Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along #2

I hope you guys had fun making cream 4-patches… I loved it!!! I kept adding more and more creams because I couldn't just stick with what I started. Having a bit of serious fabric ADD around here right now. I have a very real feeling that right after Market I might just be making an entire quilt with nothing but these cream beauties. I think you might want to join me there too. I think it might be the perfect summer throw. Just saying.




Okay… so in terms of the solids, this is what I am doing. We are going to be making these fun PUMPKIN SEED SHAPES for the entire quilt.


Now before you panic and decide that you are out because it is appliqué… let me explain a few things!

I really want you guys to try this! These are big, easy, simple shapes to turn. The ends are the only tricky parts in any way if you are a beginner…. AND WE ARE GOING TO COVER UP EVERY SINGLE END OF EVERY SINGLE PUMPKIN SEED in the final quilt. So your ends….. ARE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT because they will be covered up by another pieced item. So this is an opportunity for you to try your hand at turning those corners with some starch or some glue and creating this amazing little quilt without having to stress about what your corners will look like in the finished product. I know you guys can do it. Really.

Patches and seeds


1- The corners will not show.

2- The pumpkin seeds themselves will be topstitched to your quilt and not hand appliquéd. 


This is what you will need to proceed:

Solids Fabrics

Freezer Paper

Starch or a glue stick if you prefer that method.

A little paint brush. 

Thin Permanent Marker



Step 1: Download the PUMPKIN SEED TEMPLATE.  Click HERE  Be sure that you don't scale it by mistake when you print it. Keep it at 100%. It should be 8 1/2" from tip to tip!

Step 2: Trace it to a DOUBLE PIECE of Freezer Paper [the doubling of it makes it more durable so you can use it many more times before it starts to fall apart and also it makes it much easier to turn the edges around it]

Step 3: Using our STARCH METHOD OF APPLIQUE [or whatever other prep method you like. you can of course just cut these all out of fusible webbing if you really prefer and it will look just as cute], cut out and make your PUMPKIN SEED shapes.  OUR INFO AS ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG POST. REMEMBER THAT AS YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT THE CORNERS OR WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE WHEN YOU TURN THEM BECAUSE THEY WILL BE HIDDEN LATER. USE IT ONLY AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO PRACTICE YOUR TECHNIQUE!

You will need 8 PUMPKIN SEEDS from each color in your Sherbet bundle [use all the colors except for the cream and the black- we will need the black for something else]. Although I have to admit that I cut out more like 11 of the red and a few less of all the others. You can kind of decide that as you go. You will need (80) total for your whole quilt. 

HINT: Your quilt will be 56" x 68". If you are starting to panic because you don't want to make that many PUMPKIN SEEDS, then you can make less and see how the process goes from here. You will need them in groups of 4.

Step 4: Enjoy the process. Take your time. After a few uses, usually about 10-15, your template might start to get a bit mangled from the starch and the pressing so just make a new one.

Do not rush these. Make a couple at a time. I think you might enjoy it more than you think you will! :-) 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



Can of spray starch, small craft brush, freezer paper, thin permanent marker, Paper Scissors. Optional supplies:  Roxanne’s Glue Baste It.

Step 1: Trace your appliqué shape to a double side of a piece of freezer paper.  

Step 2: Cut the shapes out on the line.

Step 3: Iron the freezer paper templates to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut a scant ¼” seam allowance around the fabric shape. Clip into the curves and around the points. Remember that sharp curves will need more clips and soft curves will need less. For inner points, cut a few threads shy of the template.

Step 4: Leave the paper in place & paint starch onto the backside of the fabric seam allowance with a small paintbrush. [**spray some starch into a small jar or into the cap so that it has time to “defoam” before you paint it on].

Step 5: Press the seam allowance back onto the freezer paper shape, taking care around corners & curves. A stiletto is very helpful in pulling the points all the way in as you are ironing down your seam allowance and in generally assisting you with the movement of the fabric as you press. In the absence of a stiletto you can use the tip of sharp scissors or a seam ripper. 

Step 6: If you have excess fabric on an outer point, trim it down after you have starched down one side of the point. If you ever press more than you needed, simply reapply starch to the portion that you need to re-press down.

Step 7: Once the 1/4” seams are all ironed down, pull out the freezer paper along a straight away & what you have left is a perfect shape. You can reuse that same paper shape many times.

Step 8: Glue your appliqué shape down onto your background, using pin dots of the glue baste-it on the back of the starched down seam allowance.  When done you now have a perfectly turned appliqué image ready for whatever kind of applique- hand or machine.

Let me know how it goes!  


