Alden Lane & a little sneak…

Alden Lane Outdoor Quilt Show in Livermore, CA……

This was our beautiful scenery for 3 days!






As a featured artist, we had the honor of having 40 quilts hanging in these 100 year old oak trees throughout the nursery. To say it looked stunning would be an understatement. The combintation of the oaks with the lines and lines of quilts hanging as if in their branches… amazing to see!  

Thank you Alden Lane Nursery & Alex Anderson for the wonderful weekend!

Given the angles and the sunshine…. very, very difficult to photograph. So here are just a few….




And for those of you hoping for some pattern sneak peeks… here are a couple of shots of one of the new bag patterns… Prairie Rose….



Talk to you soon.

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  1. karmen | 5th Oct 09

    Just wonderful! Karmen

  2. Vickie E | 5th Oct 09

    that’s pretty…will the pattern be available for purchase at market? sample spree??

  3. Kaye Prince | 5th Oct 09

    Oh, I love the new bag pattern Joanna and those quilts are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Dianne | 5th Oct 09

    Gorgeous! Those bags are great!

  5. Kimberly Jolly | 5th Oct 09

    Love it all!!!

  6. pam | 5th Oct 09

    Very cute with those ruffles!

  7. Ellie | 5th Oct 09

    Total eye candy! Just gorgeous!! Have a wonderful show!

  8. Kathryn | 5th Oct 09

    I must make the bags with the ruffles, too cute!
    THe quilts hanging in the trees are just precious, stunning, beautiful…I could go on~
    If I wasn’t way over here in VA I would have loved to come to that show!!

  9. Susanne | 5th Oct 09

    Just love your bags!

  10. Sinta Renee | 5th Oct 09

    I had wanted to go to the Alden Nursery for the event! Dang it! Beautiful Joanna… and I love the bags:) It is now officially on the “gotta get that pattern” list!

  11. sherri | 5th Oct 09

    Love the bag! I’m definitely going to have to make that too…yes, another pattern to add to my “have to get” list!

  12. Mary on Lake Pulaski | 5th Oct 09

    Prairie Rose – so cute!!

  13. Claudia | 5th Oct 09

    What beautifull colours!! The pumkins. leaves and berries go so good with all the quilts!Must have been a joy to look at 🙂
    The raffle-bags are soooo cute!!!
    Greetings from Berlin


  14. dotti white | 5th Oct 09

    Beautiful! Love the purse!

  15. Joanna | 5th Oct 09

    Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Vickie E submitted a comment on Alden Lane a little sneak…

    Well… Well have to see what actually gets done in time for Market and what well be pre ordering! Its anybodys guess at this point!



  16. Jean | 5th Oct 09

    I had a great time at Alden Lane. The tour was so much fun and your quilts were beautiful hanging from the oaks. The last time I was that hot was on a June day in New Orleans -HOT HOT HOT, but I didn’t even mind this time. Too much eye candy going on to be uncomfortable.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to say hi at PIQS. Good luck in Houston!!! I can’t wait to see all the new “stuff”.

  17. anencourager | 6th Oct 09

    Fabulous Fall Fun!

  18. Ellen | 6th Oct 09

    I had a chance to see your beautiful work at Alden Lane.

    And, as a bag fanatic, I need one of your bag patterns as soon as they are available!

  19. Kathy | 7th Oct 09

    Your photography is absolutely gorgeous! I’m very familiar with Alden Lane Nursery as my daughter lives in Livermore. Hopefully, I can be there next year!

  20. Sandy Murphy | 8th Oct 09

    Hi Joanna,

    Just a quick note to say that the website and blog updates are really lovely. I’m in the process of taming Dreamweaver and creating my first website and you’ve inspired me to keep plugging away at it. I’ve added the Fig Tree & Co site to my study schedule (ha ha – any excuse for a Fig Tree fix). And the new bag patterns are gorgeous, cant wait to make one.

    Thanks for the

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