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Yes. It was supposed to be this morning wasn't it? I just realized that the 10:00 that I was supposed to post my giveaway results was 10:00 AM THIS MORNING NOT TONITE!! What was I thinking exactly? Who posts at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night????

I do I guess :-)!

So for those of you who have patiently been checking here all day to see if you won, so sorry. Here are the winners of the MODA CANDY BLOG TOUR:


Winner of the book:

On September 9th at 5:13 am Dianne said:

My favorite pattern is Petite Fleurs. It's a great classic pattern…in my opinion 😉


Winner of the TAPESTRY Layer Cake:

On September 14th at 12:02 pm, Giner said

Dear Joanna, all your patterns are my favorites! How to choose the favorite? I have 4 of your patterns and enjoy them time again over since I am a quilter and a garnent sewer – the diversity of your talent and your gift of coloring is one I am happy you have successfully shared with the textile world professionals and hobbyists. Your Cream Solid fabric is my favoriate and the most versatile fabric and I will say the one I use to stand out any pattern/fabric I use for any project.


Four winners of the MODA CANDY TAPESTRY packs [4 packs for each person] to make all the lovely patterns you have been collecting:



On September 13 at 12:49 pm, Vickie said:

I LOVE all of your patterns…a huge fan!  My favorites are the Vintage Postcards and Vintage Stamps…I have them all!  I have collected your fabrics for years!  Thanks for sharing your love of quilting.



On Septermber 11 at 3:27 pm, Amorette said:

i love the slipper cuties pattern- i would love to see the boy version, because i cannot find slippers for my toddler son! also love stanley- and i had no idea there were animal patterns here, so thank you!



On Septermber 10 at 5:51 pm, Mary Ann said:

I love all of your patterns, but if I am one of the lucky winners I would choose Jelly Rose. Thanks.



On September 14 at 8:26 am , Marcyne said:

My favorite is the Dancing Dollies Sampler Quilt pattern (which I pieced from your kit, had it custom quilted and it turned out beautiful!) and for kids, I love the Polka Dots and Summer Dress.  


If you are one of the lucky winners above, send us an email with your mailing address and the free pattern you would like to receive if it is different than the one you posted about and we will send your goodies right out to you.

Congrats everybody. It has been really, really fun to read all of your comments!

Too see some fun things to do with all of the blocks you have collected, head on over HERE to see! 

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Sewn Hats jacket


For those of you who are still reading and haven't wandered off to see what other prizes you might have won or have something better to do on a Saturday night :-), we have another BLOG TOUR for you.

I know, its insanity really.


… a few of the pages of my hat contribution


The wonderful folks at WILEY PUBLISHING [the fantabulous publishers of my latest book], have just released a creative and versatile book full of 35 of the best hat patterns I have seen in a while. Titled SEWN HATS, the book covers a wide array of styles, sizes and fashions and is edited by Carla Hegeman Crim, the amazing force behind the Scientific Seamstress.  She is, well, amazing!

A lot of times these compilation kinds of volumes feel kind of random to me, not sure how we all "go together". But this time around it was like sewing with a bunch of friends. As soon as I knew who some of the contributors were, I knew we were in for a great treat of a book! Sewing with great friends and colleagues like PattyKaariJennifer, Bari and so many more [see below for the full list that have already posted and those that are still to come] has been a pleasure! Nice job everyone… a little pat on the back for all of us I think.

Summer Blossom Sunhat pg 45


Summer Blossom Sunhat pg 41
.. what a cute little model with her SUMMER BLOSSOM SUNHAT!


When I started thinking about what kind of a hat pattern I wanted to contribute as my little part, I was a little bit stumped. I have a feeling the hat deadline came somewhere in the middle of my crazy book deadlines and my brain was… well, you know, it was somewhere alright!

Carla quickly came to the rescue. We brainstormed an updated version of my favorite, Amelia & Me Hat and we were on our way. We knew we wanted it to be similar but different! I absolutely love the outcome!

… the original Amelia & Me hat.

… Amelia & Me


To see many of the other wonderful hat contributions, be sure to look through everyone's posts, both those already done and those to come.

To enter to win a copy of the book, comment below and let us know what kind of hat you would most likely make. We will announce a winner by Wednesday the 19th.

