Market Prep: Fig Tree in Real Life

Good morning MODA friends!  

[this is Mr. Fig here taking over for a bit… or for as long as I have before "the designer" figures out what is happening. She is pretty quick that one so not sure if you will see me again after today].

Normally one of these Market prep blog posts would start off with pretty pictures of the upcoming collection… like this.

In this case FARMHOUSE….




… it ships in August/September 2015

Or pretty shots of the new upcoming patterns… like this…





Picnic copy72

… all patterns will be done in the next 10 days or so!

It would be all about the pretty around here.

Well, that's all very nice to show you guys all the pretty stuff but have you ever wondered what its really like around here the weeks leading up to Market… ITS NOT PRETTY PEOPLE. IT'S JUST NOT PRETTY!

Over the Market years, us husbands have come up with some "REAL" titles for ourselves in those "pre-market" weeks…. Market widows, Market orphans, Test Crash Dummies and we have some more colorful titles too but I might not get to go to Market again if "the designer" saw I had written them here. So we will just stick to these. But anyone…. Nick? Bruce? Michael? Help me out guys, you know exactly what I am talking about! And Pete…. what is your excuse for not dragging your sorry butt to Market yet? That's just not right dude . We need to keep the brotherhood strong!

But I digress… this is supposed to be about "the designer". Right, sorry.

So I think that its safe to say that they're just not quite in their right minds, those lovely MODA designers in the weeks leading up to the all mighty MARKET. They say they'll be fine. They say that they will do it differently next time. That " next time" it will be more relaxed and they will be ready earlier. Yah, right. Its in that market DNA…. it has done at the last minute and it has to be nuts. Otherwise, you wouldn't think you were prepping for Market.

So as the faithful partner and husband of "the designer", these are the signs that I generally look for to know that my life is about to change drastically for the next few weeks…

More boxes show up on our front door step than normal. Like way more. And they all have that tell tale white and blue tape all over it. Yah, you know which tape it is and you know you are.. you who send all those boxes!


"The Designer" becomes just a little bit too possessive about the new contents of those boxes…


Let's just say that I have come to love the couch on those lovely weeks leading up to Market.

Fairly quickly after that, no one has any clean laundry. Especially the socks. Usually she is all over those socks but not anymore. People around here have to go sock less. For weeks. True story. The horror.


Soon after, we start hearing rumblings of something called "the Market diet". You might think that its "the designer" wanting to eat healthy so she can feel good at Market. Uh, huh. You would be wrong. It might start off as that but it quickly degenerates into something much, much different….


You would think that she might need more than that for weeks….but pretty much no. This is all she needs. Oh, this and her fabric and thread. That's ALL she needs, do you get what I'm saying? Again, me with the couch.





And she had become a bit obsessed with her newest pair of red polka dot glasses. I mean how long can all of us search for that pair on any given day of the week? I keep promising to buy her one of those "old lady chains" if she can't pull it together [please no offense to anyone who wears one of those chains for their reading glasses, I am pretty sure "the designer" will be wearing one soon. Maybe someone could make her a PRETTY one and send it to her?].



And then with that bed all to herself, you would think that she would actually use it. Not so much.


My market experience leads me to believe that she does not leave that studio at all. Again I blame you people with those boxes and that blue and white tape. Seriously?

Its kind of a mess up there in that studio. And yet she seems to be obsessed with being there. As if her job depended on it or something. Oh wait, maybe it does…. 


And even though this is her full tine personal obsession… sorry, I mean full time job that is putting my children through private school… I on the other hand have to actually leave the business behind most mornings to save the world [not really. I work in city government but it feels nicer to say I'm saving the world. And let's face it, if I want praise in these pre-Market months, I better figure out how to give it to myself. So as far as we're all concerned right now, I leave each day to save the world. Thank you.]


… don't you think it looks like I'm going to save the world? Just saying.

So did I mention that 3 market orphans… I mean children… live here with me and "the designer". They have needs. Or so they tell me in their texts. But mornings do get a little tricky when I am the only one transporting fabric, feeding the children a nutritious breakfast [hey, the side of the frozen waffle box says its nutritious]  and making sure they all get out the door to school on time in the morning.




Apparently the market orphans do tend to get a bit cranky if they are fed nothing but frozen waffles for a week at a time. Who knew?

So given the insanity of the pre-market schedule around here, its not like we get out much, except to, you know, save the world. So the gym is kind of out of the question. So we use what we have alot of around here. Yes, those boxes again. And bolts. Lots and lots of bolts. You have to use what you have.




 Bench pressing bolts of BELLA IVORY with a munchkin balanced on the top is not only a good work out but a bit more entertaining than the gym anyway. So I can't complain. We like to call it "FEATS OF FABRIC BRAVERY". Maybe I can come up with some new ones?

