Pattern Showcase #4

Given the "breezy" and a bit more "nautical" feel of the upcoming AVALON collection, we thought we would branch out and have a bit of fun with some sailboats.

Oh my gosh were these fun to make! Often due to deadlines we have to send quilts out to be finished to a group of our dedicated sewers and piecers and we sure couldn't do it all without those guys. This time however, we thought we would tackle this one in the studio and diveed up the pieces between a few of us and pieced away. I assembled most of the blocks myself and had so much fun making them. I sure wish we had done this pattern when my boys were smaller… they would have LOVED it.

I am also dieing to make this pattern out of all reds and creams with maybe just a bit of blue here and there for a totally classic feel. We'll see if I ever get that chance :-).


… I love the waves on this quilt and how the quilting really makes them move



… this block might be one of my favorites or maybe its just one of my favorites. You know.





… I know, a lot of pictures of the same thing. Couldn't resist.



… the all over quilting that Diana did, just feels like the sea to me. Or maybe clouds. Or both. I guess its open to interpretation!





… this is the flat shot of the above sample. We called this version "At Sea"



… this is a more classic version with a cream background and aqua waves. We called it "In Port".



… this is more like the one that I would still like to make. Maybe with just a cream border of another prints. I don't know yet. Something very Americana that feels like it belongs in a beach cottage. I will let you know when I make it.


… and here is the same quilt but with only 9 blocks, more for a boy's room wall perhaps. Also the waves are just solid cream instead of scrappy.



This pattern is still getting finished up and edited and will be available by the end of the month if not a bit sooner. We will let you know as soon as it exists!

NAME: Sail Away

SIZE:  78" x 78" or 62" x 62" for child size version

FABRIC: for all of the samples shown we used our AVALON collection. The main samples can be made with a Layer Cake or any kind of fat 1/8 or fat 1/4 bundle. 

AVAILABLE: By the end of November, 2012.


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  1. Suzanne Zingg | 7th Nov 12

    When I flipped through my Moda catalog and saw Sail Away I gasped and bought the fabric to kit this amazing quilt. Love your introduction of the four navys and the aqua is so dreamy. You’re a genius and now seeing it with Diana’s quilting I love it ten times more. You can literally see the wind in those sails. Brilliant!

  2. Dawn | 7th Nov 12

    Love everything about it! the waves, the gorgeous colours, the beautiful Robins egg blue background, and your red and cream version with the blue border is gorgeous – I’m really spoilt for choice which version to sew first, they’re all wonderful! I’m really looking forward to the pattern coming out and Avalon – thankyou for all the lovely fabrics and patterns x

  3. Joanna | 7th Nov 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Suzanne Zingg submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #4


    Yeah! I am so glad that you like the quilt and the colors. We are having so much fun with it!

  4. Izzy | 7th Nov 12

    Joanna I love the sailboats, Im so glad you have this fabric and pattern..The red ones look like Christmas Boats to me. Lovely

  5. Bev Remillard | 7th Nov 12

    Ok Joanna – I have always loved your fabric, your patterns, your photos, your quilter and this sailboat pattern is no exception! It is so cute and clever – good job girl! Blessings, Bev

  6. Arlene | 7th Nov 12

    I’ve been obsessed with this quilt since I saw it on Sherri’s A Quilting Life blog – can’t wait to get the pattern and (of course!) more Fig Tree fabrics to make it 🙂

  7. Nicola | 7th Nov 12

    Lovely to hear you had some fun sewing time, Joanna x

  8. jenny | 7th Nov 12

    love love love these patterns and this new line!

  9. Kelly K | 7th Nov 12

    I LOVE this quilt, and I don’t live anywhere near water! Especially the blue background! Will you be kitting it when the fabric is available?

  10. Bari Jo | 7th Nov 12

    Could this be any cuter????????? I had three boys… would have loved this for them… I will have to get this and tuck it away for grand babies… I just LOVE it… just when I think you couldn’t possibly come up with anything to top the last amazing pattern… look at you go! All the versions are wonderful – I think the pale blue background ones are my fave…. wow… I want to make one soon! After pineapples of course… which I did get my pattern today from you… can’t wait for the tutorial!!!!

  11. Robbienae | 7th Nov 12

    This beautiful quilt named Sail Away is blowing me away! It is incredible and I can’t wait to order the pattern and the fabric. You and your team did a fabulous job.

