Fig & Plum News & A Giveaway

So I hear that Fig & Plum has officially hit the streets
or the shops rather. Why do I feel that every time a new collection finally
reaches your hands that it has been the longest wait ever? None of the waits
are probably any longer than the rest but somehow the one you are waiting for
currently feels longer than all those others that came before… don’t you think?
I am not known to be a patient person and this fabric designer thing certainly
pushes that button on a regular basis, thank you very much!

Anyway, I am thinking that Fig & Plum is a perfect
autumn collection… the Fig Tree way.
Based on a faded vintage cream the line works in everything from a deep,
saturated plum color to faded taupey-greys [a color by the way that if you’ve
never worked with before… ooh, la, la… you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to the
instant vintage flavor it adds to a project]. In between, you will find soft
tangerines, lavender mauves, aqua blues and crisp apple greens…. just writing
about it makes me want to play with it again! Here are a few pics of our
favorite swatches and  projects…


And I couldn't resist, I just made a few more of these Scarfletts… 


I tell you I
could have one to match every autumn outfit… but the ladies on the street might
think I’ve gone slightly off my rocker [ I say ladies because who know if the
guys would even notice…  what is that thing around her neck??  :-0
]. And the bags…


Ella and I just finished one for her
ballet class, could you get any cuter? It took us all of  an hour… I could go on at the mouth.. you know I
can… but I’ll stop & leave you some time to go to your favorite quilt shop
and snap up a bit of that Fig & Plum for yourself but don’t wait too long…

So to officially welcome Fig & Plum to stores
nationwide, we are having a little giveaway. Leave a comment on the blog
telling us your favorite autumn thing and you will have a chance to win a
& Plum Jelly Roll, a Fig & Plum Layer Cake and a Fig & Plum bundle
of the newest patterns.


I’ll start by telling you that my absolute favorite thing about autumn is… well, I can’t just choose one so here is a list… I know I am

Piles of orange, red & yellow leaves

Zucchini bread

Thick sweaters

Pumpkin Patches

Crisp air

Butternut squash soup with sage [the recipe for this will be
in our newest Fresh Vintage #10]

Fresh new school clothes

… okay, I could go on forever. I love autumn!

Talk to you soon.


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  1. bev ames | 24th Sep 08

    Me too I love Autumn and pumpkin pies; cool crisp weather; cozy clothes; having a quilt ready for hand quilting to keep my legs warm, children deciding on halloween costumes; planning Thanksgiving dinner. I can go on.

  2. Stacey | 24th Sep 08

    The gorgeous colours! And being able to snuggle up in a cozy lap quilt!

  3. Julia | 24th Sep 08

    Hmmmm…mouthwatering pictures…I’m hooked to all types of fleur de lis …and the combination of fig tree fabric & fleur de lis is unbeatable…I’m in heaven as soon I can get some {well, give me some chocolate, too, and I’m even more in heaven, LOL}.
    Autumn is my favourite time of the year {naturally, as I’m a September-born…} it isn’t easy to tell all the things I like but I’ll name a few {sorry, have to cheat, too}:
    – the smell of the early morning whe the air is crisp & cold
    – play in falling leaves…just love the explosion of warm colours around me
    – pumpkin soup, I’m hokkaido-addicted
    – to snuggle up on the sofa with tea, a quilt & a project to stitch or a good book
    Oh…I should stop…it’s getting too long ;o)
    What a great giveaway and I’d be too happy if I’d win…;o) – good luck to all girls!
    Hugs from Germany,
    P.S.: I wish these bags were there in my days of ballet lessons…

  4. Vickie E | 24th Sep 08

    I too could go on and on about fall/autumn….my birthday is very near Halloween and every birthday party I’ve had is a costume party! Love that…plus all the things already listed, crisp air, leaves turning colors, pumpkins…
    I have already received 2 charms of Fig and Plum fabric (from the Fatquarter shop). I hope to get more 😉 because I’d like to make a bed sized quilt with this line. I have waited months for it LOL.

  5. kathie | 24th Sep 08

    I love the fall, the changing of the colors , pumpkins just make me smile, buying new school supplies for the kids as well as myself :), the smell of fireplaces in the air, the crisp air in the morning,
    new sweaters….and of course having to make a fall quilt or two!
    Love your new bags pattern, great ideas there.

  6. Deb S in CA | 24th Sep 08

    Hmmm, let’s see my favorite thing about autumn …

    It would have to be 2 favorite things.

    The fall colors of the Chinese Pistache trees. I look forward to seeing them all year.

    And Pumpkin Bread.

    Love the new line.

  7. DianeM | 24th Sep 08

    Hi – I just found your blog via another quilter’s (can’t remeber which) and am enjoying catching up on all the posts & pix 🙂
    Since Autumn is my favorite time of year there’s lots that I love about it, but 1 thing that really speaks Autumn to me (and it’s not around too much anymore) is the smell of burning leaves…it brings back so many memories from childhood when people used to burn their leaves in old rusty barrels in their backyard…I remember how the sparks used to ride up on the wind currents…and the wonderful smell, only in the Fall 🙂

  8. Sharon | 24th Sep 08

    sunshine and crisp air, a long walk, and beautiful leaves……a few things of what makes fall such a lovely time of year.

  9. Renee | 24th Sep 08

    Pumpkin pancakes
    Apple cake
    I love the giveaway stuff!!!

  10. Anastasia | 24th Sep 08

    Wow, what a great autumn collection! All the papers are just perfect! And great you decided to give some away as it’s my only chance to get some as I’m typing this from autumny cold Russia.
    Autumn is my favorite as this is just precfect wedding time! And this year it’s already 3 years as we are married! Our wedding day is October 21. And the choice was deliberate as every autumn for me is the beginning of something amazingly new and different – new life of the leaves and flowers becoming berries, new life at work as the new season starts at September, new married life after we were married, and again in autumn – absolutely great news that a new life will be born soon! Autumn is my everything!
    Kindest regrads from Russia,

  11. Cara | 24th Sep 08

    Oh la la indeed! Another beautiful collection that I cannot wait to get my hands on!!! : )
    My favorite thing(s) about fall would have to be the cooling of the air- crisp-cool-winter-is-coming air! I love starting to get out my fall clothes and preparing for the winter (which is my favorite)I also love the hot drinks,soups and stick to your rib kind of comfort food I feel like cooking in the fall…I know that is more than one fave but I could not help myself!

  12. Mika | 24th Sep 08

    Pumpkin pie…pumpkin bread…leaves changing. It all rocks!

  13. Beth in MD | 24th Sep 08

    OH I just love this Fig & Plum line. I have been lusting over it since I saw it on the Coming Soon page of Fat Quarter Shop.

    Let’s see, my favorite autumn things????

    Crisp cooler weather
    The end of sailing season (which translates to less time in the office and more time quilting)
    Fall REtreat with my guild

    THanks so much for keeping us up to date on the Fresh Figs happenings via your blog! I just love your style!

  14. Covered Porches | 24th Sep 08

    We always have tons of leaves to rake, but what I do love about fall is the smell of chimney smoke for the first time since winter. Though Fall is a sign of winter to follow in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan— there is just something about have a fire in the fireplace for the first time since the snow melted….

  15. Becky in Georgia | 24th Sep 08

    This looks like a fabric collection I may not be able to resist. Hoping my LQS has ordered the entire line.

    I just love Autumn. I love the changing colors of the leaves. I love going to the north Georgia mountains to buy fresh apples from the apple farmers. I love wearing long sleeve shirts and blue jeans. I love attending football games in cooler weather. I love taking long walks with beautiful skies and cool breezes.

    Have a great day!

  16. Sequana | 24th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about autumn is the changing of the leaves, but this year I also have a lovely Jelly Rose quilt to admire. *S*

    This new collection is yummy, as usual.

  17. Nancy | 24th Sep 08

    Picking crisp fall apples right off the tree.
    Making crockpot applesauce.
    Long pants and jackets.
    Finally being able to put the top down on the convertible…lol

  18. Suzy | 24th Sep 08

    Autumn is my very favorite season. I think the thing(s) I love most about it is: cool crisp air, the colors of the changing leaves and seeing them in their spendor all in a row or in a group, family get-togethers at Thanksgiving, etc. Like I said, it’s my favorite season and I will miss it terribly when we move to Florida.

  19. | 24th Sep 08

    There are many things I like about autumn:
    – leaves turning red and gold
    – drinking hot chocolate with friends
    – pumpkin bread
    – quilting, quilting, quilting
    – my grey turtleneck pullover…

    A scarflett from the Fig and Plum line would match perfectly with that pullover. I bought the pattern recently and I love the mauve colored fabrics from your new line. Thanks for a wonderful idea!

