Gypsy Rose continued….

Speaking of other Gypsy Rose patterns, this is probably the one whose arrival back home [after trunk shows] I am longing for the most….

Inspired by a small wall hanging I saw in one of my favorite Japanese quilting magazines,appliqued by my friend Wilma, this quilt has a soft elegance to it that is exactly what I was hoping to capture when I saw it in my head [we all know that that is not always the case…. many things can go wrong from head to fabric…]

It uses all the pinks, reds, creams and greens from the line [leaving out the lavenders and browns] and to add to the vintage feel of this combination, I used an aged linen as the background. I love the effect that a beautiful grey can add to a collection and wanted to try it with this grouping even though there is no grey in the line itself.

I purchased  regular linen yardage from my local quilt shop but when I got it home it looked a bit too blue/ too cool against the warmth of the colors in Gypsy Rose. So I threw it in a large soup pot filled with hot instant coffee. Over the years of trying to warm up fabrics and bleach out ones that were too bright [this was before I had the privelege of designing my own], I found that I liked the effect and ease of instant coffee better than tea and better than tan RIT dye. Instant coffee holds well, smells good in the kitchen and always has a warm overtone to it. So after a few minutes in a soup pot of very hot coffee, I removed my linen yardage, rinsed it slightly in the sink and placed it in a pot of water mixed with some vinegar [doesn't smell nearly as good as the coffee but helps to set the dye]. I left it in for 15 minutes and then rinsed out the vinegar smell out with warm water. I dipped it back into the coffee mix- this time not for color but for the scent… mostly because I hate even the slight leftover smell of vinegar. I dried the linen in the dryer and was so happy with the slightly warmer, more taupe appearance of the fabric. It was now a perfect match for the soft, light colors of Gypsy Rose. Here are the results. Fun to make with or without the applique. I've even had some customers change the applique altogether or make only 2 vines…. many possibilities….




Talk to you soon.

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  1. Deb | 22nd Jan 09

    that is so Beautiful! It doesn’t seem like that range is coming down to New Zealand unfortunately but i love it all the same!

  2. Stephanie | 22nd Jan 09

    I would miss it too. Simply beautiful!

  3. Amy @ parkcitygirl | 22nd Jan 09

    Beautiful quilt! coffee stain is a great idea 🙂

  4. Julia Helen-Maria Vogt | 22nd Jan 09

    Hi Joanna,
    I can only imagine how it must feel when you have to give away your precious quilts for trunk shows.
    Thank you for the tips regarding your method of dyeing fabric. I once tried it with Earl Grey…but the white fabric ended a bit too brown/orange for my taste. Next time I sure will remember your advice on how to dye with instant coffee.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Sherri | 22nd Jan 09

    I can’t imagine having my quilts leave home for trunk shows…what a gorgeous quilt!

  6. Jeannette | 22nd Jan 09

    I have ben wanting to start the gypsey rose twight bloom quilt and have been having problems for the background fabric. What a good idea to dye it. I now know what I will be doing with the backgrounds I have bought for it Thanks Jeannette

  7. Karen aka Grammy Mac | 22nd Jan 09

    Very generous of you to share your quilt with others;) Think how much more you will love it once it returns home;)

  8. lovetostitch | 23rd Jan 09

    Thanks for the tip, and just think of the reunion of when the quilts return….. ahhhh, a welcome site for sure!! Also fun for all of us to see when they travel in a show tho – many thanks!!
    I had missed the previous post and just love that little scarf!!

  9. amy (sew~amy) | 26th Jan 09

    it is so beautiful.

  10. Kaaren | 28th Jan 09

    I just love the Gypsy Rose fabric line! My nephew and his wife are expecting their first child in May and it’s a girl. Your new fabric is perfect for the crib quilt I have in mind. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

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