More June…

June also brought two more patterns in our postage stamp series. Love these little guys….


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  1. Miss Jean | 30th Jan 13

    I love Liberty Boy!!!

  2. Susan Riley | 31st Jan 13

    Joanna-without tedious detail, to make you go screaming into the night, I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how you start designing a new line of fabric. Just a few basics of the process would be SO enlightning. Just think about it, ok? Many thanks for all you do! Susan

  3. Brenda Sanders | 31st Jan 13

    I’m slowly building my collection of the stamps. They are so cute and I do intend to make them all some day…

  4. elizabeth | 31st Jan 13

    Is there a shop where one can purchase the patterns of the postage stamps?

  5. Michele Willand | 31st Jan 13

    I love each and every one of the stamp projects. So many nifty projects, so little time…lol. It would seem your creative imagination has no boundaries!!!

  6. Joanna | 31st Jan 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] elizabeth submitted a comment on More June…

    Our patterns are stocked by hundreds of shops but we do not inventory who has what at what time we are of no help to you there. You can always check in with your LQS or order them from our SHOP anytime you like.

  7. Joanna | 1st Feb 13

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Susan Riley submitted a comment on More June…

    I have done that before, there were even a whole series of interviews once where I talked about my process step by step but it was a while ago.
    I will try to post something about it in the upcoming months.

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