  20. Tanja | 24th Sep 08

    There are many things I like about autumn:
    – leaves turning red and gold
    – drinking hot chocolate with friends
    – pumpkin bread
    – quilting, quilting, quilting
    – my grey turtleneck pullover…

    A scarflett from the Fig and Plum line would match perfectly with that pullover. I bought the pattern recently and I love the mauve colored fabrics from your new line. Thanks for a wonderful idea!

  21. Amy | 24th Sep 08

    I love watching the leaves turn colors, fall to the ground and the crisp cool air. Mostly I love the first freeze so my allergies go away! :0) LOL

  22. Sheila | 24th Sep 08

    I love Autumn it is my favorite season.

    -Sunny cool crisp days with the smoky smell of burning leaves in the air.

    -Pumpkins, Pumpkins and Maybe Pumpkins

    -Hot Apple cider with a bit of Caramel syrup

    _of course all the beautiful fall colored leaves

    -Pumpkin Spice Latte

    -my favorite time of year to quilt

  23. Michele | 24th Sep 08

    My favorite things about Autumn; apple picking, beautiful leaves, crisp air, and acorns!

  24. Mary | 24th Sep 08

    I live in Arizona and my favorite thing about Fall is that it’s not 100 degrees anymore. The changes are more subtle here, but I love to wear sweaters and the smell of people using their fireplaces in the evening and the feel of “anticipation” that Fall brings. I would also love winning the GiveAway!

  25. Alice Faye | 24th Sep 08

    I love the coolness in the air, pumpkins, falling leaves, the colors, and holidays.

  26. Elizabeth Swinney | 24th Sep 08

    Good Morning, My favorite fall thing is to be able to wear my turtleneck’s daily. I love them and can’t wait to wear them again!

    Lizzie Swinney

  27. stephanie | 24th Sep 08

    Autumn is my favorite season. I love the bright yellow aspen leaves, the red maple leaves, and the oranges on some of the others. I love going to the apple farm for champange and sparkling burgundy apples(they are the best in the world), pumpkin anything, baking goodies, and being able to wear the homemade socks made by my mom. i also love working on my projects-I just started my dandelion wishes quilt-the fabric feels wonderful.

  28. Lisa D. | 24th Sep 08

    My favorite season is Autumn, and I guess my favorite thing about it is the leaves turning gorgeous colors on the trees, especially maples.

  29. Samantha | 24th Sep 08

    Beautiful! I love the colors and the vintage feel. My favorite things about autumn are pumpkins and mums. I have some pots of mums by my door and the pumpkins will come in a week or so.

  30. Jeanne-WA | 24th Sep 08

    Fall is my favorite time of year. Not only do the day’s have a crisp feel but the nights are cool enough to use “covers.”
    It’s finally cool enough to sew again. What’s not to love.

  31. Tressa Spigarelli | 24th Sep 08

    The best thing about Autumn is watching the kids jump in pile of leaves as the leaves go up around them and smiles as big as their heads emerge.

  32. Sherri | 24th Sep 08

    I love autumn…it’s my favorite season. My favorite autumn things would have to be the chill in the air, wearing bulky fall sweaters and fresh apple pies!

    I love the new Fig & Plum line–we have an antique, hand-painted (well, 40 years old actually) bedroom set that was my husband’s grandmother’s. I got a Fig and Plum charm pack from the Fat Quarter Shop, and the colors match beautifully–I can finally make a quilt for the master bedroom!!!

  33. Mar | 24th Sep 08

    So many favorties with Autumn, colors, smells, weather, and of course new fabric and designs at fall market!! Oh and Quilting in the Garden and PIQF too!!

  34. danielle | 24th Sep 08

    That one is easy! I love automne it’s the best season in Canada. What I love best, the smell of apple-peache-plum crumble baking, my new trifted poncho that I can wear everywhere and making mountains of leaves that the kids (meaning my son and the dog) can jump in. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  35. symplydear | 24th Sep 08

    Fall is my favorite season of all, it’s the crisp cool night air, sitting my the fire, enjoying a spiced hot cider and watching a football game.
    Love your fabric lines and your way with color. I also love the way you can add the new lines with fabric from the older lines. My favorite patterns are those that you’ve added applique to.


  36. Trudy | 24th Sep 08

    I love the colors this time of year…they are so rich….gold, reds, dark plums…..

  37. Anita | 24th Sep 08

    Beautiful fabric, thank you for sharing! I love of the piles of raked up leaves, warm drinks (spiced cider, tea, cocoa), fall colors, and pumpkin patches. Oh and pumpkin spice lattes.

  38. Anita | 24th Sep 08

    Beautiful fabric, thank you for sharing! I love of the piles of raked up leaves, warm drinks (spiced cider, tea, cocoa), fall colors, and pumpkin patches. Oh and pumpkin spice lattes.

  39. Anita | 24th Sep 08

    Beautiful fabric, thank you for sharing! I love the piles of raked up leaves, warm drinks like apple cider, pumpkin patches, the colors, and the general feel of autumn.

  40. Sipiweske Quilts | 24th Sep 08

    My favoite things about Autumn are pumpkins and the tiny gourd ones too; sunlight shining through all the beautiful colored leaves (the ones that are still on the trees of course!); garden tomatoes; and Fall decorating. The Fig and Plum tones and prints are gorgeous and I would love to work with some of them! Happy Fall . . . Marlene

  41. Michelle | 24th Sep 08

    I live in LA now, but am originally from the Midwest. So I miss fall (and really, the idea of 4 seasons) in general – the weather, the corn drying out for harvest, the leaves turning on the trees. I went back for a wedding last weekend, and it wasn’t quite fall enough for me, which was disappointing!

  42. TerryG | 24th Sep 08

    I love autumn for crisp cold air, apple and pumpkin picking, football games and colorful fallen leaves. However, the best part of fall is that “back to school” inspiration I need to start new projects. It’s been many years since I’ve been in school but the start of the school year has always motivated me more to try new things or take better care of myself than New Year’s resolutions ever did.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Brandy | 24th Sep 08

    Autumn is my favorite season! I love the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, the crisp air, pumpkin pies, visiting the local apple orchard, and most of all, tucking my family under a nice cozy quilt!

  44. Kristin | 24th Sep 08

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love crisp cool air, crunchy leaves, bright blue skies, fresh apples, and snuggling under a warm quilt. Happy Fall!

  45. Jan | 24th Sep 08

    What absolutely gorgeous fabrics. My favorite fall things are pumpkin bread (actually pumpkin anything!) and cooler weather.

  46. Evy | 24th Sep 08

    Snuggling under a lovely quilt in front of the fireplace working on the next one! And ofcourse some stormy wether to go with it, so I have a great excuse to stay in all day and quilt some more…..

    Happy Fall!

  47. SarahB | 24th Sep 08

    Absolutely beautiful!

    My very, very favorite autumn thing is watching the leaves change–where I grew up leaves just turned brown, but where I live now they are just starting to show all the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows! Too many other favorites to list. 🙂

  48. Carolyn Cady | 24th Sep 08

    The most glorious season is Autumn with the contrasts of chilly nights and warm afternoons mottled with leaf dust floating in the sunlight; the spicy scents of apples, crushed grapes (here in Napa Valley!);the deep rich colors of leaves turning on the trees; the piles of leaves for children to jump in (bringing back memories of my own childhood). Oh, I could go on and on about the richness of Autumn!

  49. Cathy McMann | 24th Sep 08

    I love that Fig & Plum and have to get me some quick!

    Apples with caramel dip – my favorite thing about autumn. Just like caramel apples but easier to bite into!

  50. helen | 24th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about Autumn is the light in both the morning and the late afternoon. It gives everything–especially the yellow, orange, and red leaves–a lovely warm glow.

  51. Audrey Fukunaga | 24th Sep 08

    Coming from Hawaii where we have no season changes, there are lots of things I love about autumn in the mid-west. I love the leaf color changes, I love pots of soup and stew cooking on the stove and cookies and breads baking in the hot oven… Lots of things to love about autumn!

  52. Dawn | 24th Sep 08

    Fall is my favorite time of year too! A few favorites…ummm…
    -cooler weather
    -smell of smoke from fireplaces
    -pumpkin chocolate-chop cookies
    -my entire families birthdays

    Like you, the list can go on and on…

  53. Valerie | 24th Sep 08

    Hands down, my favorite thing is the brightly colored leaves. But I also love the perfect fall weather — chilly and overcast, a little rainy perhaps — that is my idea of perfection! Perfect for wearing my favorite fall clothes, curling up with a great read under a cozy quilt. I love fall!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway — what a fantastic bunch of prizes!

  54. Jeanie | 24th Sep 08

    I wanna play too! Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. My favorite thing is the change in the weather. I love the crisp air while I rake my liquid amber leaves of our grass. I also LOVE getting my yarn out and beginning a wooly project-a new hat, a scarf, maybe some gloves. So many choices………….

  55. Carol in E TN | 24th Sep 08

    I love fall so much for these reasons: cooler weather, the changing leaves, being able to wear my sweaters, pumpkin pie, and apple cake! Would love to win you give-away…the colors are awesome!