And since we kind of do everything around here as a family, orphans and all, the brothers couldn't be outdone when they noticed that we were mocking "the designer" just a bit.


Although the middle child couldn't quite use the same bolts since we'd broken all of the other ones…


 So I am quite sure that Nick [Mr. Primitive Gatherings himself] could bench not only these bolts but all of my children… I mean market orphans.., at the same time but really could he have a cuter helper sitting on top? I think not. Okay maybe a koala would be cuter. 

So that's pretty much what its like around here during the weeks leading up to Market. And yet we do it twice a year. Religiously. For at least 15 years if not more. 

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Just saying. We are nothing if not a bit crazy around here at Fig Tree.

Thanks for coming along with me on this "takeover". 

No children, bolts or animals were injured during the filming of this blog takeover. "The designer "is fine. Although I thought I heard something about another last minute project. Goodness, really? That 's what we need to be doing right now? Because surely there is nothing we need to do more than make a new purse to match the new collection?  

I guess I should go look for her just in case she needs a new supply of diet coke. I love "my designer". I love MODA too. They are our family. White and blue tape and all.

Love,  Eric

So I hear that there might be a few other slightly cranky children or neglected domesticated animals over at Pat's, Anne's, Amy's and Nick's…. I mean Lisa's. Follow along all week to see all of our lovely designers "IRL"…. in real life :-).

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  1. Toni | 27th Apr 15

    Hahaha!!! This is awesome!! Let’s hope the “designer” doesn’t take this post down 🙂

  2. Cathy | 27th Apr 15

    Hahahaha….that was such a good post! Loved your humour Eric…and I’m sure you’re not really exaggerating when you say how busy everything is. We the customer, appreciate all you do for us! Everyone at Fig Tree and Co make our lives so much happier and the world a pretty place. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  3. Michele in IL. | 27th Apr 15

    Super cute and fun blog post! Your children are handsome and gorgeous! Love those dimples!
    I so wish I had all those creative juices running though my veins/head so that I don’t want to stop for anything. However I do appreciate all your creative juices so that I can be inspired!!!
    Thank you! Fun way to wake up and read with my cup of coffee!

  4. Corinna | 27th Apr 15

    Oh my goodness this is HILARIOUS! I love it! Funniest blog post I’ve read anywhere in ages

  5. Peggy | 27th Apr 15

    To funny! Good job entertaining us while we wait for the release of these gorgeous fabrics, hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

  6. Jenny | 27th Apr 15

    That was adorable.

  7. Becky | 27th Apr 15

    Loved waking up this morning and reading this. Great pictures and thanks for sharing your “real” selves!

  8. Deb | 27th Apr 15

    What an enjoyable Monday morning read! I LOVED it! Way to go, Eric! You should take over more often. 🙂

  9. Andrea Hickman | 27th Apr 15

    Love it! Thanks for the smile this morning. Hang in there! We seriously love “the designer” and all her beautiful creations.

  10. Sharon | 27th Apr 15

    Eric, you just made my day! What a great start to the week. Hahaha! We love you guys and everything that comes from your company. You are appreciated by all of us, so thank you!!!
    Big smile~~~big hugs!

  11. Marcia Reel | 27th Apr 15

    Best post ever! Your family is beautiful, and the new line is amazing! Also, diet cokes and reese cups are my stress diet of choice.

  12. Suzy | 27th Apr 15


  13. Maureen | 27th Apr 15

    Best blog takeover ever. Keep them coming. And I can’t wait for the new Farmhouse to hit the stores.

  14. Terri Mc | 27th Apr 15

    Eric, what a hilarious blog post ! No wonder Fig Tree Quilts is so successful…you and Joanna and your family are awesome!! Thank you!

  15. Tina | 27th Apr 15

    Hysterically laughing over here!!!! You are just too darn funny!!!!! Love the new fabric and I can’t wait to get my hands on some! Love those pink glasses too!!!! You and the ‘orphans’ hang in there – I mean, who needs socks anyway?!? ;O))

  16. Fran Dill | 27th Apr 15

    Love it! Such a wonderful supportive family.

  17. P. Rogers | 27th Apr 15

    Loved this post! Love Fig Tree! Love all the designer’s fabrics, patterns, etc. Can’t wait to get my hands on some Farmhouse. I might even sleep with my Farmhouse fabric bundle once it arrives. It is dreamy! Thanks Figgy family for the work you put in for your faithful figgy fans.

  18. Mary ann | 27th Apr 15

    Has “the designer” seen those broken bolts yet? Good thing no fabric was harmed! ????????????????

  19. Nancy | 27th Apr 15

    Thanks for the peek at what’s really happening! Awesome post! Keep up the good work!!

  20. Mary T Salmon | 27th Apr 15

    I would sleep with my fabric if I could!

  21. Libby Blaha | 27th Apr 15

    Loved the blog post !