  12. Tina in Nevada | 7th Nov 12

    I’m with Kelly K. above – LOVE IT! and will you be kitting it?? Great job with this new collection! I keep thinking each one is the best yet, and then you release another one and then that one takes my breath away.

  13. Anita | 7th Nov 12

    Love all your versions, especially the all red and cream. Can’t wait to see you make it up again and share with us 🙂

  14. Sandy | 7th Nov 12

    Oh Joanna, thank you for all the wonderful pics. I knew it would be beautiful. Being a beach girl this one is definitely on my list. Better get the pattern so I can practice.

  15. Joanna | 7th Nov 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Kelly K submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #4

    So glad you like our upcoming Sail Away pattern. Yes, we will be kitting it! Stay tuned for more info via our newsletter.

  16. Joanna | 7th Nov 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Robbienae submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #4

    So very glad that you like the new Sail Away pattern. It is one of my favorites too! It is really an unforgettable block!

    I am working on finishing up the pattern as we speak.

  17. Monique | 8th Nov 12

    absolutely wonderful…just love the pattern and the colors 🙂

  18. Renee | 8th Nov 12

    I absolutely love that pattern, congratulations!!!

  19. Elizabeth | 8th Nov 12

    I absolutely have to make this quilt for my son–if you do kit it up, I know what I want for Christmas! 🙂

  20. Marcia R. | 8th Nov 12

    Oh Joanna, this is fabulous! I also love the idea of the red and cream for a classical look. Maybe I’ll try that when the pattern comes out. Congrats!

  21. Debra Komar | 8th Nov 12

    Love it! And I never comment. I need this pattern pronto.

  22. Joanne G | 8th Nov 12

    I absolutely love the At Sea version. I cant wait to make it. So glad you will be kitting this awesome quilt. I am thinking this is my favorite of all your patterns!!!

  23. Miss Jean | 8th Nov 12

    I l-o-v-e this one!!!

  24. cocoquilts | 8th Nov 12

    I’ve been looking forward to your new Avalon collection and this quilt just entices me even more!! Love how you have added blue to your fabric line and this sailboat is adorable!! A perfectly classic design for a baby boy quilt and one also for my home!! Just added to the top of my quilt list!!

  25. Becky S. | 8th Nov 12

    Such a sweet quilt. I LOVE it!!!

  26. Terry | 8th Nov 12

    This is just so pretty…love the fabrics, the colors and the quilting!!!

  27. Michele Willand | 8th Nov 12

    Wow!!! Will there be an Avalon kit when the fabric is released? If so, would you add it my list… :). Gorgeous and cozy come to mind!!

  28. Sandra Davidson | 8th Nov 12

    I love it but wish it had come out about 2 months earlier as I have a new grand nephew being born this month and his bedroom is all done in a nautical theme and i am doing a quilt to match but I think I love yours better. Oh Well!!

  29. jeanne boswell | 8th Nov 12

    I definitely want #4 At Sea as we are remodeling our beach house now! Just in time and perfect to snuggle under.

  30. Helen LeBrett | 8th Nov 12

    Love your sail quilt: let us know if you have a kit coming with it!!

  31. Sophiesgrammie | 8th Nov 12

    Just finished your Boughs of Pomegranates and I think the sail quilt may be next for my baby grandson. Love how creative you are with all the different styles of quilts! Thanks!

  32. Joanna | 8th Nov 12

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Debra Komar submitted a comment on Pattern Showcase #4


    In that case, thanks for commenting! Joanna

  33. Moineau | 9th Nov 12

    Wow, this is simply amazing. I love the colorful At Sea version, though I know in my lazy heart I’ll end up sewing a smaller 9-boat quilt 🙂 I’m definitely coming back for more at the end of the month.

  34. Marlene Leonardo | 9th Nov 12

    Hi Joanna,
    Love the new sailboat quilt…especially with the blue background. I’m definitely getting this pattern…too cute!

  35. Karen | 10th Nov 12

    In love with this pattern – each version. Will def be buying! ~ Karen

  36. Mary Ann | 13th Nov 12

    Love this pattern! My brother has a big sail boat and a significant birthday approaching. Think he would love this too.

  37. shirley | 17th Nov 12

    just love it

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