  56. Linda | 24th Sep 08

    Oh my, what simply gorgeous fabrics. I love Autum, watching the colours of the trees change, the lovely warm days but nice crisp mornings. Being able to snuggle up with my hubby without breaking out in a heatwave…. I could go on forever, I just love the change of seasons, not just autum.

  57. Rachelle | 24th Sep 08

    I love everything about fall. I live in beautiful Colorado and we have spectacular weather in the fall. I love the sounds, smells and colors of fall. I love all the yummy, spicy treats that get baked in the fall. I grew up on a farm and fall was always a wonderful time with harvest.

  58. kc | 24th Sep 08

    Autumn, full of rich warm color. Reminds me my hometown in Japan, falling yellow ginkgo leaves, taste of roasted corn on side of the mountain street, changing uniforms from short sleeve to long sleeve, crisp clear air when I wake up in the morning, sound of crickets… and so on. Now I remember that I used to use my five senses to feel the season!
    Fig & Plum is the wonderful fabric collection which brings me back warm, sensitive feeling.

  59. Susan Cahill | 24th Sep 08

    I love all things Fall:
    the leaves drifting down from the trees, bright colored Mums, crisp apples from a farmstand, cider and donuts, cool evenings, the duck and geese formed in a v flying south, my grandkids in their Halloween costumes, snack sized candy bars, candy corn, putting the fall quilt on the bed…..

  60. polly | 24th Sep 08

    my favorite is to go hiking in the mountains and see the trees changing colors and the leaves falling on the ground and seeing all the reds, oranges, and yellows and listening to them crunch as you walk through them. That is my very favorite. I love pumpkins and smell of fall. I love to see the little mumkins playing outside with a sweatshirt running around and then after playing so hard they come in with a little red nose. I love fall:)

  61. Andrea | 24th Sep 08

    Oh my favorite thing about fall…so hard to choose. I love all things fall: the pumpkin bread, the sweaters and layering, the celebration of family, and much more.

  62. Rae | 24th Sep 08

    I am so glad that autumn is here! Football on lazy Sunday afternoons, the harvest, pumpkin muffins & apple donuts, family portraits in the changing leaves…

  63. Pam Matthews | 24th Sep 08

    Favorite thing about Fall: (1) giveaways at Fresh Figs! and (2) the incredible, amazing changing colors of the TREES here in Virginia – that was one GREAT idea.

  64. Debbie | 24th Sep 08

    There are too many things to list as well as to what I like about fall. One of my absolute favorite times of the year here in New England. I love the warm days, bright sunshine with cool nights. Bright orange pumpkins, warm bread pudding with maple syrup. Walking through the woods kicking up leaves. Watching endless soccer games and a warm cup of tea or cider.
    Love the new line.

  65. Miss Jean | 24th Sep 08

    Pumpkin Pie
    Trips to Apple Hill
    Cool mornings
    Tea in the afternoon with a good book!

  66. Amy @ parkcitygirl | 24th Sep 08

    Congratulations! Your fabrics are gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the changing leaves.

  67. Amy Wathen | 24th Sep 08

    Gee Autumn is my favorite too and there are SO many reasons, but one that I truly appreciate living in Colorado is the annual drive to see the aspen glow!

  68. Carrie P. | 24th Sep 08

    Oh Autumn is so beautiful where I live. I love the cool weather and the changing leaves. Another of my favorites things about fall is all the crafts shows that are going on.
    Love your beautiful line too.

  69. Carolyn | 24th Sep 08

    Here in Australia we are currently in Spring but I would have to say that Autumn is my favourite time of the year. There are many things about Autumn that I love but the one thing that gets me every time are the colours. They reach inside and bring back such wonderful memories of when I was a child, like raking up piles of leaves and jumping in them. The colours of Autumn inspire me to make quilts, cook and make memories for my kids like I have.

  70. Terry | 24th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about fall here in Iowa is the beautiful leaf color on the bluff along the Mississippi River and warm spiced apple cider. Love your new Fig & Plum line. Must get some!!

  71. Nancy | 24th Sep 08

    Oh my……… I think my favorite thing is being able to leave the windows open at night just enough to let in the chilly air so I can burrow under my quilts and go to sleep.

  72. re | 24th Sep 08

    most definitely pumpkins. what better herald of autumn than something so round and orange!?

  73. Pam | 24th Sep 08

    Love this new fabric! My favorite thing about Fall is truly that I get to experience the changing leaves and the gorgeous ginkgo trees down the main Esplanade of our city of Chico. They start out a nice “fig tree green” and then turn the most incredible yellow! When the leaves fall, the ground becomes bright and carpeted with yellow glow. It is amazing!

  74. Pam | 24th Sep 08

    Love that new fabric Joanna! I see a quilt coming on!! Fall to me is Ginkgo Leaves turning the most beautiful shade of yellow and when they fall turning the ground into a carpet of golden glowing sun! Our town of Chico has a whole median planted in them and when you drive down our “Esplanade” you see them begin as “fig tree” green and magically turn to the buttery yellow! Oh! I love them!

  75. Amy | 24th Sep 08

    My favorite things about fall
    The cooler weather
    The Halloween Candy
    Corn on the Cob
    Apple Cobbler
    And new fabric 🙂

  76. mamaspark | 24th Sep 08

    I love that all the leaves change color and college football games!

  77. Kathie | 24th Sep 08

    Salsa from homegrown ingredients, Apples picked off my trees, Carmel Apples (I’m eating one right now) Cooler evenings, School kids in new school clothes and fires in the fireplace. I too love this line of fabrics they ARE GORGEOUS!!! Kathie

  78. annie from San Diego | 24th Sep 08

    I love seeing the little children waiting for the school bus….the sound of them running to the corner laughing and chatting away. I miss that it used to be MY children running to catch the bus, but I love the joy it brings my day. XXX Annie

  79. Cathi | 24th Sep 08

    What an absolutely gorgeous line of fabric!! Love love love the tones and colours!!
    My favourite things about fall:
    the colours as the leaves on teh trees change;
    the feel of the air mid-afternoon;
    the cool nights so perfect for curling up under a quilt and reading or stitching;
    the renewed energy everyone seems to have.

  80. Charlotte | 24th Sep 08

    I just had pumpkin ice cream from Dreyers. To die for!!!!! A new favorite for fall.

    Great fabric collection.

  81. Charlotte | 24th Sep 08

    I just had pumpkin ice cream from Dreyers. To die for!!!!! A new favorite for fall.

    Great fabric collection.

  82. Holly | 24th Sep 08

    Being a miss placed northerner – finally being able to wear jeans again! I also love pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, my brother-in-law visiting from Spain for Thanksgiving dinner, and picking apples in the NC mountains. I love the new fabric, even the name is yummy!

  83. Maria | 24th Sep 08

    Sleeping with the windows open at night is my favorite. I love waking up in the morning to a room that’s about 60 degrees!

  84. Kam A | 24th Sep 08

    Definitely the cool, crisp air! I also love apple picking, going to the pumpkin patch and the leaves changing colors!

  85. Dandelion Quilts | 24th Sep 08

    Fall is a favorite of mine, as well. I love apple cider, pumpkin desserts, the crispness in the air, and so much of it involves family. I love the new line, btw. LOVE IT.

  86. Rene S | 24th Sep 08

    This is my favorite time of year. Partly because my birthday falls in October and partly because I love the crisp air after a hot summer. And all the colors! They are so inspirational.

  87. Cindy D | 24th Sep 08

    This is a beautiful line of fabric and can’t wait to cut into my FQ bundle that I already purchased from Kimberly. This is my most favorite time of the year with the cold crisp mornings, sunny warm afternoons, fall leaves, pumpkin spiced candles and pumpkin spice fraps from Starbucks.

  88. Nicole (ikkinlala) | 24th Sep 08

    I love baking in the wood stove (especially if I’m baking something pumpkin).

  89. Ginny Worden | 24th Sep 08

    I love the crisp air, apple crisp or apple pie baking, and home comfort foods like meat loaf, with the fireplace roaring in the background. Hmmm !

  90. Kimberly Kocan | 24th Sep 08

    Taking a walk, looking at all of the beautiful colors of leaves, and the crunch of them under your feet as you walk. And of course, mums, in all colors! By the way, I thought Dandelion Girl was my favorite until I saw this line….

  91. Donna | 24th Sep 08

    Gorgeous fabrics. I always love being able to start making some yummy soups and stews again once the weather cools a little. Also planning the Christmas goodies and shopping.

  92. Lisa | 24th Sep 08

    CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new Fig & Plum fabrics. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I most love the crispiness of it (apples, leaves, the air…). What is not to LOVE about autumn?!

  93. Stephanie | 24th Sep 08

    Your new line is beautiful. Autumn is a very popular season for very good reasons. I love autumn for it’s gift of gorgeous leaves. My favorite things about autumn are being able to wear my flannel jammies, homemade pots of soups and stews, football, and all kinds of apples, especially hot apple cider.

