Working on a new London post but meanwhile I had a photo shoot the other day of some of our existing Jelly Roll quilts for a future project…. 

Anyway, I remembered how much I loved this quilt and the pattern. "Papillon" is a new twist on an old favorite. Reinterpreted as usual to avoid templates!


Thought I would share a few of the shots from the shoot and just wanted to share with you that this pattern is really such a SIMPLE one! 

I know I seem to say that a lot [talking to you…. Camille & friends] but I really do mean it. Mostly what I mean, I guess, is that for those of you who avoid some of these traditional patterns because they have always looked complicated, well I'm with you on that! 

That is why I always rework the block until I think that most anyone can do it.

Each part of the "fan" is simply a piece of jelly roll strip folded in half lengthwise, sewn together on one end, turned out into a point and placed into a traced piece of template plastic. When the pieces are all assembled, they are sewn to one another along the drawn lines traced from that template… no special piecing, no special template cutting, no special rulers. 


It goes together pretty darn quick. I guess that is what I mean by simple!

You can also of course keep going all the way around to make a traditional Dresden Plate block. In fact, we might just be working on such a version ourselves so stay tuned.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. a good yarn | 30th Nov 09

    That is fabulously clever and looks terrific! I love these fan-bows!

  2. Kathryn | 30th Nov 09

    I just received my collection of Millhouse Inn fabric…(I’m hoping to order all the collections in time) and this looks like the perfect project…I can’t wait for the pattern!
    Also, Typepad has been giving me grief each time I try to post a comment here, I hope it works today!

  3. Kim Kaslow | 30th Nov 09

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  4. amber | 30th Nov 09

    That might be a good one to try, since I have yet to do a dresden plate quilt but have been wanting to do one! This might be a good way for me to start. It’s a beautiful quilt!

  5. | 30th Nov 09

    Love it…Love it…Love it….where can I get the pattern?

  6. Joanna | 30th Nov 09

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] submitted a comment on Papillon

    The pattern is available on our website which you can access from the blog or by going to
    Then go to the shop button. Then the patterns button.

    Happy Sewing,


  7. kate | 30th Nov 09


    welcome baaack! just read through your posts about England and it looks/sounds like you had a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to see more pics!

    thanks for your note about my pincushion, but, umm…i have a long way to go before i’ll be making beautiful this one of yours!! amazing.

    So yes, i think you need to go to Target and get yourself one of those red scalloped cake plates. Join the club 🙂 it’s so funny how many people have gotten them!

    And thank you sooo much for picking up some of my paperware! I’m really happy that you like it so much.

    Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.


  8. Julia | 30th Nov 09

    Hi Joanna,
    I so understand why you can’t get enough of that quilt ~ I just recieved my copy of the pattern & if the day had 48 hrs more, I’d definitely make that quilt with a dozen of Jelly Rolls ;o). Simply LOVE it.
    Cheers, Julia

  9. Tara | 30th Nov 09

    Beautiful quilt!!! I love the colors!

  10. Lisa | 30th Nov 09

    How beautiful! You always have the best patterns. I just bought Fresh Vintage Sewing and I find myself thumbing through it all the time just to look at the pretty projects:-) I will be making the front porch blooms one first though, I think.

  11. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 30th Nov 09

    Gorgeous Joanna!

  12. Karen | 5th Dec 09

    That’s a beautifulquilt!

  13. Valerie Moss | 7th Dec 09

    simple beautiful, I just love dresden fan blocks!! of all shapes, variations and sizes 😉

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