Follow along with the Sewn Hats Blog Tour:
9/5 –   Mod Kid Boutique
9/6 –  French General
9/11 -
9/15 –Fig Tree & Company
9/21 – Figgys Patterns
9/26 – Bari J.
9/28 –
10/1 – Sew Mama Sew
10/2 – Aesthetic Nest
10/4 – Betz White
10/8 –
10/10-  Wiley Craft
Thanks so much for stopping by…. again!

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  1. Jan | 15th Sep 12

    I’d like to make a sun hat.

  2. Anita | 15th Sep 12

    What a cute update! I would love to make a summer floppy type hat 🙂

  3. Sivje Parish | 15th Sep 12

    I want to make a newsboy style hat. My girls are obsessed with “Newsies” so I think that would be their first request.
    Thanks for the chance.

  4. Gertie Pye | 16th Sep 12

    The Summer Blossom sun hat is so darling! I am also a big fun of baker boy caps x

  5. freakadoodles | 16th Sep 12

    I’d like to make a few fun and colorful hats for my daughter.

  6. Joanne G | 16th Sep 12

    I would make your summer blossom sunhat for my toddler daughter. I love that style of hat!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. maria elena blecha | 16th Sep 12

    I would love to make the floppy hat for my grand daugther, and I promise to send a p[icture of her wearing it!!

  8. Cheryl B. | 16th Sep 12

    I love your floppy sun hat. I would love to make the for my new niece for next summer.

  9. Vickie | 16th Sep 12

    I love the summer blossoms hat, with 7 grand daughters it would be adorable to make one for each of them and then have a picture with all of them wearing their hats.

  10. Mary | 16th Sep 12

    I’d love to win this book – I’m known for wearing and making hats and have started my grandchildren on this same path! (The boys and the girls all have hats I’ve made them and let me know when they need a new one!) My very favorites are the big, floppy brimmed hats.

  11. Gwen Windham | 16th Sep 12

    Little girls look so adorable in their sweet little sun hats! I need to make one of those for my Clarabel! 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win!! And for taking part in this blog hop– now I’m heading over to check out the other participants! 🙂

  12. Kathy O in GA | 16th Sep 12

    I would be making some sort of sunhat…I just don’t know if it would be for a boy or a girl…niece is pregnant! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fun book!

  13. Debbie H | 16th Sep 12

    I really like the cute sunhats. thanks for the giveaway!

  14. sue roit | 16th Sep 12

    I would love to make a neat Hat to way in the drizzles–lgtit rain when I am outside==walking the dog or myself——Something that would keep the moisture off but not big a floppy—-sue

  15. Shawn M. | 16th Sep 12

    Congrats to the winners.. lucky….
    The hats are very cool.

  16. kitty | 16th Sep 12

    I’d love to make the Liesl Cloche.
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  17. Lisa Leimone | 16th Sep 12

    I have always wanted to make a cute bucket hat! Your book is wonderful!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  18. Marguerite Guinn | 16th Sep 12

    I love the Amelia & Me hat. I can see both my little granddaughters wearing one!

  19. cynthia | 16th Sep 12

    That summer blossom hat is just the cutest ever! C’est un joli chapeau!

  20. Linda | 16th Sep 12


  21. Melissa H | 16th Sep 12

    Wow love the Amelia & Me hat <3

  22. Jillishness | 16th Sep 12

    A little girl in my life needs a cloche

  23. Miriam | 16th Sep 12

    I think the Amelia & me hat is adorable. I think the next hat I make might would be a cute sailor hat. That way it could be for a boy or a girl.

  24. Cecilia | 16th Sep 12

    I like the floppy sun hats and would make three, one for each granddaughter.

  25. Carmen | 16th Sep 12

    I want to make some Amelia & Me hats for my little one.

  26. Celtic Thistle | 17th Sep 12

    Would love to make a chic flapper-style cloche hat!

  27. Dianne Bondaroff | 18th Sep 12

    The summer floppy hat for sure – I have two girls! Thanks for a chance at another giveaway. Very generous of you.
    Happy sewing for your deadlines.

  28. rosa | 18th Sep 12

    Congrats to all the winners.Would love to make Amelia & Me

  29. Pam C | 18th Sep 12

    I would make that adorable sun hat for my grands. I would like to make a version for little boys and that flap hat for winter. Great book!

  30. Sue | 18th Sep 12

    I would love to make a hat for keeping the sun off of my face when I am accompanying my husband to his open-water swims!

  31. Synthia Noble | 18th Sep 12

    I seem to be drawn to the “Amelia & Me” hat. Would be very fun to make these darling hats.