  94. Carrie P. | 24th Sep 08

    Love your new line, but the name really catches ones interst as well, I love words and phrases that put a picture in my mind.

    My favorite fall things:

    Pumpkin patch rides

    Colors of Fall Leaves

    Smell of Fall

    Warm days, cool evenings


    Off to local shop tomorrow to SEE your new fabric line. Wait no more….


  95. Patricia Zesati | 24th Sep 08

    Hello! I really like the color of your new line of fabrics. It reminds me vintage colors. I live in Mexico and we also have beautiful autumns. My favorite things are:
    The moon (have you noticed the size and the color of it in this time of the year).
    The sound of the leaves when you walk on them.
    The smell of the cold air.
    The color of the autumn flowers.
    Mucha suerte! Good luck with your new line!

  96. Karen | 24th Sep 08

    In autumn (back when I lived in the Mid-west instead of the sub-tropics) I loved the crisp wild wind that would make the trees in the woods behind our house roar!


  97. tina | 24th Sep 08

    Sadly, all of my favorite autumn things are mostly food related (gee, how LIKE me!)

    pumpkin spice latte
    pumpkin spice Hershey kisses (I see a trend)
    corn chowder
    beautiful leaves

    and when the yard is done and the lawn does not need mowing it means more time to knit and quilt!

  98. Laura | 24th Sep 08

    Crunchy leaves on the ground, fresh apple pie, cooler weather, hot chai tea, and the anticipation of the holidays.

  99. Lauren | 24th Sep 08

    Hi Joanna! Reading all the notes made me want to add my loves about autumn. May I?

    It could still be hot here in So Cal for a while, so the things I love are:

    Saturdays that cannot be too busy because for at least an hour and a half I will be at a U-8 boys soccer game. (Followed by a trip for ice cream)

    Figs from my friends tree, which means: fig and ginger jam, fig and marscapone tarts, figs and ricotta cheese on toast with pecans and honey,figs and…

    Planting season – its the best time to plant in this part of the country.

    With the start of school it is the New Year for me, more so than January. Now all sorts of things seem possible: the kids and I are not soured on school yet, there are new friends and teachers to meet, new activities to begin, fresh routines to break the old ones,… I could go on.

    AND I really love writing in an unmarred calendar.

    Those are some of my autumn loves! 😉

  100. Angela Davy | 24th Sep 08

    I Love the feel of the cool night air.
    Kids dressed up for Halloween.

  101. Debbi | 24th Sep 08

    Crisp air, annual fall quilt retreat, pumpkin pie, fall colors

  102. Debbi | 24th Sep 08

    crisp cool air, annual fall quilt retreat, pumpkin pie, fall colors

  103. brigette | 24th Sep 08

    my favorite thing about autumn…..
    the weather getting cooler
    the smell of fallen leaves (my other kids knew i had gone off my rocker when my son was deployed to iraq and i saw a man raking colorful leaves into a pile and i pulled the car over and asked him for some. i sent a box of them to my son. i thought he might miss fall leaves while in the desert. he just thought i was crazy. )
    wonderful things baking in the oven
    the excitement of upcoming holidays and special times with friends and family
    the opportunities to do special things for people at this time of year
    apples! apple strudel, apple butter, apple pie, apple crisp, apple pancakes with cinnamon syrup!!!!!
    and your beautiful new fabric line!!!!

  104. Becky S. | 24th Sep 08

    The new Fig & Plum fabrics are beautiful!!
    My favorite fall things are:
    walking in crunchy leaves
    pumpkin pie
    crisp & juicy apples
    toasted pumpkin seeds

  105. Ginger | 25th Sep 08

    I love…

    red, orange, yellow leaves
    apple cider
    pumpkin soup

  106. Meg99 | 25th Sep 08

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments above.
    I love autumn;
    having juicy nashi pear,
    cool autumn breeze,
    fragrance from tiny flowers of “kimmokusei”(fragrant orange-colord olive?)
    dishes or sweets made from chesnut
    planting bulbs of tulip

  107. Priscilla | 25th Sep 08

    I just saw Fresh Laundry on FQS blog – and I love it- have to have that one- I love your new line-keep it up-

  108. Cara | 25th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about fall has always been going through the cranberry marsh while the leaves are all aflame in colour.

    I can’t wait to get my French Quarter kit. It will be perfect to wrap up in when it gets cold.

  109. Rhonda | 25th Sep 08

    I love autumn! … fall colors, pumpkins, cool air, and candies…

  110. Liz Boswell | 25th Sep 08

    I adore fall too! of course my birthday is in the fall (grin). I found your blog via the jolly jabber blog, congrats on your blog! I am loving your cell phone pattern, I thinking alot of my quilter buddies are getting them for xmas!
    Keep On Stitch’n On!
    (mauh) Liz

  111. Dóra Dís | 25th Sep 08

    I just love the smell of the clean, fresh air that comes with this season.

  112. Denise | 25th Sep 08

    Fig & Plum is beautiful. I love autumn, mince pies baking in the oven, cat asleep on my lap while I hand applique and daydream.

  113. Stefanie | 25th Sep 08

    Once again you have come up with another GREAT fabric line! I love the plum color, which looks like it will go well with my other favorites (Dandelion Girl, Urban Indigo and Folklorique)!

    Fall Favorites:
    1.Pumpkin muffins tha just melt in your mouth!
    2. Cooler weather so that I can wear my favorite pair of RED boots!
    3. Drinking hot cocoa on a crsip evening

    Thanks again!

  114. Carol | 25th Sep 08

    Fall is my favorite time of the year because there are warm days and cool nights, football games, Homecoming dances, raking of the leaves, and warm sweaters.

  115. Jane | 25th Sep 08

    I love the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, and the great smell of a cool autumn day.

  116. Gretchen | 25th Sep 08

    Every new Fig Tree line is my favorite and this is no exception–love the purples, greens, and warm gray. Autumn is my favorite time of the year: Halloween, apple cider, apple pie, cooler nights, sweaters, beautiful leaves, and sleeping under quilts!

  117. Zegi | 25th Sep 08

    The crisp smell of leaves in the air, baking pumpkin bread and having fresh pumpkin seeds to toast, and breaking out the fuzzy sweaters and hot apple cider.

  118. Heather | 25th Sep 08

    My absolute favorite time of year is fall. I love everything about it. The harvesting, eating warm and yummy comfort foods. The cooling weather and wanting to do inside activities (like quilting). The changing colors, the holidays. I could go on all day.
    Love the entire collection, and I have plans for several quilts.

  119. Louise Andersen | 25th Sep 08

    My absolute favorite thing about fall is apple cider!!
    Tied for 2nd place are: cool nights, warm days, apple pie, and Fig & Plum!

  120. Tif | 25th Sep 08

    Yay for Fig and Plum!

    I was just at a quilt show here in Central Texas and I was attempting to look for fabrics similar to Fig and Plum, and now I won’t need a substitute!

    My favorite things about Fall…

    Feeling cool/cold enough to knit
    Fall inspired foods : Turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, cornbread muffins, and apple crisp
    Changing of the leaves

    The one thing I don’t like about fall hahaha : My boxer shedding her summer coat 😉

  121. Amanda | 25th Sep 08

    My favorite thing is curling up under the covers reading a good book.

  122. Lee Anne | 25th Sep 08

    Playing with my beautiful grandkids in the fallen leaves…..being a grandma is a wonderful time of life! Love your fabrics, your patterns, your style…thanks for sharing!

  123. Pat | 25th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about fall … everything!

    crunchy colorful fall leaves
    apple cider
    making pies
    fall quilts
    hot cocoa
    warm soft sweaters
    a crackling fireplace
    cooking for my family

    in a word … fall means “gathering”

  124. Kay Devaney | 25th Sep 08

    Greetings & congrats on beauteeful fab, fig and plum.

    My fav autumn thing is the smell of apple crisp baking in my oven. Oh, I love to eat apple crip with an extra big helping of whip cream or ice cream.

    Candy corn and peanuts-ratio 3 peanuts to one candy corn.
    K in MN
    PS: I just completed a log cabin quilt using your tapestry line (used 2 jelly rolls). very pretty!

  125. Silver Scissor Quilts | 25th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about Autumn is making new quilts, of course. There is something exciting with the cooler weather about sitting and stitching a binding on a quilt while it keeps you warm. All the fall fabric colors help me get in a quilting warm mood too!

  126. sally | 25th Sep 08

    mmm, autumn:

    The crispness of the sky: blue is never quite so – blue – as in autumn

    The sound of kids tromping through just-raked leaves

    Needing to put a quilt on the bed!

  127. MelissaS | 25th Sep 08

    I love the golden color the autumn afternoon light takes on.

