It’s All About Halloween

I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting some more photos and info from Market. Others of you want to know about new patterns.That's coming up next…

However, around here it has been all about Halloween since our plane touched down from Houston a few short days ago. All. About. Halloween. Just a few shots…





And of course, it was all about the Woodland Fairy! For those of you on faceebook, this is old news but… Gotta love how an orange leotard, some tulle, a bag full of fall foliage from Michael's can come together with my trusty glue gun! I had so much fun!!




And just to be clear…. I do have two teenage boys around here somewhere. One was a 60's hippie and escaped the camera to go to a Halloween party. The other was a zombie laying somewhere in the grass behind those pumpkins… trying to scare as many unsuspecting trick or treaters as possible. Gotta love him.

So as you can see, much fun was had by all. Happy the Day After Halloween to everybody!

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  1. pam hansen | 1st Nov 13

    Your daughter looks absolutely adorable and she is so photogenic.

  2. LINDA | 1st Nov 13


  3. Joan | 1st Nov 13

    Your daughter is so cute in her costume. Gorgeous colours! Thanks for the great post.

  4. Brita | 2nd Nov 13

    Decades ago, I dressed my son, who was about 5, in a hippie costume, long hair wig, beads, etc. when a lady opened the door, she called to her husband to “come see this cute little girl!” My son was mortified and yanked off his wig, while running home as quickly as he could 🙂

  5. Carol | 2nd Nov 13

    That costume is gorgeous, as is the sweet girl wearing it…love it! Great decorations, too!

  6. Janan | 2nd Nov 13

    What a great costume, neat idea! Please share with us the toile skirt, how did you do that, stitched onto the leotard? How big were the squares?
    I have two nieces that would love this!!

  7. Marcia | 2nd Nov 13

    Your daughter is really cute and so is her costume. Don’t tell her how cute she is.

  8. kitty | 2nd Nov 13

    Great pictures!! Ella’s costume is fabulous! You did a wonderful job for this little beauty!!

  9. Robin | 2nd Nov 13

    What a beautiful woodland fairy! The costume is great!

  10. Josefina | 2nd Nov 13

    Your daughter’s costume is awesome; she makes a great fairy. I love your decor too. Too bad we can’t see your sons. My sons were the same way too when they were growing up; they wanted nothing to do with cameras.

  11. Helen Lebrett | 2nd Nov 13

    What a great costume!!! She looks great and so happy! That’s my little cashier who worked so hard to ring me up in your booth at PIQF!! And your house decorations are great!!! Looks like fun was had by all!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  12. Shirley Pearce | 3rd Nov 13

    Your daughter is absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your creative costume and beautiful daughter!

  13. Kathy | 4th Nov 13

    Absolutely adorable—Ella will undoubtedly break some hearts in a few years!

  14. | 4th Nov 13

    She’s the cutest woodland fairy EVER!!! Hope you had a great time at market! joe

  15. Joanna | 4th Nov 13


    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog the other day. I
    had to laugh out loud when you called her your little cashier— she
    so wants to be just like her brothers and believes that she can do
    anything they can do!

  16. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    Yes, she might :-).

  17. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    Thank you Shirley. She loves to dress up!


  18. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    Okay. I wont.

  19. Joanna | 5th Nov 13

    My boys go back and forth. Usually if it involves sports or something that they like, they are more than happy to pose. But not Halloween unfortunately.


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