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Do you remember me mentioning something about working on a little owl awhile back? 

I certainly "tweeted" about it [btw, if you don't already play the twitter game, you might want to start now as we are about to start a series of coupons next week only accessible to those of you who are "following" me on twitter].

Well I was working on a little fall embellishment to one of my scarflettes. All of a sudden a plain little fabric scarf has a bit more personality.



Not only that but the little owl is being joined by this here pumpkin and they are going on an adventure. They are very important. In fact they are the stars of their own little show. The show in my particular classroom. They will have kits. People will make them friends. And hopefully in the process learn some fun techniques, ideas and stories for the journey from me.


They are joining their friend and they are ready for a really fun time….

They are heading to The Creative Connection on September 16th, 17th and 18th!! Oh and I get to go with them. You might say I will be their chaperone. We need to make sure they behave in class!


I am really looking forward to being involved in this particular event, mostly because of the group of wonderful women who I will be joining. Women like Jo Packham [of Where Women Create] and Nancy Soriano [ex-editor of Country Living magazine] co-founders of this conference and others such as Kaari or Wendy Addison. Or Amy and Mary Jane, our keynotes. 

I mean, I can only imagine the creativity swirling around this event! How lucky am I to have been included with these women? 

And if that wasn't enough to make you run out right now and buy a ticket, the Junk Bonanza is running simulataneously to The Creative Connection! Junking at its finest!Junk-bonanza-logo

You know you want to come and play. So come and join us!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And on other fronts I just wanted to share with you this lovely new Jelly Roll idea coming from MODA soon… Solid Jelly Rolls, 4 strips of each color! And they come in several yummy color combinations to go with various color palettes. This particular one is made to match with some of my collections [okay, maybe it wasn't made for that specifically but it sure feels like it was made just for me :-)], in fact it has a few of the Fig Tree Bella Solids in it, joined by a few other colorful beauties.




Gotta love MODA!

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Stephanie | 10th Mar 10

    Cute owl but I’m especially thrilled about the Bella Solids jelly roll.

  2. jaybird | 10th Mar 10

    congrats on teaching.. the owl is adorable! & the solid jelly roll.. super yummy!!

  3. Jackie | 10th Mar 10

    The owl is so cute. What a fun project. Can’t wait for the solid jelly rolls .

  4. Bren | 10th Mar 10

    I love your owl scarf. . . so much!!!
    . . . & the bella jelly rolls. . . genius. (& so lovely too!)
    xo, Bren

  5. kate spain | 10th Mar 10

    so much fun i can hardly stand it! i love everything about your owl scarflette and cutie little pumpkin! AND the Bella Solids..jeez..looks like someone isn’t having too much trouble figueroa-ing out what to blog about *wink, wink* xok

  6. Sherri | 10th Mar 10

    The Creative Connection event is sure to be amazing! And LOVE the Moda Bella solids jelly roll!

  7. Valerie Moss | 10th Mar 10

    that scarf with the Owl is so cute! Nice fresh spring colours


  8. Sally Keller | 10th Mar 10

    *sigh* you always have the greatest ideas!! I {heart} your owl and your fun solid jelly roll!!

  9. Joanna | 10th Mar 10

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Sally Keller submitted a comment on The Creative Connection Other Goodies

    *Sigh* … I love comments like that. Thank you. You make me *sigh*!

  10. Ruth | 10th Mar 10

    I will see you there….already signed up and can’t wait!!

  11. Karen | 12th Mar 10

    Love the owl!!!! But ooh la la…those Bella solids jelly rolls are to die for!!!!!

  12. Pam | 15th Mar 10

    I love solids! Having just visited the Amish Abstractions in San Francisco, I think the Amish style is on the way back in! Pam in Chico

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