Introduction #4

Sweet Berry Bag

I really seam to be having a serious strawberry thing going on lately. Actually a fruit thing if I think about it. Between the Cherry Delight project I did for Quilts&More, this strawberry bag and the strawberry cafe curtains & table topper that I have yet to "introduce" to you [and I am working on something with pears…], I am all about the fruit these day. Really don't know what that is all about… maybe one of those "trends" I was just talking about except that this one is mostly all in my own head I think!

Anyway, we designed this as a purse for girls of all sizes but we have been amazed by all the women who have are making one for themselves! So I guess its a purse for anyone who is young at heart!


…Purses can be made either with a shoulder strap or with 2 short handles instead. Can be made either quilted [like the red polka dot version], or plain cotton with thick interfacing such as fleece, [ like the small cream floral version]. 


… this is the Fresh Cottons version with one green fabric for the top leaves.


…Purses can be easily embellished with little flowers such as shown close up here. Directions given in the pattern for these simple wool flowers.


… not sure which one will be going on trunk shows and which one will be staying with Ella!


… the Breakfast at Tiffany's version with two different greens for leaves, no embellishment & 2 short handles. 


Name: Berry Sweet Bag

Pieced by: Cheryl Hadley, Pam Kitty Morning & Joanna Figueroa

Size: app. 9" square for the body.

Fabrics Collections: Either Fresh Cottons used for the shoulder length purse or Breakfast at Tiffany's for the hand purse with 2 short handles

Fabrics Used: Fat quarters will work for the purse pieces or 3/8 yd. cuts. You do need 1 long piece for if making the shoulder strap. If wanting to make the quilted variety, just quilt a larger square of fabric and cut your purse pieces from that.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under "VIEW LARGER IMAGE".

Talk to you soon.

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  1. SarahB | 7th Jun 10

    So cute! My soon-to-be 6yo has already declared strawberries as the theme of her birthday party. This would be perfect for her!

  2. Stephanie | 7th Jun 10

    I’m dotty for the polka dots. Sweet bags.

  3. sherri | 7th Jun 10

    Love these bags too…think I must make one just to decorate my sewing room!

  4. pam | 7th Jun 10

    That was one fun purse to make!

  5. fiberdoodles | 7th Jun 10

    So cute I LOVE it!

  6. Joanna | 7th Jun 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] sherri submitted a comment on Introduction #4

    Now there is a good idea! I do love the way the red one hangs on the door of my studio. Perhaps Ella will have to wait :-)…

  7. Elaine Susan Howard | 8th Jun 10

    Love it!

  8. amber | 8th Jun 10

    You are a genius, Joanna. That’s all I gotta say.

  9. Joanna | 8th Jun 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] amber submitted a comment on Introduction #4

    Wow! Thats quite a compliment. Not sure if what I do qualifies as genius, but… Ill take it! LOL



  10. Christine | 8th Jun 10

    I love the strawberries purses! I’ve loved strawberry things since I was a little girl, I guess I will never out grow them.

  11. Emily | 15th Jun 10

    I LOVE this bag. So nostalgic for me as I remember all my ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ loving days. Would totally make this for me daughter- but I would DIE if I ever saw it on her floor. So I’m making it for ….ME!!!

    p.s.- i think you’re things for strawberries is starting a new trend. ;o)

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