Oh… yeah and a little broken leg!

Oh yeah… as someone just pointed out to me this morning…. one of the munchkins has been in a full leg cast all month! I guess that has added to the general Figueroa festivities just a bit!   Thank goodness its our middle offspring… the most mellow of the group!

If you know us personally, feel free to chuckle again about the events surrounding that break!

Talk to you later.

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  1. pam | 3rd Nov 09

    That was a little bit funny!

  2. Sherri | 3rd Nov 09

    My youngest was in a cast the whole month of October…he broke his arm in a football game near the end of September…you’ve never seen a kid so happy as the day he got that cast off last week…whenever he got discouraged we kept telling him…at least it’s not your leg…so my heart goes out to your little one!

  3. Lani | 3rd Nov 09

    Aww … poor guy. We’ll be sending Mr. FigTree&Co that package soon 🙂

  4. Julie from aust. | 3rd Nov 09

    Oh dear, give your little fella a big hug. Love your blog & work, my 2 & 4 year old were dancing along to the beautiful french music, we had to do about 4 repeats! Would you mind telling me who it is??

  5. Miss Jean | 5th Nov 09

    As if you didn’t have enough on your hands. Can you tell me the brand of vitamins and energy drink you use? You have more energy than anyone I know!!!! Happy traveling to Europe and I hope the little guy mends quickly.

  6. elizabeth | 8th Nov 09

    Snort! Yes, that is an awesome family story.
    Simply AWESOME.

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