  128. Wendy Peatross | 25th Sep 08

    First of all I LOVE this fabric collection and your patterns!! And I love the beatiful days of Fall, the kids back to school and more time to stay in and sew. Oh, and my birthday too. So I might just have to go buy this collection in case I don’t win it here.

  129. Audrey P | 25th Sep 08

    I love all things fall – pumpkins, apple crisp, colorful leaves crunching underfoot on a brisk fall morning… Can’t wait to get some of the new fabric!!

  130. eamylove | 25th Sep 08

    Hmmm…should I say the colors of the leaves, the chrysanthemums, the snapping of logs on a fire, the candy corn, the juicy apples? No, it’s my wedding anniversary!

  131. Michelle | 25th Sep 08

    I love your new fabric line!

    What I love about Fall is the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather.

  132. Margaret Mead | 25th Sep 08

    I live in southeast Florida so fall is a little different for us. We look for days where the humidity starts dropping a little and the promise of winter, which is more like fall up north, starts to tantalize me. It also means Christmas is fast approaching, which is my absolute favorite time of year. I love your new line, especially the dark plums and greens, and the French Quarter pattern. I’ve always wanted to make the drunkards path version, but never wanted to sew all those curves. Keep up the good work.

  133. Nancy | 25th Sep 08

    Autumn is the time I celebrate the bounty of the earth and my wedding anniversary.

  134. Deanna Hironimus-Wendt | 25th Sep 08

    There is so much to love about fall that I will have to limit myself to just a few of my favorite things. I love the apple cider floats sprinkled with nutmeg that I get at the Apple & Pork Festival every year. I love the sound of the leaves crunching beneath my children’s feet as they walk down our drive to await the bus each morning. I love unpacking all of my favorite sweaters and warm, comfy sweatshirts that become necessary as the nights get chillier. I love sleeping with my bedroom windows open and waking up with the brisk morning air. But most of all, I love that our lives start to settle down and we stay home more often, which gives me more time to sit in my big, comfy chair and sew, sew, sew.

  135. Kathy Vetter | 25th Sep 08

    I love the crisp, cool air of autumn and of course the leaves changing colors! Love your new collection…….thanks!
    Kathy V

  136. chris m | 25th Sep 08

    I can’t believe the new fabric colors! I just told a friend it would be hard to find those particular combinations and here it is!
    I love everything fall. The crisp air and even the light rain. All the fall soups with crunchy bread. Fall leaves, pumpkins, squash, orange and brown anything…….

  137. Mindy Peterson | 25th Sep 08

    What do I love about autumn? The crisp fall air, the changing leaves, fewer bugs(!) and no more mowing (I have 5 acres!).

  138. Liz | 25th Sep 08

    Halloween – pumpkins (lots of pumpkins) – little kids dressed up in costumes – big snuggly comfy sweaters & socks when the weather finally cools down

    I can’t wait!

  139. Stephanie | 25th Sep 08

    I love the urge to nest that I always feel in the Fall. I want to fluff the quilts, wash the windows (all the better to see the colors!) and, best of all, make a stew that fills the house with amazing smells and the promise of a hearty, sustaining and delicious meal!

  140. Mindy Peterson | 25th Sep 08

    I moved to Kansas two years ago from Southern California and love the fall colors of all of the trees. We didn’t have that in California. I also love the cool, crisp fall air. Love every line of your fabrics! I always snatch up several yards!

  141. Bev Blair | 25th Sep 08

    Love your newest fabric line. I wait patiently each time a new line is due out! Congratulations, its beautiful.
    I love Fall……apple picking, cool air and pumpkins. Here in middle America, the leaves are changing……..slowly but changing. Time to fill the kitchen with wonderful smells of pumpkin bread and applesauce!

  142. Betsy | 25th Sep 08

    I love your Fig Tree Line. Things of Fall that I love are the beautiful tree colors and everything pumpkin.

  143. Jo Anne | 25th Sep 08

    I like the crisp crunch of leaves under my feet as I walk along a tree-canopied street while wearing my favorite warm sweater.

  144. Mary | 25th Sep 08

    Nice line of fabric just out.
    I love Fall for a couple of reasons – the garden is getting ready to rest for the winter, putting berries on the branches for the birds, leaves turning yellow and red in the yard. Lovely. AND, hot spiced cider or tea to drink!

  145. Sue | 25th Sep 08

    Autumn is my all time time of the year. I love the crisp air, caramel apples, all the halloween festivities (also my daughter’s birthday), pumpkin patches, craft shows, kettle korn, oh I could go on and on and on.
    And I can just see aprons, quilts, purses, curtains and all kinds of smaller projects in the FIG & PLUM fabrics.

  146. Karen In Breezy Point | 25th Sep 08

    The new fabrics are so yummy! My favorite part of Autumn are the turning trees and the crispy leaves when I am out walking.

  147. Debbie | 25th Sep 08

    Hello, love all your lines of fabric and patterns. My favorite time of year is fall when the cooler weather comes, falling leaves and burning spice candles. But the best treat of all is the international quilt show in Santa Clara, CA where last year I had the pleasure of attending for the first time, and being able to view your most beautiful fabric lines and patterns, which I had to purchase a few of them.

  148. ann | 25th Sep 08

    What I love about autumn…
    A – apple picking and apple pies
    U – Unbelievably beautiful fall leaves in the Adirondacks in NYS
    T – Time to unwind from the hectic days of summer
    U – Urging newcomers at our fall start-up guild meeting that yes they can learn to quilt
    M – More time to sew with friends
    N – New patterns and fabric to add to my stash can be found in stores

    Thank you for your new line!

  149. helen | 25th Sep 08

    I love waiting for one particular tree across the road from us to turn purple each year! It has grown a lot over the past 40 years we have lived in our home, and I am still amazed at the beautiful shade of reddish purple that it displays each year at this time! A true work of (God’s) art!

  150. Lisa Walsh | 25th Sep 08

    I love the start of a new season, and it’s not winter yet!

  151. Anne | 25th Sep 08

    Fig and Plum is just plum lovely 🙂

    In fall, I love the cool, crisp mornings; tights with boots and wooly shifts; pumpkin butter and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes; the dark mornings and dark nights; and oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup for breakfast!

  152. Anne | 25th Sep 08

    Fig and Plum is just plum lovely 🙂

    In fall, I love the cool, crisp mornings; tights with boots and wooly shifts; pumpkin butter and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes; the dark mornings and dark nights; and oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup for breakfast!

  153. Karin | 25th Sep 08

    Eating a crispy, crunchy apple, wearing a cozy sweater while standing in a yard full of colorful leaves. 🙂
    Your fabrics are lovely and I am going to ask my quilt shoppe to make sure to get them in so I can make a quilt from them.

  154. Cheryl S | 25th Sep 08

    I love the long walks on crispy days with the leaves crunching underfoot along the local river.
    Love the yummy colors in your new line.

  155. Monica | 25th Sep 08

    I love autumn because the hot summer in Florida is finally over. I love wearing sweaters. I especially love the apples and pumpkins and making pies. It’s the time of year that brings on the start of the holidays, which I would say is my favorite part.

  156. nancy Perez | 25th Sep 08

    Autumn brings rememberence of childhood when there was a new crispness in the air. The smell of pies baking and the awareness that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Walikng in the woods and seeing the beauty the Lord has created in the colorful fall leaves. Autumn is an invigorating time of the year….

  157. nancy Perez | 25th Sep 08

    Autumn brings rememberence of childhood when there was a new crispness in the air. The smell of pies baking and the awareness that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Walikng in the woods and seeing the beauty the Lord has created in the colorful fall leaves. Autumn is an invigorating time of the year….

  158. Brenda Travis | 25th Sep 08

    I love Fig & Plum. Absolutely yummy !!!!

    What I love about fall is everything everyone has already said and knowing that new memories are made each year as well as new quilts to be made and enjoyed !!!!!!

  159. dortha | 25th Sep 08

    I love how the air is cooler and seems to give you new energy.

  160. Jill | 25th Sep 08

    Since there are already 160 comments, I haven’t read them all; but I have to agree with the ones that I’ve read! When I was a kid I loved the cooler air, the new school supplies, the new school clothes and especially the new shoes…the piles of leaves to play in…my list could go on and on.

    Now I live in south Florida where we still go to the beach in the fall; and other than seeing the change in the stores in clothing lines and decor, we don’t experience as much of a change as the rest of the country. In our family we usually try to change at least the colors and look of our wardrobes, but we can’t add many sweaters or “cozy” pieces of fall very well yet.

    Your fabric expresses the season beautifully, though, even in places like ours where the weather isn’t willing to be crisp and cool yet.

    Love your blog!


  161. Judy M | 25th Sep 08

    Autum…brings crisp cool air, leaves changing colors and more quilting time for me since my busy season at work is over.

