MODA Booth Love

Although it seems that I barely made it out of my booth this time around in order to walk the show and take my obligatory photos of friends and colleagues, I did get a little series of pics of the MODA booths right after closing one day.

It's actually my favorite time to take pictures. When it is all quiet and everyone has gone back to their hotel for the day, there is a quiet beauty to the booths without any people in them. Helps to look at all the little details that I miss during the day.

I thought it was a great representation of the amazing job that MODA does every single Market, every single year, year in, year out. I don't think that anyone would disagree that for years now the quality and the professionalism that MODA puts out there as a leading company in our industry not only drives the industry itself but motivates all the rest of us to greater work.

Thank you MODA for another wonderful Market!


Welcome to the MODA Country Fair….


… did you see the ferris wheel? It was fully functional by the way. And there is our booth to the far left.


… possibly my favorite version of the STEMS quilt hanging there in the middle. Love that pattern.



… loving those lights. Am currently in search of some for our back porch for the summer. Don't you think they would be fabulous. So simple.




You gotta love working with these lovely folks! I mean, really, who else could look good alongside a purple carpet LOL!?




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  1. kathryn | 25th May 11

    with all my heart I wish I could be there next time – sadly I’m not a designer or pattern maker just a very passionate quilter who loves fabric. One who REALLY appreciates the sharing of all the pictures and good times! Thanks Joanna!!

  2. wenche | 25th May 11

    So beautiful and inspiringly nice! Great photos, with people and buzzing life everything seems different and you can’t really get to see “the look” clearly. Thanks for sharing!

  3. kelly | 25th May 11

    I bet you’ll be able to find those lovely lights at Target in their outdoor section soon (if not now!) 🙂

  4. Dana Hines | 25th May 11

    Joanna, I am in love with your “Stems” quilt and can’t wait to make it! Your photos and insights of the quilt market are so appreciated by those of us who can’t attend. Thank you!

  5. Miss Nancy | 25th May 11

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. Moda products are the best. Love the Stems quilt.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  6. Lynette | 25th May 11

    OK, after seeing Kathryn’s comment: Who goes to see Market? Only designers and others in the industry? Or can we “regular folk” get tickets?

  7. Tami | 25th May 11

    Hi Joanna,
    This is funny that you mention the purple carpet today because Camille at ThimbleBlossoms did the same thing. And only Moda could make it work. I look through these blogs while at work and I was explaining to my office mate that Moda is like the Rolls-Royce of quilt fabric, truly incredible! You and so many other designers really got the luck of the draw to design for them…..when I grow up I want to be all of you combined into one!

  8. Sharon | 25th May 11

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures and all your ideas and insight. Just love ALL the Moda fabric and would have to live to be 200++ years old to quilt all those lovelies.

  9. Joanna | 25th May 11

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Lynette submitted a comment on MODA Booth Love


    Quilt Market happens twice a year and it is the industry trade show for fabric companies, pattern designers, notions companies and other specialty businesses for the fabric industry. It is a trade show so that means that it is for businesses to come and see the new products and hopefully buy them. So people who are exhibiting are trying to sell their product to the fabric industry. People who are walking the floor are fabric or craft store owners or have fabric/craft related businesses that carry some of the products that are being shown at market.

    Hope that helps!


  10. Lisa | 25th May 11

    Hi Joanna, I concur, Moda is The Best; the quality and professionalism are extraordinary. true about the purple carpet !

  11. Polly Hada | 25th May 11

    So, will stems ever be a kit that Fig Tree will offer? I bet it would sell out like so many of the others. Wonderful pictures! Wonderful event! Wonderful Moda! Yup, I would like to be in someone’s hip pocket at the next Quilt Market. Thank you for giving us a peek.

  12. Sandy B. | 26th May 11

    Indeed it looks very peaceful.
    Different when all the people are away.
    Thank you for such great picture.
    You did great in presenting them.

    P.s. I ordered the Cape pattern “and” the cozy slippers.
    Can’t wait to start on them. I’ll let you know when they’re done!

  13. Susan | 30th May 11

    Hi Joanna
    How would I see in Aust such a market. I agree with Polly Hoda about a quilt kit and with Dana Hinds – it just flows on.
    Yes, I confess I am a Modaholic. Glad to be one. Keep creating with the love you enjoy,
    Susan Sampson

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