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Well we have certainly entered into that time again around here…. the next round of patterns are well on their way and we are finalizing swatches for the next fabric collection. Given that I am still designing patterns with one collection while starting to dream of swatches and yardage of the next one coming in soon…  this is kind of a strange time for me. I end up feeling a bit schizophrenic as my husband lovingly refers to my general state, being pulled in many different directions at once, each one just as interesting as the next. So many colors, patterns & designs swimming around in my head that it really does feel like there are several of me in there!

Just to add to the fabric mix around these parts, I have been finishing up the next Fresh Vintage issue and sending it off to the printer. And even though this is issue #11 [can you believe that?] I am still somehow amazed at how long it takes to edit the entire thing, clean up & crop the pictures, write the copy, edit the directions, add the decorative elements… etc, etc… You know that they say that doing the same action over and over again and expecting a different result is a sure sign of insanity…. well, if the shoe fits I tell you!

Here are a few sneak peaks of the extra project in this issue. I have been using the two of them interchangeably with great joy as I never had a proper laptop bag before this and was always shoving my beloved Macbook here and there and wherever I could fit it. But that became somewhat more of a problem a few months ago when we upgraded to the new 13".  Now I am not complaining by any means, but finding a good bag or briefcase to fit my new friend became increasingly difficult and thus the new Patchwork & Mosaic Laptop Carry-All Bags were born. Super simple envelope type construction that can be easily finished on a weekend afternoon. In fact aside from the quilting done by my fabulous quilter friend Diana, I made both bags in one day. Full instructions for both will be in the upcoming Fresh Vintage issue.

If you are on the auto ship, your issue will ship the first week in March. If you want info on subscribing, feel free to email us at freshvintage@figtreequilts.com  anytime.

Patchwork Bag


Mosaic Bag


Front of the Mosaic version….


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  1. Sherri | 23rd Feb 09

    What a great bag! I absolutely love it!

  2. LaDonna | 24th Feb 09

    I love your music

  3. Bren | 24th Feb 09

    I love this bag, Joanna! I have a big ol’ bag for my laptop. . . but I want to make a pretty one (& one that fits inside my travel bag better!) . . . & this looks perfect. You will have these at Market. . . yes?
    xo, Bren

  4. Miss Jean | 24th Feb 09

    I always can’t wait to get my latest issue! And a pattern for a laptop bag – perfect!

  5. Mary Anne Drury | 25th Feb 09

    How pretty! (only the patchwork bag is showing up … the mosaic bag picture isn’t there …. but I bet it’s just as cute as it’s sister!!)

  6. kathie | 27th Feb 09

    love the new bag patterns and oh I NEED that laptop pattern!

  7. lovetostitch | 1st Mar 09

    Cute bag!!! While I have a big ol’ lap top and prefer the padding of mine – that bag looks almost too cute for my laptop anyhow – I would gladly toss over my shoulder as my purse!!! I also didnt get all the pics. Sounds like you need a great cup of tea!!

  8. Tula Pink | 3rd Mar 09

    Hey You! You have been tagged. I need 7 randomly honest things about you, hopefully one of them will involve that poison you bring to market every year and where it comes from. Then you gotta tag 7 more people. It’s all tragically fun and enlightening. You can follow what I have done here: http://tulapink.com/

  9. Tula Pink | 4th Mar 09

    Yes, I had to do this to you. Consider it payback for that night in Portland when I had to be carried back to my hotel room by a sales rep. I think this makes us even you little vixen!

  10. Tula Pink | 4th Mar 09

    By the way… That bag is totally adorable.

  11. Carolyn Rzesutek | 9th Mar 09

    I think that you should name one of your patterns
    “Sweets for the Sweet”, “Just Desserts” or “French Frills”, “French Charms” or “French Roll”

  12. Barbara McGowen | 10th Mar 09

    All your fabric lines are super great!


    soothing desserts, creamey chiffon, smoothly eloquent,
    balmy peach, delicate grass, starry blue, silken roses,
    succulent peach.

    Your next line sounds terrfic! Can’t wait to see.

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