  162. Nancy in WI | 25th Sep 08

    I love a beautiful Indian Summer day with the windows wide open and the smell of fallen leaves crunching under your feet. By the way, Fig and Plum is to die for! Nancy in WI

  163. Jeanine | 25th Sep 08

    Hmmm…how about pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and lets not forget pumpkin pie!!! Heck, why wait until fall!!!

  164. Carolyn Rzesutek | 25th Sep 08

    I love fall because the evenings are cooler which means I have a quilt wrapped around me when I’m reading, embroidering or watching t.v. There’s nothing more comfy and cozy!

  165. Karen | 25th Sep 08

    I love the golden aspens up on the mountain behind our home. And snuggling deep into the covers during the colder nights. And like Jeanine, all things pumpkin: pumpkin pie, pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin bread. Then there are the brisk walks to burn off all those extra pumpkin calories!!

    Congratulations on a great new line, Joanna!

  166. Cathy DuCharme | 25th Sep 08

    Where do I start. I love the electricity in the air. I love the colors of the leaves. I love Halloween more than Christmas. I just want to lay on the grass and listen to breeze rustle through the trees. I want pumkins everywhere. Autumn fills my heart and soul with insparation and a feeling of being complete. I just love love love it.
    Cathy DuCharme

  167. Sandy F. | 25th Sep 08

    I love fall because of the colors and cooler temperatures. Halloween is also a favorite.

  168. Lynai Brown | 25th Sep 08

    I love cool, crisp morning air, the light the setting sun leaves on the trees, smelling wood-burning fireplaces on my walk, snuggling up with my 2 cats, a book and a quilt. And I love that in October my quilting friends and I attend the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara, Ca where our first stop is the Fig Tree Quilts booth. Can hardly wait to see Fig & Plum in person. Already have an order in at a shop.

  169. Bonny | 25th Sep 08

    I absolutely love Fall, the cooler weather, beautiful fall color scape. The thoughts of Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin bars, sweet potatoes, baking, making fig jam! My husband loves figs and plums so positive he will love your new line of fabric without a doubt. YAY!

    Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas – Fall is Fabulous!

    I love your new line of fabric and all the scrumptous patterns.

  170. Mary | 25th Sep 08

    I love returning to sweaters – walks in the cool breeze – raking leaves – and this year a special trip to New England. And of course, gardening is almost done so more time to quilt ! yaaay !

  171. Jodi | 25th Sep 08

    Soup. I love soup, and it’s just so much better in the fall. I love cool, sunny, crisp mornings too. And frost on the fallen leaves. mmmm. ooxx`jodi

  172. Béatrice | 25th Sep 08

    I love the colors of the leaves, memories of childhood and your fabulous new lines of fabrics. Hugs from France

  173. Patsy | 25th Sep 08

    Your new fall line does get me in the fall “spirit” which is hard to do when you live in TX where it is still “warm”. I especially love the bags. My 6 year granddaughter, Megan, calls herself a “girly girl” so I think a “girly girl bag” will be perfect for her made in the material in your new line. I hope I win!

  174. donna | 25th Sep 08

    love your new fabric line and the patterns
    too. particularly the christmas stockings.

    in the fall i love baking apple pies and pumpkin pies.
    i love halloween.
    and i love the fact that i can marathon sew
    all fall and winter.

  175. Judy | 25th Sep 08

    A chill in the air and raking leaves.

  176. Shirley LeDoux | 25th Sep 08

    I love making root vegetable pureed soups while feverishly trying to get the latest fall quilt made, that I was so awe struck by in the local quilt shop, before Christmas arrives. This year will be different however, I’ll still make the root vegetable soups while feverishly trying to get my newborn baby boy to sleep so that I can attempt to start on a new project. Joanna, congratulations on your new line Fig & Plum! I love the pattern designs and colors.

  177. Denise H. | 25th Sep 08

    Autumn is my favorite season. I love the fall colors and the crispness in the air. I look forward to making that first pumpkin pie.

  178. Barbara | 26th Sep 08

    Autumn brings a golden glow to the late afternoon light,
    when the sun is approaching the horizon, and the tops of
    the trees cling to the last bit of light as it changes from
    golden to auburn to plum.

  179. Lori | 26th Sep 08

    Fewer hot flashes! Ha! And anything with pumpkins-Yum.

  180. carla | 26th Sep 08

    I love baking pumpkin bread and fresh apple cake with caramel icing.

  181. christiane boone | 26th Sep 08

    What a surprise, to hear a french songs from George Brassens (le croque-mort) af Dalida& Edith Piaf ! on your site. I just LOVE your fabrics,while in the USA in may & june, I browsed in all the quiltshops to find your fabrics ! found some of them and ordered extra yards on line to a shop I visited in Ca (Always quilting ) My friend is currently working on the basket pattern and the fabric I purchased for her. Wished some shops in Belgium would sell your fabrics ,on top my favorite fruit is fresh figs ,delicious and healthy-Joanna keep the spirit- Christiane

  182. Robyn | 26th Sep 08

    I love the cooler weather, the leaves, football, the colors, the way the sky seems to be a brighter blue, the slight snap to the air, you know there is just a feeling about autumn that evokes images of sunny crisp days with leaves on the ground, and evenings around a blazing hearth with candles and quilts. That’s what I love about fall.

  183. Corey | 26th Sep 08

    Definitely the cooler weather & fall smells are just the best–pumpkin/cinnamon/ginger yummo!!

  184. Elizabeth | 26th Sep 08

    I love the autumn because this was both of my grandpa’s favorite time of the year. How I miss them. We are from Louisiana where the humidity is horrible so I look forward to the cooler days. It was so nice to walk on my porch this morning and feel the cool air. Love your new fabric. I think I see a new fat quarter bundle in my future.(Ha)

  185. Leang | 26th Sep 08

    When I think of your fabric ranges to date, I’m reminded of the analogy of a fireworks display – every firework is spectacular in its own right, but you keep surpassing all expectations with each succeeding range. I am absolutely in love with Fig and Plum, and can’t wait for Gypsy Rose to make its appearance!

    We are presently in the throes of house renovations, and I have been visualising our new living space adorned with quilts and cushions made out of Fig and Plum fabrics – the colours are warm, rich and so very inviting. They make me feel at home.

    What do I love about autumn? Its golden hues, the cooler weather which motivates me to start walking again, and the appearance of ham hocks and pumpkins which signals the start of soup season.

  186. Debbie Cameron | 26th Sep 08

    I am loving these new color combos! For me, Fall means new fabrics coming out and different colors to work with. It also means seeing if I can fit into my jeans after wearing loose shorts all summer – LOL! I would love to sneak a look at your butternut squash soup recipe though! One of my favorite things to cook in the fall is a fresh pot of soup!

  187. amy | 26th Sep 08

    I love the vivid colors, crisp, cool temperatures and crunchy noises while hiking in the mountains during Autumn!

  188. Cindy Novick | 26th Sep 08

    Bravo on Fig & Plum!!!
    Always elegant!!! I love the overall ‘subdued patina’ inherent in all of your fabric collections. Autumn is a ‘delish’ season…for many more reasons than just my birthday (o:
    Happy stitching everyone!!

  189. Brenda | 26th Sep 08

    Autum is my favorite time of year. I love apple picking with my children and then going home to make Apple Dumplings. Traditional Fall Fairs, warm sweaters, Pumpkin Pie and the changing colors of the trees.


  190. Darlene | 26th Sep 08

    I love the cooler mornings and evenings in the Fall. The air is fresh and crisp!

  191. Lisa | 26th Sep 08

    My favorite things about fall are

    Carmel Apples!!

    Sitting under my favorite quilt with a great book and a cup of apple cider!

    Baked Butternut squash drowned in cinnamon and butter!

    The smell of Autum in the air!

    And last but not least the arrival of the MOST beautiful fabric line EVER, FIG & PLUM!!!


  192. Ferne | 26th Sep 08

    I just bought a charm pack of this yesterday and laid it all out on my table dreaming of things to make with it. This is a very nice line! Thank you!


  193. Ferne | 26th Sep 08

    I just bought a charm pack of this yesterday and laid it all out on my table dreaming of things to make with it. This is a very nice line! Thank you!

    What I love about fall is the crispness in the air and the wonderful colors. I love to watch a falling leaf.


  194. Nan | 26th Sep 08

    This is absolutely my FAVORITE time of year! I love the leaves changing color, the cooler temperatures, pumpkins, mums, apple cider, curling up under a quilt with a good book…..I could go on and on!
    Thank you for the give-away, and your website is lovely.

  195. kathy | 26th Sep 08

    I just love fall, it is so peaceful.
    The crisp clear air
    Love to take long walks in the woods especially with my dog and when the leaves fall.
    I get most of my quilt inspirations in the fall because I love the fall colors.

  196. vicki paquette | 26th Sep 08

    I love the smell of burning leaves on a crisp fall night, the crunch of a juicy apple right off the tree and the beauty of all the colors.

