Paris: are we done yet?

When I daydream of France, I think of little window scenes like this one here below. I really can't put my finger on what it is about this that is so "French" feeling for me, but it just is. I don't know why. 

Whereas some of my favorite pictures of Paris are grey and neutral and soft and old and vintage looking, Paris is also all about color. Its everywhere you look really, in every nook and cranny as they say.

… like in the windows


… or in the scarves in a store


… or in the jam jars at the Bon Marche department and grocery store


… or in the flower market


… even at night, the streets and cafes of Paris seem to be aglow in color


… the store shelves are lined with wonderful colors. This one happens to be one of my favorite French reproduction stores, Comptoir de Famille



… boutiques filled with colorful prints.



… and of course, it wouldn't be complete without the amazing color of the Patisseries [for those of you who are recent followers of my blog, after one of my first trips to Paris, I was inspired to design an entire fabric collection based on the colors that I saw in the Parisian Patisseries, bakeries. It was called Patisserie. The blog posts about that trip are here.


… more scarves twisted up into rolls. Parisian women are really, really into scarves of every kind and variety!


And so my head is spinning with colors and with neutrals and I couldn't possibly ever get them all onto fabric. That's a shame I think. Wouldn't Paris be wonderful as a fabric collection? I mean the real colors and feel of Paris. Maybe one day I will capture it.

Talk to you soon.


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  1. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 28th Jul 10

    Well, you captured it in photos here Joanna, so no doubt someday you will translate “Paris” into fabric!

  2. kate spain | 28th Jul 10

    in a word: tantalizing! but i’m sure you will finesse the gracefulness of paris into a fabric collection that we will probably want to eat, or wear, or wear while eating. your photos are so beautiful! xok

  3. sherri | 28th Jul 10

    These photos are so gorgeous…amazing and fun to look at!

  4. Jean | 28th Jul 10

    The Paris Tourism Industry should be paying you! You make us all want to go there. It must be just so beautiful!!!

  5. elizabeth | 28th Jul 10

    When I think of Paris neutrals, I think of Musee Rodin. Capturing the colors of Paris is one thing, capturing the FEEL – I can’t even find words to capture that!

  6. Dawn H | 28th Jul 10

    pure eye candy and such a beautiful capturing of the sights and feel of Paris…Thank You!…
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  7. Cathy Burk | 28th Jul 10

    We will all enjoy the results as you continue to try!!!

  8. Fiona | 29th Jul 10

    What a wonderful scarf shop! Please let us know where to find it (I live in the cold north-east of Scotland & spend most of autumn & winter in scarves!) – the colours are stunning and I’m off to Paris in late November…….

  9. Chartreuse Moose | 29th Jul 10

    I wish your Paris photos could go on forever! Each photo is a treasure! Thank you for a lovely blog!

  10. Kathryn | 29th Jul 10

    Everything is just sooo beautiful! I recently purchased some of your Patisserie off etsy and I love it so much I’m having a hard time cutting into it 🙂

  11. Pam | 29th Jul 10

    Dear Joanna, I love your photographs! I would love to see a Fig Tree line with Paris chalkboards and gleaming lantern glow at night…reds, blacks, buttercream, don’t you think? I hope the rest of your summer is wonderful. Loved seeing the pixs of your kids playing softball! Good Times! Pam in Chico

  12. tif | 30th Jul 10

    ah, everything is just beautiful!!

  13. Sandra Davidson | 30th Jul 10

    I love the Paris pictures and the beautiful colors everywhere. If anyone could capture them on fabric it would be you.

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