Happy Easter to All

I could have loaded in about a hundred of these vintage images but I thought that perhaps your fingers might get tired of scrolling. There is just something that makes me smile about these vintage Easter postcards every time. The illustrations, the humor, the creaivity… I wonder why we don't work like this today?





Every single one of them inspires me to go and sew and to design. Not sure I will get a chance to do that in the midst of tomorrow's festivities. But…

I will definitely eat eggs. 

Have an egg hunt. 

Dress kids in their finest. 

Go to church. 

Have ham… or rather in our Polish tradition, have a delicious pork loin. 

Reflect on why we celebrate Easter & be very grateful for my life.

Sneak chocolate eggs. Even though I am supposed to be "eating healthy"

Make traditional Polish potato salad for hours. What am i saying, we have already been cutting & chopping veggies for that since yesterday. 

Take pictures of my kids. Lots and lots of pictures.

Pray for sun instead of the rain that is forecasted.

Start the Easter meal with the small bits of food items that we took to the Polish church today to have blessed. See this post for the description of this long passed down tradition in our family.

Make Easter crafts with Ella. More crafts that is. We have enough to hand out to the whole neighborhood already. I have a feeling we will be making more. Just a guess!




Wishing you all the best of days and happiest of Easters.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. pam | 4th Apr 10

    Happy Easter to all my Favorite Figs!

  2. Scott | 4th Apr 10

    Happy Easter to you and all your Figgy’s too. Love the post cards. We have some too, but not nearly as many. Love the French(?) one, and the one with the house and lamb!!

  3. Jean | 4th Apr 10

    Oh, it sounds like you have the best of times at Easter at your house.

    Blessings this wonderful day of re-birth and renewing!

  4. Jackie | 4th Apr 10

    Thanks for sharing some of your vintage Easter cards with us. They are all so unique with a story behind every one. Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family.

  5. fiberdoodles | 4th Apr 10

    Happy Easter!

  6. Amy | 5th Apr 10

    I loved this post. My sister just gave me a “new” vintage Easter postcard for my (50th) birthday in March. They are all so sweet. She also gave me some money for fabric, and I chose a layer cake of Fresh Cottons. It came in the mail today, and I am already emotionally attached to it for life! It is seriously my favorite fabric line I’ve ever seen. That seafoam color is too pretty!!! I want to surround myself in these colors all through my home. Must find yardage ASAP!!! Thanks for making your imagination into reality we can all share.

  7. Joanna | 6th Apr 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Amy submitted a comment on Happy Easter to All

    The yardage is due out in April… Any day!


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