  197. Monique Adams | 26th Sep 08

    Fall is going for walks in crisp weather, the sound of leaves as the kids shuffle their feet through them on the way to school, the scent of a neighbor’s wood stove, getting ready for the cozy time of the holidays that are fast approaching when we are all cocooned in our own houses..surrounded by quilts of course!

  198. Debby In Petaluma | 26th Sep 08

    I love when Fall comes and you don’t feel so guilty about sitting inside and sewing. It inspires me to use the warm soft tone material while I watch the first rains comes and the dry hills of California turn green again. This is my first BLOG ever…

  199. lorie | 26th Sep 08

    I love to hear the squirrels and birds walking through the crunchy leaves in our woods. It is amazing how loud a teeny chickadee or nuthatch can be in the citrine, scarlet and amber leaves- those are my colors.
    In Minnesota, autumn is cherished as the advent to winter. Here we realize a pronounced change in seasons – sometimes all four in one day!

  200. Kimberly | 26th Sep 08

    Autumn is just delicious! I wait impatiently for summer’s end to enjoy the cool crisp air, scent of fallen, crinkled leaves, driving through the mountains to take in the glorious trees…baking apple crisp using freshly picked apples and filling my house with warm snuggly quilts and my ever growing pumpkin collection.

  201. Lisa | 26th Sep 08

    There is nothing better than going to a football game on a crisp autumn day!

  202. Carrie | 26th Sep 08

    I am working on my first fig tree pattern now, and love it! I love to go apple picking in the fall and college football games too.

  203. Tammy | 26th Sep 08

    I love this new line!! I love so many things about Autumn–pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, feeling the weather begin to change, knowing that Christmas is right around the corner but not so close that I’m stressed yet 🙂 thick stews and creamy soups for dinner, and making holiday quilts!

  204. Susan Riley | 26th Sep 08

    Knowing that the Montreal Express is coming nigh makes autumn all that more special here in NE. I adore the slowly changing colors, that golden light that is so pervasive on everything it touches, I love that heavy harvest moon that rises so slowly over the water and finally making Witch’s Stew from the Loaf & Ladle. The new colors in this collection beg to hastened quickly into a quilt to cuddle under. I like the blend of colors newly introduced. 2008615 would make a great tote! Susan Riley MA

  205. Ethne | 26th Sep 08

    The chill in the morning air and the prospect of a lovely walk with the dog through the woods, seeing how the trees have come alive with glorious colour, reds, golds, cinnamon and lime tones mixed with browns – then home to a big mug of hot chocolate before escaping into another world of autumn colours but this time all fabric for a winter warming quilt or lap rug

  206. Jane Siddons | 26th Sep 08

    Misty mornings, the low warm sun in the afternoon, trees heavy with vibrant leaves, city children staring in wonder at a grey squirrel busying himself in the playground, pockets full of shiny conkers, horse chestnut leaves the size of a hand being brouht with care for a favourite teacher, harvest hymns of bounty and plenty. What better time of year?

  207. Rebecca Brammell | 26th Sep 08

    How about the rush to the bus stop, not once, but twice every morning. That part, not my favourite…rather: returning home to a QUIET house for a hot cup of tea; blasting through 4 hours of work/day as quickly (and efficiently of course) as I can; in between letting the 2 dogs out to chase squirrels* or crows* (love them* as symbols of fall); before FINALLY rushing upstairs to get in maybe 1 1/2 hours of QUIET sewing time…at least until those buses come again. Phew. I’m worn out, but I need my QUIET house where I am able to concentrate on accurate 1/4″ seam allowances!!!

  208. Peg Younger | 26th Sep 08

    Hey, I went to the very bottom of the blog page — so my fall entry is listed in the wrong category!! Can you still count it?

  209. Conchita Brown | 26th Sep 08

    What I love about autumn is the cool air I feel on my face. When I’m in my sewing studio,I push my sewing machine under the open window,so I can smell the air. I love the different colors of the leaves and the sound they make when the children walk in them on the way home from school. It’s just the most beautiful season of the year. I just love it!

  210. Kim C. | 26th Sep 08

    I just love the colors. My favorite part of fall is a trip to the apple orchard to pick apples. The smell of fall and the crisp evenings are wonderful. It is my favorite season.
    Thanks for sharing!

  211. Marianne | 26th Sep 08

    Autumn in New England is like plugging in a string of lights that shine in orange, gold, red, and almost purple. It is my favorite season. It reminds me of summer past and winter to come. I love the cooler sunxhine and the crisp smell in the air. I love the comfort foods that are back on our table. This year,I have a new grandson (the 1st) and watching him come alive into this world of color will be my best ever autumn.

  212. Marianne | 26th Sep 08

    Autumn in New England is like plugging in a string of lights that shine in orange, gold, red, and almost purple. It is my favorite season. It reminds me of summer past and winter to come. I love the cooler sunxhine and the crisp smell in the air. I love the comfort foods that are back on our table. This year,I have a new grandson (the 1st) and watching him come alive into this world of color will be my best ever autumn.

  213. maureen | 26th Sep 08

    I love to go apple picking with my kids and
    bake a pie. The scent of an apple pie is
    the best on a cool crisp day. I also love
    lighting a fire in the fire place. OF course, the best part is having some time for myself to quilt while the kids are in school!

  214. irene | 26th Sep 08

    i love fall, because its the end of a very, very hot summer and the beginning of beautiful colours, fantastic weather and new energy. Your new collection is absolutely beautiful and the name is fantastic. Imagine the georgous quilts that are going to come out with it this fall.

  215. JodyS | 26th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about Autumn? Too many to count: the first smell of woodsmoke in the air, pumpkin pies, the glorious color of leaves just before they fall, needing a jacket in the evenings, stew for Sunday supper, and on and on…

  216. Sarah E | 26th Sep 08

    Fall has become my favorite season for so many reasons, mostly the great feeling I get this time of year. I love to enjoy all of nature’s beauty as the summer changes to fall the fields of wheat and corn mature and grow to perfection. The heat starts to disappear and a wave of coolness moves in to replace the hot summer days gone by… which is so refreshing, and not to mention the brilliant fall colors start to peek through and remind us it is time. A refreshing walk in the cool crisp air, reminds me of the upcoming holidays. I always look forward to family time and traditions such as apple, and pumpkin picking and of course some good baking. It is so relaxing to sit on a cool fall night and plan my next project or work on a nice warm quilt, it seems to go hand in hand 🙂

  217. kathy | 26th Sep 08

    Simpley said, apple crisp and snuggling with the ones I love.

  218. Annie Davis | 26th Sep 08

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors – can’t get enough of them, even year round. Love the first signs of the chill in the air. It just says “time to get cozy”. Then you wrap up in a quilt and just snuggle up good!

  219. Diana | 26th Sep 08

    Wow! These have been great to read!
    Autumn is wonderful in Pennsylvania. I love the fall festival in my hometown at the beginning of October. I get to spend the entire weekend with my mom, sister and nieces. It is so wonderful. We reconnect, talk, laugh, eat, shop the festival, eat, carve pumpkins, walk among the leaves, talk and eat some more! It is the best weekend of the entire year, I love it!

  220. Sharon | 26th Sep 08

    I love autumn because it is the time I work on projects for my loved ones for either Christmas or other holidays. This year I am making a table runner and placemats for each of our Thanksgiving guests, (34) from the Fig and Plum line. They will be a giveaway to each person when they leave. Love it Love it Love it….. Thanks for a beautiful line!!!

  221. Dee | 26th Sep 08

    Fall, I love hearing jars of plum jelly pinging and sleeping with the cool MN breeze in the evening with the windows open. Love your new line, especially the plum and greens – yum. Dee

  222. Susan Neumaier | 26th Sep 08

    Fall is my most favorite time of the year because the colors of autumn are my favorite color palette. The other reason I live by a lake and go to a cottage with my 5 weekly quilters friends for 4 days of complete indulgence of just sewing without any other duties on my list, look so forward to it. This year we did your house book, it is wonderful.

  223. Jane | 26th Sep 08

    Favorite about autumn? Besides the change of the crisp green to the wide arrays of yellows, oranges, and reds, it would have to be the few days of perfect weather/temperature that happens in our area of Indiana. It occurs right after the hot humidity of August and the cool-down in September.

  224. Carolyn Howland | 26th Sep 08

    I love the colors of fall and all the wonderful pumpkin festivals. This line of fabric is gorgeous.

  225. amber johnson | 26th Sep 08

    What I love about autumn…Pumpkins! I love pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream, pumpkin bread and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, plus all the other pumpkin dessert recipes filed away in my cookbooks. I love the two bright orange pumpkins sitting on my doorstep (one for each of my children.) I love the many sets of pumpkins I have dispersed throughout my downstairs decorating tables, countertops and shelves. I love the color of pumpkins so much it inspired me to paint my dining room “Folksy Gold” by Sherwin-Williams. I love the pumpkins on my scarcrow sampler I hung in my entryway today. Three appliqued pumpkins surrounding the scarcrow with embroidered vines around the tops. So cute. And finally, who can resist pumpkin carving? The look on my 2-year old little girls face when she pulls out the insides. Priceless.

