Mirabelle Feature: Hugs



A bit more Mirabelle goodness for you this Monday…

Up today- HUGS.

Our HUGS pattern is a perfect way to use that Layer Cake you are hoarding! Add in a bit from a charm pack and you have almost all you need for the entire quilt!


… super quick and simple blocks. Perfect for any level of quilter.



 … yummy quilting







… we turned one block inside for fun!



… and this is the Christmas version for those of you who are crazy organized and are thinking of those kinds of things already!




NAME: Hugs      Pattern available HERE.

FABRIC: Quilt is made with 1 Layer Cake and 1 Charm Pack, along with a coordinating middle border and background. That's all folks!

SIZE: 78" x 89"

KITS: HERE is info on the kit.  We have now sent out all the pre-orders and have almost gone through all of our extras…. but we do have some still left. One might just have your name on it 🙂


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  1. Karen | 24th Mar 14

    I love the block turned inside for fun – I made a quilt with this block once with no sashing and it looked totally different – love the sashing idea – and the turned in block – I might have to make another

  2. Renee Byrd | 24th Mar 14

    I received my Hugs kit that I did during the Christmas pre-order just today….oh my, it is lovely! The colors are super and the pattern looks like a quick and easy stitch!

  3. Joanna | 25th Mar 14

    sometimes its just small creative changes that completely changes a quilt and makes it unique!

  4. Laurie Nelson | 26th Mar 14

    I just finished reading your post about your Babcia. It touched me to the core. My grandchildren have always lived so far away from me but not as far as Poland. I hope they will feel my love for them as you felt the love from your Babcia.

  5. Joanna | 26th Mar 14

    You could always correspond with them… the old fashioned way, through letters… then they would have something to treasure later. I am sure that they will have those special memories and bonds regardless of how far they are!

  6. Joanna | 26th Mar 14

    So glad that you are liking the kit. The pattern is really simple and it is indeed an easy stitch, I promise!

    Happy sewing!

  7. a maiden hair fern | 26th Mar 14

    Joanna! I love Mirabelle. I got some at spree last fall, and made a quilt called “Chain Reaction” from Swirley Girl’s new book. I will definitely be using it for other projects. Love your fabrics! Come see my quilt: http://amaidenhairfern.blogspot.com/2014/03/chain-reaction-in-figs.html

  8. Nona Davis | 27th Mar 14

    It can’t be said too often…..your fabrics are simply the greatest….the colors are uplifting and your design sense is enviable to say the very least.
    I would love to have your talent just for a day!
    All The Best,
    Nona D.

  9. fresheggsandlaundry | 29th Mar 14

    I know this says 78″ x 89″ but what size bed does it fit?

  10. Joanna | 31st Mar 14

    well beds are so different these days with pillow tops and not and some people like a lot of overhang and some dont, that I really recommend you measure the bed you want and find the measurements that you want. A standard twin quilt is 64 x 89 and a standard full is 84 x 89. Hope that helps.

  11. Joanna | 31st Mar 14

    Dear Nona-

    I so appreciate your sweet comments and I thank you. Doing what I do is wonderful because of customers like you.

  12. Joanna | 1st Apr 14

    Love your quilt. So glad you got your hands on some early Mirabelle!

  13. Nicole | 2nd Apr 14

    Hi Joanna

    I’m a kiwi fan but having trouble with your Hexie pattern. Usually I have no trouble with your patterns but this one has me a bit stuck. I noticed you said you would post a tutorial. Will you pleeeeeease?

  14. Lisa | 7th Apr 14

    Hi, Joanna. 🙂

    I have been a fan of Fig Tree fabrics and patterns since I discovered “Strawberry Fields” a few years ago. It was love at first sight! I posted links to your blog, your shop, and your Berry Sweet Bag pattern on my blog today (cutest bag ever!). I also put a link to your blog on my blog’s sidebar. Thank you!!! Hugs, Lisa 🙂


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