Happy Sunday!

Traditionally during this crazy 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE, the elves take Sunday off to sleep… and maybe have a bit too much nog :-)!


We will be back on Monday morning with new goodies, we promise!


A couple questions that we would like to answer again:

Question #1: Each day the items will go up at an undisclosed time in the morning or late night Pacific Standard Time. Many times I will give you guys a heads up the night before on the blog so pay attention to the end of each post.

Question #2: Each day, most of the items will sell out. If you can still see them the next day, that means that we had a lot of stock of that item and it lasted till the next day. Feel free to add those into your box anytime while they are still available.

Question #3: The daily special will only be available/eligible for that one day. 

Question #4: If the items are no longer visible on our SHOP FEATURED PAGE http://store.figtreeandcompany.com then that means they are sold out. It does not mean that there is something wrong with your computer and it does not mean that they are somewhere and you can't find them. They are always in the same place and once they sell out, they disappear.

Question #5: The navigation on how to get to our shop page is very simple. Go to the website  www.figtreequilts.com  Then press the SHOP button on the top. Then you are in the shop and the featured items for the day are right in front of you.

Question #6: So far, none of the items that we have offered will be available for re-order, pre-order or will be restocked. We are so sorry that we just don't have the fabric or they are no longer available to us. Thanks so much for understanding.

The pattern for Day #1 kit is Blue Ribbon and is available on our site as a regular item. You could absolutely order that pattern and make the quilt with the Christmas variation that we offered. If you would like the little insert that we offered as to how we made our combinations, etc, please write that in the ORDER COMMENTS section when you order the pattern and we will include that with your order. And yes, you can add patterns into your 12 DAYS BOX anytime. 

The pattern for Day #2 kit is not yet available as a pattern but will be next year.

Question #7: Yes, patterns or other standard items like notions from our site can be added into your 12 DAYS BOX anytime you like. However you might want to wait until later in the sale to see what goes on special throughout the week. Large items like large cuts of fabric that fill up the box will probably make your box full very quickly and it will need to ship and you will need to purchase another box in order to keep shopping [see main sale directions at the bottom of each day's post for more info on how all of that works].  Large cuts of Snuggle fabric will need to go on their own because they just won't fit with pretty much anything else.

Good luck with this week's shopping my friends!

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  1. Cheryl | 27th Nov 16

    This is fun. Thanks to Joanna and all her elves. Soooo excited to hear that the pattern for the Orange quilt will come out next year.

  2. Tina | 27th Nov 16

    I’m with Cheryl! YAY!!

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