  226. mary | 26th Sep 08

    my favorite part of fall is the colors of the trees, bushes. The smell of autum is heady and shuffling thru fallen leaves is divine.

  227. Sheila | 27th Sep 08

    I so anticipate Autumn every year, and it never lets me down: crisp air; the changing leaves; hunkering down and cuddling under a quilt; steaming homemade soups; being able to use the oven again; marching bands … I could go on and on but could never pick just one.

  228. Carol Broughton | 27th Sep 08

    My favorite things are brilliant leaves, pumpkin pies and cozy quilts! LOVE your fabrics!

  229. LeAnn Hall | 27th Sep 08

    Ahhhh, fall….so many things to love. I love the shortening of the days. There may be less daylight hours, but there is a delicious increase in at-home hours spent with loved ones. My home somehow becomes magically warmer, softer, kinder, and transitions into a place of gentle restoration. Warm scents of spicy dishes fill the air and quilts are pulled out of the cupboard to adorn every stationary surface. The beauty of the change outdoors is reflected in the change inside of my home, an unplanned and naturally beautiful shift in the seasons.

  230. Pam S | 27th Sep 08

    My NEW favorite might just be your line of fabrics! I’ll be asking for it at my local quilt shop. But I love PUMPKINS! A field full of them ready to be harvested, a Farmer’s Market or roadside stand overflowing with them, piles of them in the produce section of the grocery store. Going on a hayride with your child’s class and helping your small son haul back the biggest pumpkin he (you) can carry is so much fun! Only in the FALL!

  231. Cory | 27th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about autumn is the cool crisp air that is cold at night and then it warms up during the day so that it is comfortable. Thank you for offering this wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  232. Kim | 27th Sep 08

    I love Autumn for the cooler temperatures and the changing leaves but mostly the time change. When my four children were young I remember the feeling of family and completeness when the days were so short that it was dark before dinner. All the kids would be at the kithcen table talking, eating and just being. It felt so wonderful, so safe and so right.
    I married in the fall and it was a beautiful, cool October day, the same day as my parent’s anniversary. Fall is my favorite season!

  233. Anita | 27th Sep 08

    I love autumn too! Definitely the leaves, warm scarves & wools socks, the smell in the air. And we just discovered pumpkin waffles! Yum.

  234. neen | 27th Sep 08

    Several of my favorite things about Autumn are:

    Bright Red maple leaves
    homemake applesauce
    making green tomato pickles (G-M’s recipe)
    time to start plotting for Christmas.

    It’s my second favorite MAINE season…..

  235. Audrey | 27th Sep 08

    I live in Western New York state (home of the Concord grape) and my favorite autumn thing is the smell of ripe Concord grapes. My Dad had a fruit farm and there is nothing better than the smell of these grapes. You can smell them driving down the road. Your new fabric line is beautiful!

  236. Roseann K | 27th Sep 08

    My favorite thing about fall is apples. I love going to pick them and then making a scrumptious apple pie –YUM! I also love all the new fall lines of fabric, especially the fig & plum line and going to fall quilt shows. Love the new patterns too.

  237. Meredith | 27th Sep 08

    I love the stunning colours, the light, the cooler nights, my cat tiptoeing through the leaves… autumn is beautiful!

  238. Hannah | 27th Sep 08

    I love the crunch crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. I also love hot cider, roaring fires, and sweater weather! I love Fig and Plum almost as much and would buy a ton of it if I could afford to. Hope I win! Thanks for the great fabrics.

  239. Gale | 27th Sep 08

    I love autumn! My favorite thing(s) are: leaves changing colors, cool temps and the thought of getting to stay inside and quilt, quilt, quilt!

  240. Jan Dudley | 27th Sep 08

    Okay, this is a first for me – to blog, I mean! I love Fall – being from the Mid-West originally, I miss the piles of leaves and the smell of burning leaves in the air, hay rides and out-door bonfires. Here in South Carolina, we are lucky to wear sweaters…but, we still can enjoy quilting and buying beautiful fabric. Thanks for all the inspiration your fabric lines give!

  241. Tracy | 27th Sep 08

    ooh, the way the air smells in the morning…the wet leaves, wood smoke. And spider webs sparkling with the heavy dew. And how much better a cup of coffee tastes when I have to wear a sweater and socks!

  242. Kelli | 27th Sep 08

    My favorite things about fall are hot apple cider, the smell of a new box of crayons, cold nights yet warm days, my kids are still excited about going to school each day, football, cheering like crazy and ringing cowbells at my husband’s and son’s muddy cyclocross races, and being able to stay warm with my quilts while I’m sewing on bindings.

  243. Sheri | 27th Sep 08

    Fall is my very most favorite time of the year! I love pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! My birthday is just before Halloween and I call myself a pumpkin! I decorate inside and out with them, and fall leaves of every wonderful color! All 4 of our kids have helped make our home full of fall coziness! Your fabrics in my quilts add to the decor! Thanks!

  244. Chookyblue | 28th Sep 08

    bit hard to think about autumn as we are enjoying spring here in Oz……….but I love the leaves changing colours……..that would be my favourite thing about autumn……..also love you new range…..goodluck……..

  245. Debbie | 28th Sep 08

    I love everything about fall. It’s my favorite time of year. The smell of autumny things baking, the changing colors outside, crisp air, sitting on the couch in front of a fire with a book and a cup of tea. I could go on and on.

  246. Meri | 28th Sep 08

    Your new line is FAB!!
    Fall….AHHHHHHHHH! Nothing like the crisp,cool air, just picked apples and snuggling up in a quilt after a long, hot summer!

  247. Lynn S. | 28th Sep 08

    I like the smell of pumpkin pie cooking in the oven and the taste of a chilled slice with whip cream on top!
    Your fabrics are beautiful!!

  248. Mary Jo | 28th Sep 08

    I love the crisp cool air of the fall, sweater/sweatshirt weather! The aromas are delicious-baked apples, soups simmering, cinnamon raisin bread-yummy! The gardening tasks wane and more time for quilting!!!!

  249. Dottie | 28th Sep 08

    The change of colors all around me is what I like most about fall, and also the crisp cool mornings and warm afternoons of “Indian Summer”

  250. Denise | 28th Sep 08

    Love Fig & Plum! Just bought a charm pack. Autumn is a time for baking and planning for the holidays.

  251. Linda H | 28th Sep 08

    To me Fall is the smell of burning leaves, crisp air that requires only a sweater, bonfires at night with good friends huddled together, trees whose leaves have been touched by God’s paintbrush, candlelight glow filling a room, different varieties of apples married to interesting cheeses, college football games, the urge to make soups that are hearty and served with crusty peasant bread, cheese and a good wine. Fall is my most favorite of the seasons ….

  252. Diana | 28th Sep 08

    Autumn is back-to-school, wool sweaters, fresh crisp air and sunny days, and – best of all – fields of pumpkins.

  253. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 28th Sep 08

    My favorite autumn thing is riding bike down a gravel road canopied by bright and beautiful trees.

  254. Nancy | 28th Sep 08

    The cooler weather, ducks coming back for the winter to our pond, fall colors, seeing new fall color fabric collections,and last, but not least, the end of summer. Yes!

  255. Diane Anthony | 30th Sep 08

    Autumn is a quiet time of the year. After the fast pace of summer, the world feels as if it is waiting to rest. The aspens glow golden in the last rays of the smmer sun, and there is a whisper of winter in morning coolness. The scent of cinnamon and nutmeg reminds me of family gatherings and holidays and celebrations of life. Autumn is so short and so sweet!!!

  256. janapl | 7th Oct 08

    Snuggling under a homemade quilt and reading a good book or watching a 1940’s romanitic comedy with Cary Grant.

  257. Sandi Lotter | 10th Oct 08

    My favortie thing about Autumn is the beautiful colors They just scream warmth and quilt!

  258. Rachel | 17th Oct 08

    My favorite fall things are the leaves and the cool weather!

  259. Tricia Tolton | 27th Oct 08

    I love warm days, and cool nights. I love that there are tomatoes in the garden, peaches on the trees, kids back in school, and love all around!!!

  260. Tricia Tolton | 27th Oct 08

    I love warm days, and cool nights. I love that there are tomatoes in the garden, peaches on the trees, kids back in school, and love all around!!!

  261. linda Claude | 30th Oct 08

    I love crisp, cool, sunny days. The sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I walk in the woods. The first smell of fires burning in fireplaces. The yummy taste of warm apple crisp just out of the oven.

  262. Kat | 26th Nov 08

    For me, the feeling around Autumn is the best part–the hunkering down, the turning in, the cozying up. After running around outdoors like savages all summer, we remember that we’re civilized, and go indoors. Love it.

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