Paris: just the beginning

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is that if I go MIA like I have a bit recently, you will not hesitate to come find me! Even if my hub finds it a bit funny to feel this attached to a stranger, thank you to all of you who emailed and even called our office recently to find out if everything was okay and that I was fine.

I am here to announce that I am just fine, hunky dory in fact and I have just been taking a little bloggy break mostly because I have been abroad, on vacation or on business trips. Oh and there is that whole summer thing happening around here that is making it kind of hard to get to the computer…. just saying.

I want you to know that I am back at it, back in the swing of things, back in the saddle, back on the horse, back at the reins, ready to roll, back on track…. any other good idioms to butcher?

But since it is summer and I am not quite ready to start writing much, I thought I would share the adventures of my last month with pictures and a few words, very few words. At least for today. Tomorrow, maybe a few more words or a story or two…

When we arrived in Paris, we bought these gorgeous Peonies to put in our hotel room. Every day we smelled their glorious scent each time we walked back into our room…


I spent a lot of time with this guy….


Started a little ritual each morning at the local cafe, drinking this and having the most amazing croissant and pan chocolat you could possible imagine….



As soon as it was appropriate we had some of this…


[only the French could make a simple ice cream cone look this beautiful!]


…I told him that he enjoyed his ice cream just a little too much :-)!

We walked to as many markets as we could, at least 3 different ones each day…




Each afternoon, we would take a rest on a bench…. or two in one of these.


When we got too tired to walk, each afternoon we would use this instead…


So that we could make our way to another one of these…


… or another one.


…or maybe this one.


Sounds pretty much like most of our days. More tomorrow.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Lynda M Otvos | 20th Jul 10

    Looks marvelously relaxing-and that you deserve!

  2. sherri | 20th Jul 10

    What a wonderful way to have a perfect summer vacation! Welcome back!

  3. LibertyStar | 20th Jul 10

    OMG were you in Paris when I was there? Your photos are wonderful and they bring back such sweet memories!
    xoxx, R

  4. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 20th Jul 10

    Well that is as close as I am going to get this summer, so thanks for the photos!

  5. Sinta Renee | 20th Jul 10

    Your pictures are beautiful! You both look so comfortable there! Thanks for sharing… and welcome back home:)

  6. Miriam | 20th Jul 10

    That is the best kind of holiday!!! Exploring Paris is wonderful!!

    Great to see you back. 🙂

  7. Chartreuse Moose | 20th Jul 10

    Ah, Paris in the summer! Wonderful photos! Thank you for taking us along on holiday!

  8. Vicki J Papin | 20th Jul 10

    thank you, thank you, thank you, you are the best!

  9. evelyne | 21st Jul 10

    Thank you very much for your pictures and your words about my town.
    It’is a great pleasure that you spent a very good time in Paris.

  10. Dawn | 21st Jul 10

    It’s just as beautiful as I remember it… 8 years ago I was there too, thnaks for the memories…. ‘Simply Paris’
    Hugs Dawn x x

  11. Sandra Davidson | 21st Jul 10

    I am glad you had some time with that handsome husband of yours. Have a wonderful summer

  12. Mary Ann | 21st Jul 10

    It looks like the most lovely of holidays and Paris to boot!

  13. Jeanie | 21st Jul 10

    I envy how much you go to Paris!!! It’s like another magnificent world to me-a world I would very much like to return to and very soon:) Thanks for the pictures-at least I can live vicariously through you. BTW, the pic. of Ben freaked me out. Last time I saw him, we were painting your kitchen cabinets in Oakland-he was still in a highchair. He is so grown up and handsome. Where has the time gone?

  14. Hattie | 22nd Jul 10

    I love Paris. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. My trip was whirlwind, so I look forward to the chance to take my time like you guys did. What a wonderful place! I hope it inspired lots of beautiful new designs!

  15. Lori Kramer | 27th Jul 10

    I ran into a friend who is taking language classes
    we spoke of future travel plans and you have
    put the words into pictures!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely time

  16. Dottie | 27th Jul 10

    Never been to Paris, but from your pics I would love to go. Have you ever thought of getting a group together to tour Paris for those of us who have never been? Thank you for sharing

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