November brought birthdays and holidays. It marked the beginning of our annual 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE and all the complete insanity that those 12 days bring around here! It brought our brand new HAZEL dishtowel and a lot of fun kits. In November, we started preparing for the arrival of many out of town guests and tried to be ready for Christmas!


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  1. rosa | 15th Feb 13

    There are many eye candies.November is the month of my birthday!!.

  2. Janice K | 16th Feb 13

    November starts our birthday months, also. My sister and I share November, along with two of my cousins…Love the beginning of the Holidays….

  3. Julie C. | 17th Feb 13

    I have enjoyed seeing your “months” go by and I am awed by your photography! What camera do you use? Maybe I need to upgrade (or I just need your lovely subject matter).

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