  22. Chris Teague | 27th Apr 15

    Bravo!!! Bravo!!!! Looking forward to Aug-Sept deliveries.

  23. Pat H | 27th Apr 15

    Too funny! You should take over the blog more often!

  24. Karen Seitz | 27th Apr 15

    What a fun post! I love the photos too. Thanks for the support the families supply to our favorite designers.

  25. Josie Aune | 27th Apr 15

    Awesome post! Love all your designers work. Thanks for your fun support!

  26. CathyK | 27th Apr 15


  27. joan | 27th Apr 15

    Thanks for sharing — very amusing!! I’m not sure what the “designer” will think of the fabric bolts and bench pressing!! LOL!

    Bravo to you and your family for pulling together and getting “the designer” through the insanity. That’s what family is all about.


  28. Diana | 27th Apr 15

    I really enjoyed reading this~thanks for posting! And I’m looking forward to this line 🙂

  29. Kathy | 27th Apr 15

    Wonderful blog… I loved all the beautiful pictures and story telling. You did a fab job!

  30. Kathy | 27th Apr 15

    I can’t wait for Farmhouse to come out… ????

  31. Ginger | 27th Apr 15

    Hilarious! And I am so excited for this fabric line!

  32. Chris Mott | 27th Apr 15

    Great Job! love your perspective and exercising with the kids with Moda-gotta love that. I did notice that at least you and one son had on socks-whether they were clean or not, I won’t tell. Bwhwhahhah thanks for the morning laugh. We all love her fabrics and can’t say we would be any better. One day I hope to get to market.

  33. Hildy | 27th Apr 15

    Eric, thank you for saving the world and taking good care of ‘the designer’ we all love her;-) And if any of the white and blue taped boxes show up in the future just send them my way (really, now;-)))

  34. Susan | 27th Apr 15

    This blog post is priceless! I loved it! Thanks so much. “Keep calm and blog on.”

  35. Lynn | 27th Apr 15

    Oh, my gosh!! Such a screamingly funny post – especially on a Monday – Eric, you’re absoltely hilarious!!! So, dying for “Farmhouse” to be out, I can see another hoarding opportunity coming 🙂

  36. Pamela | 27th Apr 15

    Being new to quilting, I can’t help thinking of how much I’ve missed. Farmhouse gives me hope for what’s coming. Thank you designer for making every collection gorgeous. **sigh**

    Also I want/have to get in on a Fig Tree & Co. BOM club. I missed out on the latest lovely fabrics and patterns. I didn’t know about it until it was GONE! I’m on the email list now. I hear I’ve already missed out on the Christmas quilt too. Is there a possibility you will make more spots for this quilt?

    Thank YOU! Pamela

  37. Gwen | 27th Apr 15


  38. Janet Mccay | 27th Apr 15

    brilliant blog ,I needed that 🙂

  39. Joanna | 27th Apr 15

    So glad you have joined us on this crazy adventure!! Welcome!  There are no more spots available and a crazy wait list for the Christmas BOM. So sorry. But we will start up another one in the early fall for sure so stay tuned!


  40. Penny H | 27th Apr 15

    OMG, Eric that was just too funny to read and the pictures are just priceless! You were kidding weren’t you? Great way to start my monday! Thanks!

  41. Joanna | 27th Apr 15

    Kidding about which part??? Love, Eric.

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    This was s much needed break in my work day. I laughed so much I forgot I was at work!

  43. Mary Andra | 27th Apr 15

    Loved the posting and can’t wait to read all the others. There is nothing like A MODA FAMILY. Just to let you know we know what you, your children and Joanna are going through. We appreciate it more then you could ever imagine. Thank you…Life is Good

  44. Marie Eddins | 27th Apr 15

    Great job Eric! Lots of laughs with some truth in between the lines. Even as a Fig Tree customer who loves sewing with the ‘designer’s’ lines (can’t wait for Farmhouse!), my husband feels like I’ve left him at times. Keep on saving the world!

  45. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts | 27th Apr 15

    LOL I love this post!! 🙂

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    Laughed so hard!!!!! Thanks!!!!

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    Hysterically laughing here! We just knew your lovely wife had a great support crew behind her, but with the insanity you allude to, it had to be a SUPER creative bunch! The exercise routine is spot on! So we await the further adventures of her favorite superheroes–Bolt Guy and the Spool Minions (you can come up with something better I KNOW).

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    Such a fun way to start Monday! I’m giggling myself sick….A really good laugh is worth a small fortune…thanks!

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    OMG this was the best post ever!! I’m laughing and crying at the same time!!!

    Farmhouse is so beautiful — can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

  50. Joan | 27th Apr 15

    Erich, you and your children are the best. Your being there and helping is worth all the market scurring. My family survived years of craft show prep, and I was never totally prepared and loving/hating every minute. My very grown up sons still talk about the different places we went to and what they were doing while we were selling. You are so refreshing and fun to read. Lots of imagination in your home.

