Just thought I'd pop in amidst our sewing and designing frenzy to show you a project in my upcoming book, With Fabric & Thread. This is one of my favs. 


We don't have them in our hot little hand just yet but a little birdie just told me that we should be getting them any day now!

So we are working to get books ready to ship to you next week, WOOHOO!

We will start taking pre-orders on the site this weekend [or perhaps later today if all goes well] so check back if you would like a signed copy as soon as we have them! 






More on all this book fun later. For now, hope these little goodies give you something yummy to think about this weekend! And if you have time, feel free to send all possible sewing and cutting vibes our way as we will be literally buried in fabric!

Talk to you soon.

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  1. pam | 27th Apr 12

    Ohhh love the style shots. Because you have awesome style!

  2. DianeM | 27th Apr 12

    I love your fabrics, I love your books, I love your style…I can’t wait to see the new book 🙂
    Smiles, DianeM

  3. sherri | 27th Apr 12

    So gorgeous…can’t believe the books are out…can’t wait to see it!

  4. janan | 28th Apr 12

    Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. I love your photo display. I would love to redecorate my home in Fig Tree colors and style. Love it!

  5. Melissa H | 28th Apr 12

    How lovely….a ray of sunshine this morning even though it’s dark and wet outside 🙂

  6. Susan R | 28th Apr 12

    Do LOVE the scallops on those placemats-great!

  7. Kay | 28th Apr 12

    I’ve love your style…..I’m sure I’ll love the new book as well! Can’t wait!

  8. Amy DeCesare | 28th Apr 12

    I think you have me at Hello for this book!!!

  9. Shannon Wallace | 28th Apr 12

    Oh how fun!!! I am looking forward to adding your new book to my tiny (okay, I only own 1 book) quilting book collection. 🙂 The placemats are simply…gorgeous and fun!
    Texas 🙂

  10. Mary | 28th Apr 12

    I am looking forward to buying the book. I love everything Fig Tree

  11. Gwen W | 28th Apr 12

    “buried in fabric” – what a way to go! (Especially if it’s Fig Tree fabric!)

  12. Brenda | 28th Apr 12

    Please send out an e-mail when I can order! Love your fabric and books. Even when I don’t have time to make anything I like to look!

  13. Mary Kay | 28th Apr 12

    Looks refreshingly beautiful!

  14. Jennifer | 29th Apr 12

    Okay, I feel Like you Just Told Me That CHRISTMAS Is Coming in Just A Couple Of Weeks!!!!! I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands And Eyes On Your New Book! I Feel Like A Little Child Every Time I Go To Your Store Looking For The Chance To PreOrder…Where Is It. I Can’t See It. Did She Hide It Deep Under The Christmas Tree, Waaaaaay In The Back?
    Patience! I Tell My (Child)Self. Patience!

  15. Christine | 30th Apr 12

    I love the placemats! Congratulations on your new book, how exciting!

  16. plumbing | 2nd May 12

    You had a good choice when it comes to the color. This got a perfect combination. It is cool in the eye and it can gives light feeling. Maybe I have to get a copy of your book to get some ideas in sewing and designing like this.

  17. Kristy | 4th May 12

    Shared about your lovely book (and fabric!) on my blog today! 🙂

  18. Lil | 5th May 12

    I can’t wait to get your book and design my new room from using your inspirations!

  19. Joann McLean | 6th May 12

    After having your new book on preorder for what seemed like forever it arrived yesterday! It’s a beautiful book full of wonderful projects Joanna – you deserve to be very proud of this publication. I picked up some California girl at a quilt show a week ago, hmmmmm….what should I make first??

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