P.S.  For those of you who absolutely start to break out in a cold sweat when you see anything that has to be turned under, you can use fusible webbing for your pumpkin seeds. -OR- you can wait until next week when I will give you guys an alternative that is all pieced. I don't think it will look nearly as good or be as charming but I will quickly work up a straight set version that will just have you add pieced sections in where the PUMPKIN SEEDS will go. I am warning you up front that I don't think it makes nearly as beautiful a quilt… but I will give you guys that alternative early next week.   xoxox

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  1. PJHampton | 21st Apr 16

    So, the correct size of the pumpkin seed pieces (template) is 6.75″ from tip to tip? Just want to make sure I’ve got the correct size before I start cutting and making shapes.

  2. Ginger | 22nd Apr 16

    This is great! I have been wanting to beef up my applique skills, thinking about it in depth for a few weeks now. I am excited to see this quilt come together!

  3. Regina | 22nd Apr 16

    I love you Joanna, but I’m out.
    Mmmmmm…..Maybe I’ll wait and see what transpires.

  4. Michele Pacey | 22nd Apr 16

    Maybe I missed that part (it’s early here) but I’m confused about where to appliqué the pumpkin seeds. To the 4-patches? And are they appliquéed any which way or cross-wise?

  5. Trish Gimbrone | 22nd Apr 16

    This sounds fun! I’m seeing flowers!!!

  6. Hildy | 22nd Apr 16

    I need to finish all my 4-patches first but I can already say that I’ll love this sew-along. Thanks for putting this for us together:-)

  7. Maria elena | 22nd Apr 16

    Am getting in here late, is there a way I can start and catch up with everyone?????

  8. Joanna | 22nd Apr 16

    No appliqué yet. Just make them!!

  9. Kristie Michalowski | 22nd Apr 16

    It says in step 8 to glue them to background…so we wait?

  10. gailss1 | 22nd Apr 16

    Oh…this looks to be fun. Ordered my bundles and they have shipped and just waiting to get my hands on them to start…..think I will start with the pumpkin seeds and then go onto the 4 patches ;)))

  11. PJHampton | 22nd Apr 16

    Thank you. Another FB responder said hers was 8.5 inches. So yes, a measurement will be helpful. I’ll wait to hear back from you before cutting this weekend. Thanks!

  12. PJHampton | 22nd Apr 16

    Go back to the first blog post – make 80 low-volume cream four patches (each square 3.5 inches). You can catch up!

  13. susie | 22nd Apr 16

    I will trust you, Joanna, and learn some new skills by doing the pumpkin seeds with the freezer paper and starch! I am in love with my low volume 4 patches already, and love this sew along! Thanks so much for having it!!

  14. susie | 22nd Apr 16

    I got 8.5 inches, too.

  15. Joanna | 22nd Apr 16

    Wait since you dont know where to put them yet :-)!!

  16. Joanna | 22nd Apr 16

    Its 8 1/2″ from tip to tip

  17. PJHampton | 22nd Apr 16

    Thank you. Apparently 100% on my computer isn’t really 100%. I’ll try again.

  18. Rebecca Rae | 22nd Apr 16

    Ok, I’m in. As soon as you mentioned starch method appliqué that got me interested. Now to find some fabric and quickly and start stitching. Does anyone know where I can find the fabric in Australia?

  19. Carolee Wolf | 22nd Apr 16

    Love this! Thanks Joanna, I’ve been collecting supplies to do some applique, so this is perfect! Also, I received my little Figgy box today and it ‘s so cute! I Love it!

  20. Peggy | 22nd Apr 16

    Joanna. I loved your video w FQS on your starch method. Maybe recommend that. Also, for really scared peeps they cld do Lori Holt’s method of interfacing turned out.

  21. Peggy | 22nd Apr 16

    Do you ever use Kona solids?

  22. Joanna | 22nd Apr 16

    Any good grouping of creams will work for the backgrounds. And then you need sherbet colored solids for the appliqué part. If you cant find them in Australia we have the bundles.

  23. Pamela | 22nd Apr 16

    I love your Fig Tree cream fabrics! I had to order your cream fabrics from all over the USA to get a variety of them. I was unsure if a few were more colorful than what your pattern calls for but seeing your 4 patch creams, they may all be fine. I adore your fabrics! I may have to order a few more just for this project. I’m am smitten!

  24. Georgia Peach | 25th Apr 16

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED… All I can say is yummy! I’m in.

  25. Joanna | 26th Apr 16

    Of course!!

  26. Joanna | 26th Apr 16

    No gluing yet :-)!!

  27. Joanna | 26th Apr 16

    Only Bella Solids for me… you know, working for MODA and all LOL :-))

  28. Joanna | 29th Apr 16

    So glad you are following along…. I am having so much fun with this!


  29. Penny Harrison | 29th Apr 16

    I’d love to join the Sherbet and Cream Quilt Along, Joanna! Have found the instructions for 4 patches, and now the pumpkin seeds today – heading to the Fig Tree Shop to get my bundles ordered! Got my little green box last week and love it!

  30. Joanna | 29th Apr 16


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