Sneak Peek #2


Another one of our "mini" patterns or "Threads" as we refer to them was inspired by a flea market pin that we found a while back. It felt timeless to us then and seemed to beg to be updated with some fresh fabrics. So we listened to her.


… 2 sizes, this one is the multi version on a standard white shirt, made with 11 charm squares. I  love it on a white or cream shirt, although my daughter keeps swiping it for her hair or her backpack!


… both versions on my favorite leather purse. Works great as a purse accessory on pretty much any style.


… all 3 versions accessorizing a fabric purse. This is the cover image of the pattern as well.


… this might just be my favorite one right now. I have been wearing it on sweaters, bags, jean jacket… you name it, its been there!

Name:  Blooms

Size: 2" and 3" finished

Fabric: All bloom parts can be made from charm squares so a charm pack is perfect to make several. Multi version made from a mix of Breakfast at Tiffany's & Buttercup collections. Cream dot from Mill House Inn. 

Available here now. 

 Talk to you soon.


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  1. sherri | 15th Feb 11

    So pretty! And versatile!

  2. Gale W. | 15th Feb 11

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


  3. Melanie | 15th Feb 11

    Those pins, hairpieces, backpack and/ or purse accessories are beautiful. They certainly are a nice touch to all of the above. Thank you fir sharing this great idea.

  4. Erica K | 15th Feb 11

    Oh wow, I LOVE that!

  5. WendyMT | 15th Feb 11

    Wow those are gorgeous!

  6. EFT Manual | 15th Feb 11

    Oh my! Those are pretty! Love them!

  7. MaryJean | 15th Feb 11

    Love the blooms! The colors are great – and really love the buttercup ones.

  8. Janan | 15th Feb 11

    These pins are “sew” Vintage! I can’t wait to make them!

  9. maria elena blecha | 16th Feb 11

    Oh I have to have them!!! They are lovely, I have the paerfect sweater that need perking up !!

  10. Cynthia Van Landuyt | 16th Feb 11

    have teh pattern and going to Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe this Friday to get some of Fig Tree charm packs to make many. Will make great presents!!

  11. Cindi | 16th Feb 11

    Love them, very cute…..

  12. mimi'sdarlins | 16th Feb 11

    Your little flower buttons are too, too sweet 🙂

  13. Marianne | 16th Feb 11

    Fantastic! Co clever and creative!

  14. Marianne | 16th Feb 11

    Oops, make that SO clever and creative!

  15. Sheri F | 16th Feb 11

    Just too cute! Again, Joanna, you’re amazing! Keep the fun stuff coming because I can’t have enough Fig Tree!

  16. janet | 16th Feb 11

    I just love everything you do I love the flowers and I have a granddaughter that will just love them and me too !!

  17. Lorraine Isaac | 19th Feb 11

    Love those blooms, so very pretty, Lorraine

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