Mahalo and More.

So this is what happens when a certain someone doesn't manage to meet her deadline around here…

She panics, then worries, then procrastinates.

Then she works to finish all the other looming deadlines that are critical and the patterns get put on the back burner. She thinks about them a lot.

Then she has some printer backups and she tells herself that she can't do anything about it and to "just relax".

Then she has some color matching issues on the fabric and she starts to think that maybe these patterns are doomed.

Then life throws a couple unforeseen delays in her way and she decides to take it in stride. Kind of.

Then one morning she suddenly wakes up, looks at the calender and realizes… oh my goodness, these patterns need to be finished like yesterday, like last week! Like really last week!

So she spends a couple sleepless nights finishing them up, getting them edited and finally…. gets them sent off to print.

She is so happy and relieved and feels like perhaps she might have her life back.. until the next deadline of course… which happens to be tomorrow! LOL!!

And her she is now. Writing a blog post about it all while she waits for the pdfs to get loaded to the site and she can move on with her world. Sorta. 🙂

So without further delay… we are finally finished with MAHALO, FIONA- the turtle and HULA GIRL- a super simple skirt perfect for an afternoon project for that favorite girl in your life!

All 3 PDF's are done and ready for download. Printed patterns will arrive by the end of next week and  you are more than welcome to pre-order them now and yours will be the first to ship out when the patterns arrive. Please remember that if you order other goodies with these patterns, the whole order will wait until the patterns are ready late next week!

Click HERE for more info or to shop.

Thanks so much!

First up, the Layer Cake version of MAHALO.

Finished size: 70" x 70" [uses one Layer Cake]

Sewn by the lovely & amazing Sherri McConnell and quilted by the infamous Diana Johnson.















Next up, the Charm Pack version of MAHALO, done with a solid navy background.

Finished size: 54" x 54"

Sewn by the lovely Cheryl Hadley and quilted by you know who :-)… [ I think I might start calling her "she who shall not be named"…]













And both the small and large versions together so you can see the difference in scale…











Goodness that might be enough photos for one day. Up tomorrow, Fiona and Hula Skirt!

So… Mahalo, Joanna

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  1. Lorraine Isaac | 4th Feb 15

    Love them both, but the one with the bigger pieces is really pretty, might have to make this one for sure, Lorraine Isaac

  2. Ginger | 4th Feb 15

    I love this quilt! There are so many beautiful fabrics with larger prints that I hate to cut, and this pattern will really show them off. Thank you!

  3. Betty | 4th Feb 15

    Joanna, your modern patterns really showcase your colorful fabric designs, so I agree with the other posts. So many times the fabric is lost in the quilt block design. I just love it when the fabric is showcased which really adds to decorating a room around a beautiful quilt.

    Enjoy reading your blog. Hopefully you will not hit any snags, so you can relax and rest.

  4. Libby Blaha | 4th Feb 15

    Just BEAUTIFUL !!!

  5. Sandy K | 4th Feb 15

    Beautiful. Is this pattern set on point?

  6. Joan | 4th Feb 15

    Stunning! Great job!

  7. Nicola | 4th Feb 15

    It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re on the verge of being frightened isn’t it!! Such a gorgeous, fresh pattern, Joanna x

  8. Joanna | 4th Feb 15

    no, it is straight rows! Really simple construction!

  9. Joanna | 4th Feb 15

    Very, very true!!


  10. gailss1 | 4th Feb 15

    Love them both and look so nice and fresh and crisp!

  11. Susan | 4th Feb 15

    Once again, I die of color happiness!!! Totally gorgeous!!

  12. Helen LeBrett | 5th Feb 15

    Gorgeous Joanna!! Love them both!! And the quilting is so perfect on both of them! Can’t wait to get Your Hawaiian line!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  13. Julie N | 5th Feb 15

    Agree with them all. Let’s start showing off the fabric and appreciating how gorgeous it is! Bigger is so much better for some fabrics. I just can’t wait to make this quilt.

  14. Hildy | 5th Feb 15

    Both are stunning beautiful! Can’t decide which one I love more.

  15. Sinta | 5th Feb 15

    I love both versions! I am glad to know that you go through the “steps” to finishing your projects! I would have never guessed that you aren’t anything but organized and efficient. Seriously!

  16. Janan | 5th Feb 15

    Love love love the new pinks and greens!!!’

  17. Helen Glover | 5th Feb 15

    I may have missed this somewhere but is this block completely made from strips? It looks like it may be. Could you tell me how it is made or show a picture of one block? I am not so quilt savvy as to figure it out…..But I LOVE IT ALSO! I think it would be one I might want to try! Thanks so much!

  18. Rachel Provencher | 6th Feb 15

    Oh Joanna, I cannot wait to get my fabric and my pattern to make this. The colors are just bouncing off my brain. Guess I’ll have to add this to the many WIP I already have. Thank you for your gift of color and design, and above all, INSPIRATION!

  19. Joanna | 6th Feb 15

    Not sure what you mean by all made from strips? It is pieced horizontally, so no settings or anything like that. It is one simple block that is repeated with an alternate. It is a simple construction pattern but does need to be laid out so you need to have a bigger space to work with. Try it, I think you will really enjoy the process!


  20. Joanna | 8th Feb 15

    That is exactly my hope with this pattern!!

    Happy sewing!

  21. Joanna | 8th Feb 15

    Usually, I am way more organized and efficient. But sometimes I just fall way behind and then this happens! LOL

  22. Joanna | 8th Feb 15

    Thank you Rachel!! I love the image of the colors BOUNCING OFF YOUR BRAIN!!

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