Pattern Showcase #3

You know how we are about our projects…. we love those quilts nice and big and our mini patterns, nice and little. Its a perfect combination in the studio. If we get tired of piecing, we move on to our little mini projects for a totally different pace and then back again. It really is a good way to go, especially if, like me, you enjoy the satisfaction of getting something little done in the midst of a larger project.


So along those lines, introducing  A PEAR IN A TREE. Do you get it? As opposed to A Partridge in a Pear Tree? Yah, well, my husband didn't get it either but I entertained myself!



… perfect to make with one of those yummy little MODA CANDY packs or any of your favorite little piles of scraps. These make perfect ornaments or decorations of to fill a bowl or as gifts… the options are endless! They are just the perfect little size.



 .. you can piece them scrappy, or with just two different fabrics or if you want to get a lot done in a short time, simply use one fabric for each side of the pear or even just one fabric for the entire thing. They're pretty much cute, regardless.





… these might be my favorite….. pears 


… don't you just wanna eat 'em up?



NAME: A Pear in a Tree

SIZE: Finished at app. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

FABRIC: The pieced pear samples are made with scraps from our upcoming AVALON collection. The single fabric pear is made with my favorite green print from our upcoming TAPESTRY collection [due out in stores any day now]! For pattern, click HERE.


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  1. SarahB | 30th Oct 12


  2. sherri | 30th Oct 12

    These are darling! I had fun looking for your quilts in the Moda booth at market!

  3. Terry Conner | 30th Oct 12

    Yummy looking. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Sandy | 30th Oct 12

    These are so cute and what a great way to showcase new fabrics. But oh Joanna, the suspense is killing me – I’m in love with the Sailboat quilt in Avalon. Guess I’ll check in tomorrow!

  5. Jennifer | 31st Oct 12

    I love them!

  6. Mary Kay | 31st Oct 12

    These are so cute! The problem is I can never get them stuffed to look like yours 🙁

  7. Libby | 31st Oct 12

    OH, how yummy ~ I’ll just have to order the pattern!

  8. Anna | 31st Oct 12

    These are so cute too. This is so fun. Is there going to be more tomorrow? Absolutely love the pears. By the way, I got it.

  9. Ginger Ashworth | 31st Oct 12

    I adore the pears, but, don’t you think you ought to make a fig, also?? That would be totally awesome! A fig from Fig Tree . . .

  10. Nicola | 31st Oct 12

    I think we need a matching Partridge…no pressure… x

  11. Lizzie | 31st Oct 12

    The red pear is my favorite! No the green pear is too!
    ILovely to see so many ways to adorn your surroundings, every time I stop by! Isecond it, a fig, and a partridge too;o)

  12. Deb F. | 31st Oct 12

    Darling….I just want to make a whole collection of sweet little pears.

  13. Joanna | 31st Oct 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Ginger Ashworth submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #3

    I know, I know. Figs ought to be in the collection. But, believe it or not, figs are really hard to make to look like pears. They either look like pears or apples!

  14. Stacy | 1st Nov 12

    I am going crazy! I found the name of the Bella Solid creams that you use on this newsletter and now I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone please help me! Lol

  15. Joanna | 1st Nov 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Stacy submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #3

    Not sure what exactly you are referring to but if you are looking for the bella solid that we use most often for our backgrounds, it is the SNOW.

    If you want something a bit creamier, like the warmer backgrounds we sometimes have, then you would need to purchase the solid that comes with the collection. The one that comes with TAPESTRY, for example, is a wonderful warm cream and we sell it by the yard.

  16. Stacy | 1st Nov 12

    Thanks! It was the snow! Your a lifesaver! I have the Breakfast at Tiffany’s fat quarter bundle and was looking for the light cream. You helped tremendously:)

  17. Joanna | 1st Nov 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Nicola submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #3

    I think you might be right about the partridge!


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