29th Nov 11

    These are so pretty. I wish I had the patience to do applique.

  17. Jenny | 7th Dec 11

    oooh, i wish i could buy time like a i buy fabric…i would love to make all these postage stamp quilts. they are my absolute favorite!

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