Okay, poking in for a minute again. Here is one of the latest. Its gone to print and will actually be ready for Market. I think it might easily be my favorite of the group… of course I'm not quite done yet.

And of course "she who believes that all quilts I make are in one way or another for her" made an appearance during the photo shoot for this one…. too bad her shirt didn't match or she may have well ended up in the final picks.

EllaonsunwashedHope you are having a great September. Mine has disappeared somewhere. As if we didn't all already know. Back to the sewing machine. If all goes well, more sneak peaks tomorrow!
Talk to you soon.

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  1. Miriam | 22nd Sep 09

    Ohhh I love that quilt!! I love the design and the colours!!! Beautiful!!!

    Cute model too!

  2. Stephanie | 22nd Sep 09

    How sweet to have a daughter who wants all of your quilts! Another lovely quilt!

  3. Kaye Prince | 22nd Sep 09

    That is one beautiful quilt! Good luck with all of the Market preparation!

  4. Julia | 22nd Sep 09

    Hi Joanna,
    this one could be my favourite too…but then, I haven’t seen the others you designed…and I always think it can’t get more beautifully…and then I’m always proven wrong ;o).
    And how can you refuse such a sweet girl? I’m sure I couldn’t and she would end up with that quilt…


  5. Jocelyn | 22nd Sep 09

    Gorgeous 🙂 What a cutie!

  6. pam | 22nd Sep 09

    She’s a cutie, isn’t she!

  7. Sinta Renee | 22nd Sep 09

    I love the new quilt… can’t wait to see what else you have been up to! I see that it has made the “test of aproval by Ella” (isn’t that your daughters name)

  8. Emily Christian | 22nd Sep 09

    Gorgeous quilt, and gorgeous girl! Love it!

  9. tina | 22nd Sep 09

    Is it September??? 😉

  10. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 22nd Sep 09

    So pretty (quilt and daughter)!

  11. Brittany | 22nd Sep 09

    It’s gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And what a cutie in those pictures.

  12. Camille Roskelley | 22nd Sep 09

    Oh my gosh, I love it! I’ll add this to the list of projects I’m definitely making (and you know I will!). Can’t wait to see the rest. You are AWESOME, girl!!

    BTW, “from my large face to yours”? You KILL me! Love it!

  13. marina | 22nd Sep 09

    What a lovely pattern, so pretty and different.
    Your daughter is very cute and why wouldn’t all your quilts be for her?

  14. Joanna | 23rd Sep 09

    I¹m tellin ya. I need some of that Camille sewing mojo. Its been so long
    since I sewed something for myself. Soon I always tell myself, soon….

    Talk soon,


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