  51. A Little Blue Dragonfly | 27th Apr 15

    Oh, my goodness!!! This was total and pure awesomeness! Thank you Market Widow and Market Orphans for sharing The Designer with all of us Fabric Hoarders. We heart our Fig Tree fabrics the best. 🙂

  52. Sue H | 27th Apr 15

    Hilarious post! For a moment I felt a tad sorry for you all … then I got over it! Hahahaha!!!

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    What a great post! And darling pictures! More of this! 😀

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    Fantastic insight into the organised chaos that is the preparation for such a big event, well done Mr Fig Tree!!! Hahahahahaha

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    How funny thanks Mr Fig for letting us see what it is like in weeks leading up to market.

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    Great job Eric! Loved your post. Good luck on getting off the couch! lol

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    NOPE. A koala would not even be cuter! 😉 Such a great post Eric! Thanks so much for your insider’s perspective!

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    Sorry Joanna, but this may be one of the best posts ever!! And I was noticing that those bolts of fabric were bending a little!! 😀 And Mr. Husband-Of-The-Designer is right that the model on top of the bolts is the cutest!! 🙂 Thanks for the good laugh and the “True” Behind the Scenes look at the family life of a Designer. And I’m really looking forward to that new line!! Yay! Private school for your kiddos another year!!! 😛

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    I almost never read through an entire blog post – I just ooo and aaahhh at the pretty pictures. I read to the end of this one. Well done, Mr. Fig. Well done.

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    Thank you for sharing the insight to my favourite fabric designer.. You made me laugh so much … Good luck with the market

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    Wouldn’t that be awesome???? Maybe I could get him to knit???


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    This has to be one of the best blog post I’ve read in years. I had to reread it several times because it was so funny. The pictures were the icing on the cake. Love your sense of humor and know that’s part of the reason “the designer” keeps you around.

    Little do you realize that you are saving the quilters world by helping “the designer” and allowing her to create and appease our need for new fabric. Have a great time at market and can’t wait to get my hands on the new fabric.

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    I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard! Great description of a quilters family life! Thanks for making my day!

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    Eric. you have a great sense of humor, thanks for the laugh. If you want to have all those boxes shipped to me, I will relieve you and the orphans of all the stress. haha

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    Great job Eric, I always love seeing pictures of you and the kids, with “the designer” thrown in once in a while, looks like everyone gets envolved, I would love to go to Market.

  82. Kathy | 28th Apr 15

    Hi Eric,

    What a great behind-the-scenes takeoff of the fun you all get up to as a family, managing your business as well as your “normal” life. You are too CUTE for words.

    I wonder whether Ella will pick up some beads to make her mother an eyeglass chain for Mother’s Day. That could lead to another little “cottage” industry you know—they must have their own market, mustn’t they? Just saying…

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    I LOVED! your Blog Eric … It Made My Day …Hope “The Designer” will let you do it Again :)What a Lovely Family your are…and Handsome Too … A cute Peek into the “Behind the Scene” of my Favorite Fabric! … xoxo

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    Love the humor and pictures of this post! Love the new Farmhouse fabrics!

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    Well, here are my comments – chuckles – giggles – guffaws – actually, downright HYSTERICS, complete with tears from laughing streaming down my cheeks, while holding my sides . . . SO, let me just say this: To “The-Much-Put-Upon-Long-Suffering-Yet-Oh-So-Awesome-And-Completely-Capable-Couch-Dwelling-Orphan-Toting-Does-It-ALL-With-A-SMILE-And-STILL-Continues-To-Save-The-ENTIRE-WORLD-At-The-SAME-TIME-Loving-Hubby” of The Designer; YOU ROCK! Absolutely! BEST, BEST BLOG EVER! You are BEYOND FUNNY & CREATIVE! Don’t hide behind The Designer’s Bernina & Red Polka Dot Glasses ANYMORE, NO, NOT EVER! We Fabric/Quilting Fanatics NEED your AMAZING sense of humor & superb writing skills to compliment all the beauty that your loving wife, The Designer, continues to create, year after year, with all those wonderful fabrics & delightful patterns! You two are TRULY The Dynamic Duo! (who knew that a budding Ernest Hemingway was hiding under all those bolts of fabric & huge boxes, while The Designer hogs all the credit!) Seriously, what a wonderful piece of writing! SO DON’T STOP NOW or rest on those well earned laurels! NOW that your secret is OUT & we followers of The Designer know where YOUR TRUE TALENTS lie, we will EXPECT to be similarly entertained in future, repetitively! Although, you have set your own bar SO HIGH . . . Nah, I’m confident that you will rise to the occasion whenever called upon or needed (like twice every year, a couple of weeks or so before Market, RIGHT?) Bravo & Kudos to YOU!

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