Home Again, Home Again

Home at last…

Without going into tediously boring detail, our family has arrived back in more or less one piece after 2 weeks in Poland & the English countryside. Our trip was an eclectic mix of traditional Polish celebrations, quaint strolls through Old Town Warsaw, complete family insanity, rolling green hills of the British countryside, all of my favorite family comfort foods, London sightseeing, beautiful lakes and blueberry picking…. just to name a few. I think I might share our adventures with you in various categories but I have to admit that among the strange things that I love are…. British countryside doors! I know, doors, who would have thought. But there is something so charming and personal and quaint about these doors that I just can’t resist. I go around like a dork, taking pictures of doors while people stare at me with polite smiles! On top of it all, did you know that in Britain most of the homes have no physical address, only the “name” of the house and not just any old names like House 12… oh no, names like Burburry Cottage, Mill House, Brambleberry Manse, Peony Cottage, Countryside House, Honeysuckle House, Birch Lane Cottage, Geranium House, Rose House, Chester House… just to name a few. Aren’t those just wonderful? I think I have decided I am going to name our house. I just don’t know what exactly. Fig Cottage. Fresh Vintage House. Fig & Roses Cottage. Figs & Insanity House :-)….. I’m open to suggestions…



Talk to you soon.

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  1. Carrie | 30th Jun 08

    Your trip sounds charming, love the pics of doors and the names of the houses are wonderful. You have me thinking of what my house would be named. Hmm, hope I sleep tonight. The doors are so colorful, and shaped. It,s always nice to be home, looking forward to more pics and sharing. Happy 4th.

  2. Miss Jean | 30th Jun 08

    What a wonderful trip! I can’t wait to see more pictures. I’m so glad you and your family were able to go. For your house, how about “House of Figs”! LOL

  3. Stephanie | 1st Jul 08

    I have a love of doors too. I’ll take the blue one please. Several years ago we made a trip to England and Ireland and I want to go back. Love the house names instead of addresses. Can’t wait to see more pics of your trip.

  4. annie from San Diego | 1st Jul 08

    I love naming houses too…..named ours “Le Petite Fleur” ( little flowers). Fits it perfectly!!! Welcome home and can’t wait to hear more. Love the pictures of the doors. Thanks for sharing. XXX Annie in San Diego

  5. Amy | 1st Jul 08

    I like your collection of doors! I always wondered reading Jane Austen books if they still were named vs numbered – great post:)

  6. Amy | 1st Jul 08

    I like your collection of doors! I always wondered reading Jane Austen books if they still were named vs numbered – great post:)

  7. Tammy | 1st Jul 08

    Love the door photos! So fun!

  8. josie | 1st Jul 08

    HURRAY, you’re home again! LOVE the doors! I’ve been practicing my Polish…here goes:

    Jak byl wakacje?
    Slub musial byc piekuy!
    Zakiadam sie dzieci wielki czas.
    Tak zadowoleni wy jestescie tylni domowy.
    Nie moze czekac widziec obrazy.
    Co wielkie doswiadczenie dla wszyscy wy!!!

  9. Linda | 1st Jul 08

    Welcome back to the “Colonies” … LOL I, too, love doors … saw a coffee table book once that was nothing but pictures of doors … I was so fascinated by it that I almost spend $$ just to have it so I could look through it and “fall inside”. Love them all but scratched my head at the one that seems to have a plant directly in front of it … HOW does one get in and out?? Welcome back … glad you had fun! Linda

  10. Kim | 1st Jul 08

    House of Fig or the Fig Asylum leap to mind.

    Welcome back!

  11. Karen N | 2nd Jul 08

    The photos of the doors are fantastic! It will an interesting journey for you as a designer (and for us fans) to see what the doors inspire you to create.

  12. tina | 2nd Jul 08

    Welcome home! I adore doors——- and actually collect photos of chairs from all over the world. My favorites? Hard to pick!

    Can’t wait for more pics from your trip!

  13. Lisa | 3rd Jul 08

    What beautiful pictures! Dying to hear about the “comfort” foods!!
    How about “Vintage Fig Estate”….sounds grand!!


  14. Mary-Laure | 5th Jul 08

    What a lovely collection of doors. I’d love to visit Poland.

  15. Priscilla | 7th Jul 08

    So many doors so little time- I love them- Since you like France how about “Chez Fig”

  16. Sinta | 8th Jul 08

    I love doors and picket fences too! I saw a little house named Fig Tree Cottage in the UK, at Dream Cottages web site. There you are!

  17. Suzy | 20th Jul 08

    Love the doors. ~Figgy Cottage~ might be nice. Found your blog searching for a recipe for a fresh fig cake. What a pleasant place to stumble upon!

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