Oh Deer!

In the absence of having enough energy to show you all something I'm working on right now, I thought I would share a few photos of an upcoming MODA line that is making me happy today.

OH DEER by MoMo is coming to a store near you in mid-August. Isn't it just yummy? 

Come to think of it… maybe, just maybe, this fabric might inspire me to make something. Just maybe.





Makes me think of the ice cream truck. Who, by the way, was just here this afternoon. To be honest, he comes every day in the summer. In fact I think I will admit publicly that he stops in front of our house, leaves his jingle on and waits to see if we might come out. True confessions.

We are, if nothing else, creatures of habit who love ice cream :-).

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  1. Jayne | 2nd Aug 12

    Love that fabric, the orange does remind me of a creamsicle!

  2. Lana @whatsthestorymorninglory.com | 2nd Aug 12

    Love the colours!

  3. Melissa H | 2nd Aug 12

    Oh so are we! We don’t have ice-cream trucks out here in the country but every time we go to town my husband says lets get cones… lol. I remind him that it is much more cost effective to buy icecream at the grocery store, but no he wants to get it at the icecream shop 🙂

  4. Susan R | 2nd Aug 12

    Deer seem to be everywhere-on all the design shows etc & now on fabric! Many people who have lost all their hostas probably won’t buy it 🙂 Me? just have coyotes & foxes in my yard…on the ocean, so go figure. Oranges are to die for.

  5. Marcia R. | 2nd Aug 12

    ooh so pretty! I love that big floral. I think this fabric will make the perfect wedding quilt for friends of mine.

    One of my favorite memories from childhood was the ice cream truck. He didn’t have to stop in front of our house, because he knew we would chase him down! My favorite were “push-ups.” Yummy.

  6. Dianne | 2nd Aug 12

    SO cute! It’s like a softer, deer-ier version of it’s a hoot! Thanks for sharing…it’s too cute!

  7. Marianne | 2nd Aug 12

    That is a luscious line! Do I spot some birds amongst those deer? Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lou | 2nd Aug 12

    I have been known to chase the ice cream truck down….just say’n.

  9. Janice | 2nd Aug 12

    The ice cream truck brings back great memories of my childhood and my dear grandmother’s house! Love the new fabric!

  10. Brenda | 2nd Aug 12

    I live in the country, so no ice cream trucks, but we do have a community ice cream supper every year the 3rd Sat. night in August (if you’re in Locke, Arkansas, stop in – there’s always plenty) and everyone brings their ice cream makers and make homemade ice cream. The orange fabric reminds me of some orange sherbet that one lady makes every year. We all make pigs of ourselves (people bring cakes and cookies and brownies….) Gee, but I’m hungry now!

  11. Joanna | 2nd Aug 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Brenda submitted a comment on Oh Deer!


    That sounds absolutely perfect. Now I wish that I was going to be in town that day!

    Thanks for sharing that great story,

  12. Mary Kay | 5th Aug 12

    Love the deer – I like the idea of deer in a girly fashion rather than camo! Inspires me to do something different. Thanks 🙂

  13. Karli | 5th Aug 12

    Yum. Can’t beat an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Or, super cute fabric! Enjoy both for me as I’m on an ice cream and fabric diet. I hate it, but my waistline and pocketbook are happy!

  14. Sinta | 9th Aug 12

    I have some MoMo fabric right now that I hate to cut into. But those colors are delicious and so summery! Even better that I can get my hands on them this month!
    By the way, I love ice cream too… which reminds me, I need a new scale, mine doesn’t seem to be working right!hehe

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