Introduction #8

Bessie. Clover. Butch.

It seems the name options were endless as were the options of what kind of animal this really was. Designed as a baby cow. Thought by many to be a pig. Voted to be a baby bear by more than several. Termed "breakfast meats" by my hub… I know, not so funny to me but hysterical to most of the guys he says it to!!

 …this is Bessie. Made out of the butter yellow Snuggle™ fabric by MODA. All of colors of Snuggles™ used here were new fresh colors released with our Whimsy collection of fabric. 

These are the newest 3 additions to our family. Bessie has been completely co- opted by my daughter. The other two, well… the boys would never admit it out loud or in public, but secretly they keep asking me when they are coming back from shows so they can have one each.

 I know, I know, both of them are too old but they have a soft spot for little stuffed animals in bed. Especially ones that I've made. It still makes me smile. I wonder if it will be the same when they are older. My husband still has an old teddy bear that he refuses to part with. He sits, a bit dusty, in the corner of our bedroom. I guess he probably wouldn't want you to know that. Too late for that I guess.


 … this was the cover shot we used. A little stack of cuteness.


… this is Clover. I love this shot of him hanging out the window. Sometimes you have to have a little fun at a photo shoot.

… almost wistful, wouldn't you say?  

The fabrics are MODA's version of a soft, cuddly microfleece fabric that is so soft and wonderful to work with that I have started adding it as the back of many of my quilts, especially all of those that I know will end up in my children's hands!

You did hear me right, they are wonderful as backs! My faithful long arm quilter Diana who has vowed before to never again use the "other" unmentioned microfleece products on the market, LOVES, LOVES this one! She says it has much less stretch than those others, making it wonderful to work with.

… Now this here's what I call a cow pile! Ha, ha! On top is our latest addition, the polka dot cow. Made from Breakfast at Tiffany's polka dot! She doesn't have a name yet. Any ideas?


Name: Snuggle Softies

Made by: Cheryl Hadley & Joanna Figueroa

Size: app. 13" from snout to toe

Fabric Collection: Snuggle™ fabrics from our Whimsy collection

Fabric Used: 3/8 yds is all you need for the main body color. Like mentioned above, Snuggles or other microfleece are the best to use but standard cottons can be used as well. Pattern has many tips on working with both types of fabrics.

To look at precise yardage requirements look here under VIEW LARGER IMAGE.

Talk to you soon but not for a couple of days. Going on a little adventure. If all goes well, I might blog from my favorite little island in the world!


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  1. marilyn | 21st Jun 10

    Looks like a darling baby cow to me.

  2. Nancy | 21st Jun 10

    They are absolutely moovalous dahling!!!

  3. Veronica | 21st Jun 10

    How lovely!! It’s really cute!

  4. beritbunny | 21st Jun 10

    lol@ Breakfast Meats! I have 3 little plush toys, myself. I think that’s (sweet) great that your DH has a trusty plush companion.

    You’re number one, though, I’m sure. 🙂

  5. Laurie | 21st Jun 10

    Since she’s made from Breakfast at Tiffany’s fabric, how about Tiffany, Tiffie, or Tiff for the latest cow’s name? Or Audrey? Or Hepburn?

  6. Jess | 21st Jun 10

    So darn cute!

  7. Cynthia | 21st Jun 10

    Dottie of course!

    LOL at the Breakfast Meats name. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

  8. sherri | 21st Jun 10

    Have fun on your adventure!

  9. Sinta Renee | 21st Jun 10

    Have a wonderful little trip… ANY Island is my favorite Island!

  10. Peg | 21st Jun 10

    Her name should be Dotty! Her dots make her a little more feminine.

  11. Dawn H | 21st Jun 10

    they are so cute… how about ‘custard’ for the new little one… he he
    Enjoy your adventure….
    Hugs Dawn x x

  12. Staci | 21st Jun 10

    Seems like Audrey would be a good choice for a name, as would Tiffany!

  13. Christina D | 21st Jun 10

    How Cute! Her name should be “Dot”.

  14. Mona | 22nd Jun 10

    I try to order your bagpattern. Wonder why I didn`t make it. I live in Norway. The pattern with bags lokks like stawberry is so cute. My adress is

  15. Gwendie | 22nd Jun 10

    A polka dotted cow has to be called Spot! What else???

  16. Patty | 22nd Jun 10

    She looks like “Butterscotch” to me. I love them!

  17. Kathryn | 23rd Jun 10

    How incredibly sweet are they!!! I can just see little personalities and they look so incredibly soft! They would make perfect stocking stuffers next Christmas!

  18. Sally Keller | 24th Jun 10

    Boy I am sure saving my pennies for yards and yards of your snuggie fabric and that darling pattern!!!! I adore your pigcowbear babies!! 🙂 and I think her name should be MiniMoo and should live in Texas in my lonely craft studio!!! 🙂 hugs!

  19. Linda Steller | 25th Jun 10

    So cute! I don’t think anyone is ever too old for a stuffed animal, especially one made by mom. I can’t wait to try the snuggle fabric.

  20. Siobhan | 28th Jun 10

    They are soooo sweet!

  21. Maxine Lano | 29th Jun 10

    I think SHE( dotted cow ) should be called DOTTIE ROSE

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