From Market, from Market

You know, as opposed to "To Market, to Market…" 🙂 You gotta cut me some slack as I am just a bit slap happy today! So glad to be home after our trip to Salt Lake City and then New York, more on that later.

But for now, I thought I would start to share some of the pics of my booth. Starting with a bundle of the new collection, Butterscotch & Rose. It is a warmer, fall line inspired by a trip to Sonoma Valley in the wine country. Its a bit more of a traditional line with a good mix of florals, little prints and my favorite geranium print that I can't wait to use on something for our home. Don't know what yet! I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Our booth theme was Country Fair, along with the MODA booths [stay tuned for some great shots of the MODA booths tomorrow] and we decorated it with signs and fruit and crates and baskets to look like a stand at your local country fair. I don't know about you, but the outcome for me is that I am dieing to go to an actual country fair this summer. Planning it already. Any suggestions for Northern California? We're willing to travel a bit to get there, not too much though…..




… I'll have to share some of the funniest "Best Livestock" comments from market. Although the hub might not quite appreciate those being broadcast on the blog :-)…



…. these is our newest series of postage stamp inspired wall hangings. For those of you applique lovers out there, these are a perfect combo of applique and a little embroidery. More on those later this week.

I have a million more photos so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter if you aren't already cuz we are going to have a fun giveaway there later this week!

xoxoxo Joanna


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  1. Allison | 17th May 11

    LOVE it all Joanna! Especially the ‘blocky pillows’!

  2. Jenny | 17th May 11

    home again home again jiggety jig….
    omg, i lOVE those postage stamp inspired wall hangings.
    seriously love.

  3. SarahB | 17th May 11

    *Squeal* I love the stamps!!! You say it’s a new series which implies an “old” series.. I am off to search the web site. I’m already a follower in Reader so I’ll be sure to get the blog post about the newest ones and I am already planning a lap blanket of stamps!

  4. sherri | 17th May 11

    The booth was so gorgeous! It was so fun to see it (and you) in person! You probably need to kick your feet up and relax for a few days now!

  5. kathryn | 17th May 11

    The postage stamp locks are wonderful – love them. I really enjoyed the video of your booth by modagene!

  6. Miwako | 17th May 11

    oh boy, oh boy, every thing looks so pretty! just had to let it out and say it. ; )

  7. Karin | 17th May 11

    Beautiful! That log cabin quilt is positively swoonable!

  8. Jessica | 17th May 11

    I love your deisgns I almost fainted when I saw the deisgn card that you created for the Slice. I knew as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It is so lovely thank you for all of your hard work

  9. Natalie | 17th May 11

    The booth was just wonderful…even more lovely ‘in person’. Thank you for making everything always look ‘just so’…

  10. Dana Hines | 17th May 11

    I would have loved to have been at the market, thanks for sharing your photos. Your Butterscotch and Rose line looks beautiful, I am anxious to see it in one of our local quilt stores!!

  11. Dorian | 18th May 11

    Welcome home Joanna! Glad you had a great time. I love your new line! And those postage stamp quilts are darling!!!

    Up here, in the Chico/Redding area, we have lots of small towns that have GREAT country fairs. Our favorite one to go to is in Orland. A small town in Glenn County.

  12. Mary Ann | 18th May 11

    Once again, dozens of things I want to make! The postage stamp wall hangings are so cute and such doable projects. And the new line is just scrumptious.

  13. Joanne | 18th May 11

    LOVE the postage stamp quilts…especially the skates!!

  14. Sue | 18th May 11

    Love all the photos. And, your booth looks like it was adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  15. maria elena blecha | 18th May 11

    Oh tha postage stamp quilts are adorable, they are ME! Oh how I daydream of being at the market instead of the courthouse where I work!! I want to touch all the fabrics!!

  16. SandyG | 18th May 11

    Beautiful…Love it all. More must have fabric! Love the name Butterscotch & Rose, reminds me of going to my Grandparents, they always had butterscotch, then we would stroll outside to see the roses! As always looking forward to more pictures.

  17. Jean | 18th May 11

    Joanna, you’ve done it again!!! I’ve just placed an order for some new patterns. I just love the new pattern Stems. I can see that made in so many ways. Just red and green for a Christmas quilt is one idea. Oh, how I wish I had a little girl to sew for so I could make Goodnight Moon! You are going to have to start paying your daughter to model! I can’t wait for Butterscotch and Roses to come out. I looked on the Moda site and fell in love with the yellow #20170-11. Hubs is a good sport!!!!!

  18. Tami | 18th May 11

    I cannot wait to see more of Butterscotch and Roses….I was raised in Sonoma County and love the colors from that part of the world!

  19. Beth J Beal | 18th May 11

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the stamp quilts!

  20. beritbunny | 18th May 11

    Oh, Thank you, Joanna! 😀 I love your “From Market, From Market”! So looking forward to the next posts, too! ;D

  21. Crystal - The Domestic Warrior | 18th May 11

    I love the country market theme! It turned out super cute too. I am looking forward to reading more about the adorable postage stamp wall hangings…I have a serious case of bare walls here at my house. If you ever get up to Seattle, we have some seriously amazing markets. I eagerly await more pics!!

  22. Vicki | 18th May 11

    Your booth looked fabulous Joanna and I love all your postage stamps 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of what you got to show 🙂

  23. Dandelion Quilts | 18th May 11

    Very, very pretty….

  24. Lisa | 18th May 11

    Welcome back to CA! Lovely cushions, gorgeous postage stamp applique series, and I can’t wait to see more of the Butterscotch and Roses line of fabrics. Fall colors are among my favorites. ~~Lisa

  25. | 18th May 11

    Welcome back to California. Love your postage stamp quilts. That little bird is adorable! Can hardly wait for the pattern. Thank you.

  26. SarahB | 18th May 11

    I especially love the quilt!

  27. Janan | 19th May 11

    Oh my goodness! You have done it again! I can’t wait to get my hands on some Butterscotch & Rose. I love the bird postcard quilt!!!!!!

  28. Jeanne | 19th May 11

    Love the Postage Stamp quilts. Look forward to your Butterscotch & Roses. Love all your fabrics.

  29. cheap mlb jerseys | 20th May 11

    I love the stamps!!! You say it’s a new series which implies an “old” series..

  30. Be Happy15 | 27th May 11

    I know it’s last minute, but I just read your blog today. There is a cute little country fair going on this saturday in Happy Valley which is very near Redding CA. It is called Strawberry Festival, which would tie in beautifully with your strawberry fields collection. 😀 If you do come up to the Northstate let us all know, it would be great to meet you!

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