  32. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 18th Sep 12

    I would definitely make the Amelia and Me hat for my granddaughter.

  33. Linda Hoch | 18th Sep 12

    Love, love, love hats … wear them every chance I get! This would be a great book to add to my “library”.

  34. Linda Hoch | 18th Sep 12

    I would probably make the cloche or a summer floppy hat for gardening … what great fun!

  35. Kristen | 18th Sep 12

    I would probably make them all as my husband was diagnosed with melanoma and we are all wearing hats all the time now. Lovely book and great giveaway! 🙂

  36. Lizzie | 18th Sep 12

    I love hats! What a fun adventure to make one ……with such a great looking and fun book it might be possible to make a very cute summer hat:)!

  37. Amy McA | 18th Sep 12

    I would probably make your new hat or a “bucket” hat for gardening in.


    Thank you for hosting such a nice give away!

    Amy McAllister

  38. Martha Followill | 18th Sep 12

    I love the Amelia and Me pattern for my little great
    niece that is almost 2 years old. I have alot of your
    patterns and love them all. I now have my eye on your
    pattern Star Bloom. Your color combinations is one of
    the best.

  39. PattyK | 18th Sep 12

    Would love to make the racoon tail hat for my nephew. Thanks!

  40. Bonnie | 18th Sep 12

    I love all the hats!! I have been looking for a book of hats for some time and this looks like the one I have been looking for. I particularly like the newsboy hat. Thanks!

  41. Jenny | 18th Sep 12

    Love the colors, as usual

  42. Linda. Gerig | 18th Sep 12

    Looks k
    Like a fun book. Linda gerig

  43. Brenda T. | 18th Sep 12

    Hi Joanna, I love all your patterns and all your fabric designs! My only problem: I don’t have enough time to do all the quilting I’d like to do using your patterns and fabrics! Can’t wait for retirement!!! Thanks! Brenda

  44. Vicky | 18th Sep 12

    Oh my goodness! The hats are so cute! I would love to make your floppy hat for my brand new granddaughter and my little grandson would look so stylin’ with the old fashioned “roadster” hat. Pick me, pick me … please!

  45. Kristi | 18th Sep 12

    I would make a sun hat with a wide brim.

  46. Lee | 18th Sep 12

    I would love to make a chef hat! thanks!

  47. Joan | 18th Sep 12

    I would make the Amelia and Me hat for my
    granddaughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Sue Schultz | 18th Sep 12

    I would love to win the book. I have a granddaughter that I would love to make a hat for. I am also looking for a pattern for an adult size 1920’s style cloche hat.

  49. Beth T. | 18th Sep 12

    I’m picturing my nieces Paige and Claire in your Sunblossom hat, so I think I’d start with that one.

  50. Jill | 18th Sep 12

    I have 3 grandkids, I would love to make hats for. I really like the sunblossom hat.

  51. Karla Beck | 18th Sep 12

    I love all of your patterns. I used to think that I had to have complete collections to do a quilt, now I love to used your cream fabric and use up my scraps. The hats are just too cute! I have a new granddaughter so I would love to make some of these “sunshine” hats even if she does live where the sun doesn’t always shine:) Bought your new sewing/quilting book and love it! Thanks for all your creativity.

  52. Delcia | 18th Sep 12

    Darling hat–I know a cutie who would love one. Your book looks not only full of pretty things but a visit with all things Joanna/Fig Tree–thanks for the chance to win it!

  53. Jessie | 18th Sep 12

    Those hats look so cute!

  54. kathy | 18th Sep 12

    I would definitely sew up the Amelia and Me Hat. Love it!

  55. Jan Richards | 18th Sep 12

    Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful books.
    Love your hat that you contributed.

  56. Janet | 18th Sep 12

    Love your sunbonnet and Amelia & Me hats; they’re absolutely darling. I’d really like a fun and delightful gardening hat. Thanks for sponsoring the great hat book giveaway!

  57. rush | 18th Sep 12

    the little girl’s sunbonnet hats are so darn cute!

  58. Mary | 18th Sep 12

    I’d like to make the rain hat that’s in the book. Judging by today, the rainy season is upon us. ugh Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. Sherri | 19th Sep 12

    WOuld LOVE to make hats for my granddaughters and grandson. Hope there will be kits! My favorite pattern is Goosetracks in the Pumpkins which is hanging now. I hand appliqued it and had it hand quilted. Next favorite which is underway is Boughs of Pomegranates.

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